Wednesday, July 4, 2018

June Budget Update and Family

Kurt managed to get home late in the evening yesterday so supper was late and we spent some time visiting. 

Thunderstorms rolled through once again last night. We managed to get almost 2.5 cm (or an inch) of rain. Guess I didn't have to water my plants after all. Harvey did water the hanging baskets that are protected under the eaves this morning. They were pretty dry.

I would gladly send some rain to those who are suffering from the lack of it. 

The June budget was very good. We were under budget in almost all the major categories. This means we were well under for the month. I am hoping for the same result this month, but it all depends on our property taxes. I am hoping they stayed the same or fell a little bit. Car plates and insurance went up a bit due to having to pay taxes on the total. It makes me a bit angry in that we were promised the provincial sales tax would be removed from all insurance payments. Not true, guess all politicians lie. It is the second month I have been under the grocery budget and I hope to do the same this month, though with company for a couple of weeks and extra being needed this could be a challenge.

Tomorrow the men are off to a football game in the city. I get to have a day to myself (well most of a day).

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. I find that fuel and food costs go up in the summer months. I'm much more mobile in the summer and I entertain more often. The big expense in June is the property taxes which creep up each year. There's something about a day to yourself, isn't there?

    1. Since Harvey retired a day to myself is just a wonderful thing.

      I paid our property taxes today and even though our assessment dropped our taxes went up.

      God bless.