Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Small Steps

Today after shopping I spent some time cleaning sewing machines and storage containers. Everything is nicely dusted now.....

I also took that scrap material off the top of the storage containers and started cutting that material into quilting squares.

I still have many more to do, but things are gradually looking much better. At least I have room to work which is a very good thing.

I also pulled out the Caramel Slice.

I am going to slice this up tonight and put it into containers.

I feel a bit down as I talked to Kris tonight and he will not be coming home until Monday. I can understand as he wants to clean up his apartment a bit before he comes home for two weeks, but I was so looking forward to both boys being home at the same time.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. awww, sorry the boys won't be home at the same least you will have time with the both of them.
    Your cake looks favorite cake is a white cake with a REAL fudge brother's was always a chocolate cake with white icing.
    I am so in the mood to make a quilt for our son and machine needs work but as soon as I get that done, I will start on a quilt. I just do the patchwork quilts, relying on fabulous fabrics to make it cute. I am not a quilt maker at

  2. ...meant to say that I might can make one for them, using a lot of red...her favorite color...I sometimes find great skirts, tablecloths, bedding and etc at the thrift shops...they;re great to cut into squares.....

  3. It's a shame you won't have both boys home at the same time, enjoy the time you do have together.

    I enjoy that period where the quilting area is nice and dustfree, tidied and ready for action.