Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rest In Peace Cpl Nathan Cirillo

This picture is taken from the CBC news site.

Today will go down as a day where all of Canada mourns the loss of a second soldier due to terrorist attacks.

I spent most of today glued to the television watching the news, much like the rest of my country. We have been so insulated, never thinking for a moment that these attacks would happen on our soil. After all we are one of the most peaceful, law abiding countries in the world. We accept all with open arms (after learning by our treatment of the Chinese earlier in the 1900's) and welcome them to our country. Things like this just do not happen here!

Well, we were wrong! Hatred has reached our shores and we are forever changed. Not changed for the worst I hope, but changed in a way that will make us stronger.

The two soldiers who lost their lives over the past few days should not have lost their lives in vain. As Canadians we need to stand tall and let those that want to take us down realize that it will not be an easy task. We will not panic and run with our tails between our legs, we will not hide, we will not forget, and we will be vigilant.

God bless Canada.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Feeling Much Better

After a good nights sleep and some house cleaning I am feeling so much better. My sinus' seem to be clearing up and the headache has all but disappeared!!! Pretty sure once the stuffy nose symptoms go away so will the rest of my headache.

Continuing with the trip we just came back from here are some more pictures.

Sylvia (in the light blue coat) surprised by us at the bottom of the falls. She could not believe we were there.

The other two birthday girls in the long list of October birthdays. We celebrated their birthday when we arrived in Banff with a supper out. These two (Kathy and Janice) share the same birthday as our oldest son, Kurt.

Janice and her new fiance Gordon.

Kathy and her husband David.

Sylvia's daughter Laura and her husband James.

Sylvia's husband Frank.

Mark, Sylvia and Franks son is seated at the table wearing the hat.

The birthday girl enjoying her cake.

I made the scarf that Sylvia is wearing and she did not take it off from the moment she got it. Guess she likes it.

Now just one more picture of the only wildlife we saw, along with how we got to see them.

Following the directions given to us by the voice on our GPS we took the wrong turn and got to see this while in the park.
A herd of elk. The only thing was these were all females.....not sure where the male of the harem was.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Monday, October 20, 2014

After The Trip

Ahhh, Home Sweet Home......

We are back and I am all unpacked (Harvey isn't, he is napping). I have picked up the key from my friend who was looking after Shania, downloaded the pictures from our trip, and even made a folder for them. Things are looking good!!!!

Thought I would share a few with you tonight and then some more tomorrow.

First some scenery shots.

The view from the balcony off of the living room in the condo we rented.

The view from the loft bedroom balcony.

Bow Falls, where we surprised Harvey's sister on her birthday.

You can barely make out the Banff Springs Hotel in this picture. This is a very old hotel here in Banff and it is just huge.

The Three Sisters. These are just outside the city of Canmore. Which is just outside the park entrance.

I will share more tomorrow, promise.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Making Our Way Home

We left Banff early this morning, and now we are at Kurt's house once again.

I figure the reason that we are hear and not just about pulling in our driveway is because the Rough riders are playing........ Not that they are winning, but well, it is the Riders Saskatchewan's team.

Me, well, let's just say I can hardly wait to be home. I am tired, a bit grouchy, and today..... Well feeling hot one minute and cold the next. I think I need a good sleep.

Everyone have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

At Last

Well we made it!

Harvey and I can not say enough about how wonderful Fountain Tire in Drumheller is. They were so busy and yet the ladies and gentlemen squeezed us in. They could not fix the tire and had not a new one for us to buy.... What to do! They searched their old used stock and found one in good shape and that is what we are driving on now. Truth be told it looks to be in as good of shape as the one we lost (if not better).

So we were on the road before lunch.

Now you would think as old as we are we would know that road signs often do not give the whole story and would have turned on our GPS before we reached Calgary, but no relying on sight alone we managed to miss our turn off and become embroiled in the downtown traffic. Once we finally got the GPS out and going we made our way out of the city and enjoyed the countryside once again.

However that was not the end of our adventure as GPS directions are not always correct either. Following the directions given we ended up taking the back way to the lodge. Quite okay as we had lots of beautiful scenery. Not okay as the road is supposedly closed at the end of summer...... I can see why as it could be very dangerous in the winter.

Lots of photos to share with all of you when we get back including some wildlife.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Not On The Road Long......

This should be interesting as for a few minutes I was typing this blind. I couldn't see a thing. Finally figured out what I was doing wrong though and now things are perfect.

Not so perfect with the car though. On the way to Kurt's place, just between Medicine Hat and Brooks we developed a problem. Not an insurmountable problem, but one that in all our years of travel we have not encountered.

We got a flat. Yep, just an old fashioned flat. Happened on the Trans Canada too.

We found the perfect place to pull over, but had a problem locating the jack and wrenches. Neither of us could exactly remember where they were located. My recollection a bit better than Harvey's after about 10 minutes searching all was located.

Next we lowered the spare from under the vehicle, expecting to see the full sized tire we requested, or at least asked the salesman about (he assured us that with what we were paying for said vehicle the spare was a full size).

It was the small donut that descended into our sight.

Changed the tire and carried on. Now just to find someone to fix or replace the tire and we will be able to finish our journey.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

And They're Off

Just a quick non picture post (which might be how the next few days go unless I can figure out how to use my tablet to take pictures and how to get them onto Blogger).

We will be leaving for our mini vacation in just about an hour, I will be waking Harvey up shortly and doing all those last minute things. Tonight we will be staying with Kurt and then getting up and doing the last 3 or so hours of travel.

Wish me luck as I am going to need it. Harvey's sisters (at least the three that will be there) don't really seem to think that I am in the least important and am a bit crazy to boot. I just may be crazy after this visit......

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.