Wednesday, November 26, 2008


It has been a long time since I have had time to sit and do some blogging. I am so glad to be back, don't know for how long, but until our new carpet arrives I have a few spare days to visit and let everyone know what has been happening.

We have finally finished dry walling, taping and mudding the spare room. It is a job that both Harvey and I really dislike.....but we did save quite a bit doing it our selves.

Here is a picture of the first part of the mudding and sanding. Now imagine doing this three times and the dust flying all over the place. Such a big mess!!!

Next we had to pick out a paint colour. Almost more of a job then the one we had finished. We finally decided on a colour called Candle Wax.

It is kind of a creamy yellow and does brighten up the rooms. However because of the light blue that was on the walls first, we ended up putting 3 coats of primer/sealer on and then three coats of colour. is finally done.

I went to the carpet store and picked out a Berber for the floor. It is cream, brown, and yellow tweed. Should keep the room nice and bright, just what I want.

Now we have to pick out the trim colour. Any ideas out there? I am leaning towards a white trim to match the window, but I am open for suggestions.

The last two days have seen the mail person dropping a couple of parcels off at my home. The first was from my swap partnerBrenda filled with loveliness for the holiday season. This time I ate the chocolates before Harvey arrived home from work. Her parcel contained so many lovely things....a silver angel for my tree, ribbon, a candle that smells heavenly, a bell door ring, a stuffed heart in Christmas colours, a lovely mesh metal basket, a wreath and berries, and of course the chocolates and fruit slice candies. (Harvey says thank you for those, he has been nibbling on them....had to have one of each just to test them of course). I will so cherish everything you have sent me as well as the friendship that we have formed.

Today another parcel was waiting on my front porch. This one was from my good friend Ginger at Enchanting Cottage. A pretty mug to drink the coffee or the Spiced Tea mix she sent, a book to keep track of all the important dates in my life (I really needed this as I forgot my Dad's and sister's birthdays this year), and enough yarn to knit myself a scarf or even a shawl!!! Thank you so very much Ginger you are a wonderful friend and I am so glad to have met you.

Well I think that is all I have to say for now. I am off to spend some time visiting each of you.
Everybody have a wonderful evening. God bless.


  1. Hi Jackie! Oh my you and your husband certainly have been busy! I know the hard work it takes to do a room- from the drywall to the paint- how great it's done-and the pride you will have that you did it yourself!

    And look at the wonderful gifts you received from dear Ginger---she is soooo giving~ such a wonderful person.

    And what a gift it has been to met such warm & friendly people through this channel...


  2. I wondered if something bad had happened. Now I know you were just so busy. The room looks great. I love the color.
    Im glad you liked your box.I thought you may like the Angel=)

  3. Hi Jackie...missed you, I thought you might be having computer problems, but I can see you've been busy. Great progress..I like the wall color and the carpeting sounds like it will be perfect. What a huge project but so rewarding...your new room is going to be great.

    Happy Thanksgiving, have a wonderful day...hugs, Linda

  4. Your new room looks wonderful, Jackie! You two did a great job. I can hardly wait to see it when it's all decorated =)

    Happy Thanksgiving!