Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Thrifty Tuesday

I don't know what is with Harvey and socks. For some reason his socks wear out much faster than mine do. I also buy all the same colours so I can mix and match orphan socks. He on the other hand always seems to be buying socks that I can't match up when one of the socks in a pair "bites the dust." All this to say a few more plant tie ups were made, as well as a dust cover for my duster. 

We had our Chef's salad and there was enough leftover for me to have it for supper again tonight. Harvey got the leftover sausages from last night. There are still a few salad fixings in the crisper and I plan on using them for my lunch tomorrow along with the last of the shredded turkey and diced ham.

This means no Chicken a la King for supper tonight so it has been moved to tomorrow night. It is a quick meal to put together, and as I have physiotherapy tomorrow and a meeting with our hospitals Chaplin something quick is pretty much necessary.

Buttons were cut off one of Harvey's shirts before I made it into rags, and another shirt was cut up to be used for quilting.

I managed to open a can today (Harvey wanted creamed corn). This is the first can I have been able to open since I broke my wrist!!! I also managed to open a door using that same wrist. It is the little things that make me believe that eventually I will be able to almost do what I could before.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless. 


  1. I have the same problem with OH's socks. I tried buying him more expensive ones, to see if they lasted longer, (they didn't) so now I just buy him very inexpensive ones and recycle them when holes appear.

  2. Interesting about men's socks wearing out....I buy my husbands socks from Walmart in the 8 pack so I can match the good ones together, they wear out in the same spot at the bottom of the foot...very weird indeed. Comforting to hear others have the same problem,lol