Friday, July 3, 2020

Frugal Friday

This will be a quick post as I have started to make supper and want to visit with Kurt for while again today. Kris will be leaving Regina shortly and will more than likely be home around 7. We will wait supper for him.

Still I will try to catch up with all of you at some point tonight.

1.  Air conditioner did not run a couple of days this week, we opened wide the windows and the cool breeze came through perfectly. We open them all at night and the house stays or rather gets cool very quickly.

2.  Figured out the spending last month and surprisingly we were under the total budget for the month. I was happy to only be slightly over the grocery budget line even with the fairly large stock up at Costco.

3.  Baking bread every third day. Though while both of the sons are home we will be using mostly store bought bread from our Co-op bakery.

4.  Still walking for exercise and most days I manage to get all my steps in. Not yesterday though as that is when Kurt came home.

5.  Got my mini computer and Kris will get it set up this weekend. We plan on moving the android box downstairs for Harvey to use. This just might keep us from wanting to add more packages to the basic package and stop me from ordering Crave and BritBox or Acorn. 

6.  Pinned the denim quilt strips together. Gathered the yarn suitable for mittens that I had stored away and pulled out my mitten pattern. Still have some socks to sew up (two needle, flat and they do need to be sewn up, I have three pairs left to do and hope to get one more pair done tonight).

7.  I am having fun finding new recipes to use up the leftovers. Some are a hit.....Others not so much.

8.  Using water from the rain barrel to water my plants.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Thrifty Tuesday

It has been raining all day today. The storm last night was mostly wind and there were branches down around the city. Harvey pulled a rather large one from the middle of the road last night at around midnight. He didn't want anyone who happened to be out driving to hit it and have an accident. The city cleared it away this morning.

Thrifty happenings here are the usual small things. I was going to make lotion bars this month but noticed lots of sample and small tubes are still in the basket in the bathroom. I have started to use those up first. I also have a rather large bottle of hand lotion I forgot that Kris had given me because he didn't like it.

I have been keeping the windows open at night. This is helping with the cooling of the house. The air conditioner hardly runs at all the last few days. Even when we reached 35C.

I went out early this morning between the rain showers and harvested rhubarb. This will be used to make a few items for when Kurt and Kris are home this weekend. Perhaps even enough will be made for Kris to take home a care package.

Leftovers are packaged up and put in the fridge freezer to be used to make other meals over the next while. Lots of packages that need using. So menu plans could change to take advantage of them all. I just do not seem to be able to keep up with them.

Tomorrow night we have some free entertainment in our city. For the first time in a number of years we will be having fireworks for Canada Day. Supposedly they are all going to be high enough that we will be able to see them from our decks or backyards. 

I have been watching our Prime Video subscription. There is nothing on regular television right now (except for pandemic news) and this being able to watch a movie or series is wonderful. The subscription has more than paid for itself in entertainment and Prime itself in free postage.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Menu Monday

The skies are getting dark. I think we might be in for a storm, as long as there is no hail or tornados I will be happy.

Just got off the phone with Kris and he had his appointment with the therapist today. He was given some stretches to do and is to massage the area of the scar as often as is possible. He has another 9 visits with her, though some are by video conference rather than hands on.

Now on to the menus.


Tomato soup from the freezer and grilled cheese sandwiches.


Leftover chicken and some canned ham and boiled eggs added to a salad mixture to make a chef's salad.


Hamburgers and some roasted or kind of roasted cauliflower and broccoli.


BBQ ribs, though these will be done in the slow cooker or electric roaster.


Lazy perogy casserole (Kurt and Kris will be home at some point and this is easy to reheat).


Steaks on the smoker along with tin foil potatoes and carrots. May as well add some onions to this as well. I will make a salad too.


Roast pork, cauliflower, broccoli, leftover salad.

Leftovers will be eaten for lunches or frozen to be made into another meal at a later date.

I hope to get to visit you all, but as it is starting to thunder I had better sign off for a bit.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Saturday Roundup

Even under semi lockdown the days and weeks seem to just whiz by. Here it is almost the end of June and I still have lots of projects that I need to finish. Though I must admit I have actually completed more while social distancing than before. I guess that I could always put things off and say I had something better to do, or someone I could visit for coffee.

So what have I completed this week.... 

The masks for Kurt, the masks for Harvey, and mine will be done tomorrow (plan on trimming what needs trimming tonight so I can work on them tomorrow). One outdoor quilt finished and once the masks are done I plan on getting another top at least put together (perhaps two if I can move quickly). 

Here are Kurt's masks.

I am working on the sixth pair of socks and I hope to get the ends weaved in on Tuesday evening. Then the yarn suitable for those will be put away and the leftover bits and bobs that are suitable for mittens will be pulled out and worked on. 

I filled some jars with lovely smelling salts for the tub (think I can get a few more done as well for gifts) and hopefully tomorrow or Monday at some point I can get the lotion bars made.

