Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Thrifty Tuesday

Today was the opening day of one of my favorite rummage sales..... This time they did not have as much as they usually have. In fact the tables were quite bare. I did manage to find a few craft items and books though.

Two fairly large pieces of fabric, six books for my winter reading, and twelve balls of what was my mother's favorite yarn to knit with. All for a total cost of..... $7.00.

There was a box of scraps there as well that I was tempted to purchase, but really I have more than enough scraps of my own to make quilts with. However if that box is still there tomorrow after I finish work it may just be coming home with me.....

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


johnnyjumpsup said...

You bought some great items for the money you spent. Well done. I do love a good rummage (jumble) sale.

DW said...

So did you get the scraps?

Jackie said...

No I didn't, DW. I took a good look at all the scraps I had and decided that I could almost be called a hoarder if I picked them up.

Mind you it was awfully tempting to go and check on them after work yesterday.

God bless.

Barbara M said...

Jackie, You did well at the rummage sale, especially the yarn. One of my favorite rummage sales is coming up next week. Over the years I've noticed a lot less yarn and craft supplies at the sales I attend.