Monday, January 5, 2009

Catching Up

Well the New Year arrived without fan fare, but lots of cold Arctic air. We ended up with a snow storm on the 2nd during which Kurt decided to drive from Regina to Drumheller. He ended up taking almost 10 hours to reach his home. Silly boy.
After that though the temperatures plummeted to a balmy -53 C with the wind chill factored in. Not fit for man or beast. We hunkered down in the warmth of our home and cleaned up all the Christmas decorations.

We did venture out once to set up our trip to Las Vegas in February, but that was the only thing we left the house for.

Today was my first day back at work after a two week break. Oh my, am I tired. The little fellow I work with was not a happy camper for the first couple of hours, but after I took him for a break and played a game in the gym with him he was a bit easier to handle.

Thought I would share the sweater I knit over the past few days (actually I finished it a day or so ago). I used the same pattern as the other one I made over the holidays, but made it a touch longer in the body. This time I used a fuzzy blue wool by Patons.

The next thing I want to share is one of my Christmas presents. Awhile back I happened to mention within earshot of Kurt that some day I would really like a body pillow. He took me at my word and special ordered this.......... Look how big it is! Takes up all the room in the bed, but it is comfortable and comes with its own pillow case. Both Harvey and I have decided that we are going to have to watch what we say in front of Kurt as he takes us at our word.
He did buy me a bit more practical gift to go along with the pillow. A rice cooker, and I love it! Now I can make fluffy light rice all the time.
Well I guess that is all for tonight. Off to visit you all.
Have a wonderful evening. God bless.


  1. Jackie,

    The boys and Michelle all have body pillows and they love them. The boys use theirs to lie on the floor and play games or to watch TV. They are very comfortable.

    Love the sweater. You are a fast knitter. I haven't knit anything for years, but used to get things done pretty quick. I don't crochet much anymore either.

    Sounds like you've had a cold spell. Did you see where Vancouver got snow again? Very unusual.

    The little guy you work with may enjoy some challenging games. Does he like words or music? Brandon used to love word games, though he isn't much on music. He sees it as being noise. Just a suggestion. It's whatever works with these kids. I bet your are exhausted.

    Take care, my friend. Enjoyed visiting with you.


  2. OH!!! Jackie, I don't live far from Las Vegas it's about 4 hours. How long do stay there? I don't want to impose on your vaction but I would love to go there when your there and have lunch with you! Talk to your husband and see if he wouldn't mind a couple of hours to visit. I know sometimes time is a big thing when you have things to do in a short time so please I will understand if time is an issue. Please let me know.

  3. Such a pretty blue sweater Jackie! And your body pillow looks wonderful. Such a thoughtful present!
    Have a great week Jackie.

  4. Jackie, I think Las Vegas is going to seem like a tropic isle to you! LOL!

  5. 3Sounds like you had a nice Christmas. Love the body pillow. You are right, it does look like it would take over a bedroom.

    Stay warm and snuggly cause it's cold outside!

  6. Jackie,

    Please drop by my Writing Nook. I have a little something for you

  7. Brrr, you are having a cold spell....I love your body pillow that should keep you cozy and warm. I like this sweater too. Do you like it a bit longer?
    A get-away sound great and to Vegas what fun. Have a happy weekend...hugs, Linda