Somehow I think keeping busy doing these little things is what is keeping me sane. I can't go on the news sites and read much (just do so for about 20 minutes in the morning), also it keeps me from wanting to shake people on Facebook. I have gotten so much better at just hiding posts I disagree with or that seem to encompass too many conspiracy theories.

We are getting used to the new vehicle and all the buttons and computer readings. Still lots to learn, but slowly and surely we are becoming accustomed to something different. It is a joy to drive though, so smooth and having air conditioned seating is wonderful. 

Here is a picture of me and the car.

Harvey refused to get in the picture so it is just me. 

I have updated my stocking up list and there are a few other items I need to get. Still need a bit more on the meat side as well as some frozen veggies (or fresh that I process and freeze myself).We are still having empty shelves in some areas, flour, dry milk, yeast and sugar are the worst. I will be picking those up whenever I can. I want to get a few more dried beans, lentils, pasta and rice as well. Still I am doing very well over all. Though every once in awhile I have a feeling that I am missing something.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Frugal Friday

Ahh, the end of what used to be our work week, now that we are retired things are so very different.

1.  Opening windows in the late evening so that the house cools down overnight. It also keeps the air conditioning from running all night long.

2.  Using the rain barrel to water our plants this week. Hopefully we will be getting more rain soon and the rain barrel will fill up once more.

3.  Harvey has been eating raw onions from the garden. He says he plans on planting a few more.

4.  Used the gift card we got when buying our new vehicle to do a bit of a stock up on meat.

5.  Managed to find coupons to use the next time I am shopping online. Even got a booklet of high discounts in the mail this week. Mostly for cleaning supplies, but considering I am stocking up this is just great.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Thursday Tidbits

The days seem to slip by with regularity. Nothing too exciting happens around here, which I suppose is not the worst of things. I can at least plan my days and the self isolation of the past few months has not affected me or Harvey as much as it has some people. Mind you, now that the weather is nicer this could change.

I am trying to get used to our new vehicle. Our last one had the same bells and whistles for the most part, but this one seems to have even more, and they are situated in the strangest places. It also seems to be a bit more computerized. I am sure we will get the hang of everything over the next little while, but for now I am slightly intimidated by all these buttons.

I sewed up 6 masks today and tomorrow I will thread the elastic through. Then, move on to Harvey's masks and at least get them trimmed and the machine threaded. Just perhaps I will get a couple sewn as well. Not too many days are left in the month for me to reach all of my goals. The making of at least 21 masks was one of those goals. Up to 14 right now. 

Slowly, but surely I am getting ready for the next wave of the virus. Pretty sure that is going to happen, I just do not know how bad it will be or if it will even be as bad as this first wave. I have begun to stock up a little bit. Truth to tell if we do not get the second wave, I will be happy and not have to worry about stocking up for the sometimes terrible winter weather we are prone to get. I will share my stock up items with you very soon.

We are opening up a bit here. In a couple of weeks the library here should open up. It will be nice to be able to visit and pick up free reading material once again. Not one to head to the gym for a workout, the library is much more my speed.

In doing my daily news reading (I try and stay away from things that raise my blood pressure) I read that businesses are having a very hard time getting employees to come back to work. It seems, like many of us, they are nervous and worried about infection. There have been a few outbreaks since reopening started and there is one in my province. It is closer to the Alberta side of the province, but since Kurt has to travel quite close to this area I am a bit concerned. 

Then, we have some outspoken folks who want the international border opened up. As far as I am concerned (and Harvey as well) keeping the border closed until things settle down is a good idea. We sure do not want Covid-19  brought into Canada from the northern states (or from Texas, Florida, or Arizona) and I am pretty sure our neighbours to the south do not want to us to bring the virus down to some states that are finally beginning to lower their infection rate.

Off to work on my knitting. Hopefully pictures of finished projects will grace the page when next I post (well perhaps they will grace the page on Friday).

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Thrifty Tuesday

Well we are now the proud owners of a new vehicle. Just a year before we planned, but the deal was so good.

First we got a pretty good trade in allowance on the old vehicle. In fact it was more than we were first quoted. Then we got it at the employee price, so even more cash off. To top it off we have 0% financing for 36 months so our savings will not be depleted. In fact we can continue to earn interest on it. Lastly I got a $250.00 gift card to my favorite grocery store which I plan on using to stock up on some meat. No money out of pocket. Got to love it when everything comes together and you can save.

Now the only problem is gathering the courage to drive the darn thing. It is all push button and nothing is where it was in our old vehicle, even though this new one is the same model. Scary.

Other thrifty happenings here have been mending clothing to extend it's life, cutting some rags out of old towel, and the usual saving of plastic bags to be used again for other purposes.

Oh yes, and our visitor is sticking around.

Such a tiny thing. I just hope it does not eat it's way through my garden.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.