Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Busy Day In The Kitchen

Today was a cool rainy day, and I could think of no better way of spending it than doing some serious cooking.

I picked today to make one batch of my yearly two batches of Cabbage Bread. The other batch will be made later on next month.

Thought I would share how I make this with all of you. It is a recipe that has been handed down on my Father's side of the family for many years....and if there really was a writen recipe it has been lost over time.

Hmm, where to start. Perhaps with the ingredients. You will need bread dough (I cheat and buy the frozen loaves, it saves time). Thaw and let rise. I usually do this over night.
Here is the dough nicely risen in my biggest bowl. I used 7 loaves this time.

Next, saute at least 2 chopped onions in a small amount of oil. Add about 3 pounds of ground beef as well as salt and pepper. Stir mixing and breaking up the chunks of meat until browned.Then take a nicely cleaned cabbage and slice it into thin slices.

I usually slice pieces off the cabbage and then cut it up as if I am making slaw.

Now take all that lovely thinly sliced cabbage and put it on top of the hamburger and onions cooking on the stove.

Allow the cabbage to cook down and then mix it with the cooked meat.

Once the cabbage is tender. Take it off the stove. Punch down the bread dough and cut pieces off it as if you are going to make buns. Roll the pieces out into a square on a lightly floured board. Put a few large spoonfuls of the ground beef/cabbage mixture on each and form into buns.

Place these buns on greased baking sheets and lightly grease the tops. Cover and let rise until doubled. Then pop them into the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Here is a picture of the finished product. I ended up making 4 dozen today. Hopefully I will be able to make another 4 dozen later on. These make a nice quick meal when I am tired from work.

Off to visit you all now.

Everyone have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. OH~~~~ This sounds SO GOOD!!! I am going to have to make this. I think I will wait until it get a bit cooler here. It is just so HOT, and we have such a big shortage of water. I would love to have rain. I'm sure your home smells so good.

  2. Jackie, in Nebraska these are called Runzas. There is a chain of them and they are quite popular here. Their business started out when the the owner made them from an old family recipe and sold them at the stadium at Nebraska football games!
    Kindhearted1 from FL

  3. Jackie.....these look so good, a meal by it self. These would be yummy anytime...thank you for sharing...hugs, Linda

  4. Jackie... You are one great wealth of info and thanks for sharing this recipe..
    It looks sooooooooo good. I must try them Thanks so much.