Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thursday Tid Bits

What the heck has happened to our weather. One day we are well above the freezing mark through the night, and then the next we are back to freezing. Makes it a bit difficult to know how to dress, and whether or not to get those spring and summer clothes out of storage!!

I am still suffering from the occasional dizzy spell, usually when I stoop down to get something on the bottom shelf of any cupboard. Also the room swirls around when I try and turn over when sleeping, just in one direction however. Kind of wondering if I am in the midst of a sinus infection.

Kris started his new job on Monday, and since I have not had a text from him stating that he hates it, I think everything is going well. I will probably text him tomorrow to see how his week went. It's probably too early to know if he is going to enjoy the job or not, but I do hope he likes what he is doing and who he is working with.

Kurt says that the trip to the US is still on as far as he knows. I really hope things are not difficult for the group in getting across the border. He also said the weather has been wonderful there, and I told him he could send some this way.

Harvey bottled the second batch of wine, and started his third batch. Our wine cellar will once again be full for the summer.

Me, well other than the dizzy spells I am doing very well. Knitting up a storm, I almost have all the dishcloths finished and I hope to do a bit of sewing over the weekend. Need to get those unfinished tops and Harvey's pj bottoms done.

Tomorrow I plan on joining whoever shows up to read in front of our MLA's office to protest the cuts to public library funding. The idiots cut funding to our libraries by 58%. Time to get rid of this government, the only problem is we are stuck with them for another 3 years.

Then perhaps a visit to the second hand store is in order. Time to buy myself a treat (it will be one of the items listed on my "to buy" list).

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. Your dizziness sounds like positional vertigo to me. Not very nice. Hope it soon passes.