Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Living In A Barn

No we are not really living in a barn, but it feels like we are right now.

The crew showed up today and started working on our basement. We are down to cement walls and no ceiling in either of the rooms....... Dust is every where as there was still a bit of dry wall to be removed. Who knew the ceiling in the man cave was dry wall???? Not me that's for sure.

Tomorrow the framing for the new walls starts and hopefully that will be done by Friday (like Thursday night would be better).

We have an electrician coming early Friday morning and the new outlets and switches should be installed in a few hours.

Then the construction crew takes over again and insulates the walls. They figure on being done by Monday.

Harvey will then go to see the plumbers and get one here to see about the new furnace installation and new duct work. We are hoping to get rid of all the electric heating in the house. If we can't, well the insulation will help keep costs down. Every time we open up a wall we find that there is no insulation!!! No wonder we have such high electric bills in the winter.

Once that is done we can start on the finishing of the basement. I have a feeling that this is going to be a long and convoluted experience. We are trying to mitigate the effects of any upcoming water seepage by putting in flooring and paneling that won't rot or be damaged by water. An expensive proposition, but one that will pay for itself over the years or when we go to sell our home. If everything goes well we could be using the man cave and the library/office/extra sleeping space by the middle of the winter.

This is also becoming a bit more expensive than we thought it would be. Mind you, Harvey keeps adding things to the list to be done. I think the front steps and the garage he wants to build will be put back for another year. Perhaps next summer will see everything finished and things back to what passes for normal here.

Sharing with all of you another picture or three from our vacation.

I have a habit of taking pictures of plants on every trip. This time a great many pictures were taken of strange and brightly coloured mushrooms.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. I hope the building work runs smoothly, even though it's frustrating at times.

    It never ceases to amaze me that whenever work is done at the house we reveal "interesting" Heath Robinson solutions to things, or, like you, discover there isn't something where something should be!