Wednesday, June 29, 2022



It is the middle of the week and I am super busy. I have managed to get most necessary things accomplished, but there is still more to be done before we go. I really hate the rush that happens when getting ready to go anywhere or do something that I really want to put off. However since that is not something that can be set aside, I am working towards getting everything done.

So far I have filled the vehicle, gotten the groceries, made my lists, exchanged the rolled coin, gotten a bit extra out of the bank for the weekend, dried herbs, cleaned Kurt's room (needs dusting still), and let everyone know what time we will be arriving at the cabin and what time they should arrive.

Still to do. I need to pack the car, get all the silent auction items together, strip our bed, dry some more herbs, water all the plants really well, weed the garden (which I was going to do today but time slipped away), and cook a good meal for the first day that Kurt is home. Oh yeah, I need to pack for myself as well and I just don't know what I need to take as of yet.....

Off to get some knitting done.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tuesday Tidbits


I managed to get a couple of the areas that needed weeding done today and I hope to get the last done after my errands tomorrow morning. 

Lots of rhubarb has been harvested, some frozen and some made into jam.

I am hoping to make some more jam a bit later...perhaps on in which I manage to use up the remainder of the blueberries from last year as well.

My yarn wreath was finally hung up with the help of Harvey. Strangely enough he really thinks this is cool. 

The C2C baby blanket is finished (except for the working in of the ends) and I love it.

I also got the last two small (depending on how one thinks about small) silent auction items done for the silent auction.

That means three ponchos, and at least 9 dishcloths coming from here. We will also throw in one of the smart watches that Harvey over bought. Should be enough to raise a bit of cash towards the next reunion. 

Not really looking forward to the reunion. While a few of Harvey's family treat me nicely (mostly the in laws) the rest kind of ignore me or talk about me and the rest of my family behind our backs. It is something I am slowly getting used to, not that I like it and what is really strange is that one on one we all get along just fine. It is when they get together as a group the ignoring, and speaking to me like I am a total idiot happens. Oh well it is one weekend every two years so I can manage. When things get too bad I walk away..... I just don't want to say anything that makes matters worse for Harvey. I think part of the reason is that we really have nothing much in common. I am more liberal minded (and so is the rest of my family) and the family as a whole is very conservative. I believe in the social justice teachings of the Catholic church and I don't think the majority have even read it. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Monday, June 27, 2022

Menu Monday


Another week arrives and it brings the arrival of Kurt close to the end of the week and the family reunion on Harvey's side. So not many meals to list today.


Small pork sausage casserole. Layers of veggies, small pork sausage links covered in a tomato soup mixture. Should be enough for another meal.


I will use up a package of frozen leftover ham from the fridge freezer. Not sure what I will make for sure, but I am leaning towards pasties. Which will leave a few for another meal hopefully. Planning on freezing the leftovers.


Left over small sausage casserole.


Kurt should be home so I will make chicken strips (use up the bag in the fridge freezer) and coleslaw. Not too sure if I will do fries or not. 


First night of the reunion and there will be hamburgers and hotdogs served as well as whatever sides people bring with them.


The big reunion meal.


We will still be at the cabin and so will make sausages and tinfoil veggies for our night meal. Coming home on Monday morning.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Saturday Roundup

 This week my weekly round up will be slightly different. I thought I might share with you some of the ways I live frugally. 

Instead of buying the cheapest of items I will purchase the best quality I can afford. Durable items cost a bit more but will last much longer. I have boots, coats, and clothing (pants especially as they are classic cuts) that in some cases are 10 years old. The youngest is probably 4 years old. I also buy only what I really need.

Just because the coat you love is on sale 100 kilometers away for a savings of 50% off if by the time you add in the costs for travel, it puts it over the regular or close to the regular cost don't buy it.

Unplug your devices and electronics when not using them. It will help you save on the electric bill as most deviAces are on standby and still use power.

Always make a budge and stick to it.

Pay yourself first, meaning put money into a savings account.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, with some of your savings take a short trip, or go out for a wonderful meal. Being frugal does not mean living without enjoyment, it means living below your means and saving for the extras.

Check out second hand stores, garage and yard sales for clothing, hobby supplies, and household decor/small appliances. Most cities now have online garage sale sites that you can check out as well.

Preparing your meals at home results in big savings over eating out. Not saying you should never eat out or order in, just make it a treat rather than a regular occurrence.

Compare prices, but remember to factor in the cost of getting to the various stores. Check the unit price as that is the best way of knowing whether you are saving. Sometimes biggest is not the best price.

Stay out of malls and stores as much as possible. Since I decided to only shop every two weeks, I find I actually spend much less money. Little treats and extra items always found their way into the cart. Now I stick to my list, and while a few treats find their way in, most times I really do stick to the list I have written out.

These are just a few of the tips and things I do to live a frugal and fulfilling life. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Friday, June 24, 2022

Frugal Friday


1.  It has been raining most of the day, which means my flowers and Harvey's veggie garden are getting a free watering, as is our lawn. Love it, the best frugal thing other than having to haul water from our oversized water barrel and lug it around the yard.

2.  From four smallish pieces of leftover ham, I made enough ham salad for at least 4 lunchtime sandwiches. 

3.  Got a cheque from our insurance plan that cuts down what I paid at the dentist by $76.00.

4.  Rolled the collected coins and have $352.00 to help pay for our trip to the family reunion. Should pay for food, gas and give us a bit to spend at the silent auction.

5.  Using what I have now to declutter and tidy the sewing/craft room. The old shop at home first trick.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Thrifty Thursday


Most of the new thrifty happenings here on the old homestead this week were Harvey's. I just worked on refining those I already do. You can always do better.

Harvey bottled 67 bottles of beer yesterday for a total cost of around $48.00. Considering that 12 bottles cost close to $35.00 the savings is considerable. 

He also made me a hanger for my Hummingbird feeder and placed it at a distance from the other bird feeders. 

Harvey also pulled lots of radish out of his long planter boxes. They are residing in the crisper right now and will be used in my tuna pasta salad on Friday.

I finally got my yarn wreath hung. Harvey found the perfect nail (I was going to purchase a fancy hook) as he said you won't see the nail anyway. He was right, and he used a nail he already had from his stash downstairs.

The next thrifty thing Harvey did was replace our gate pull with something from his stash that hopefully will not wear out as quickly on our metal fence.

I made good use of all leftovers, nothing was wasted and I put a small container of leftover corn into the fridge to use in soup later.

Made my own Hummer food (much less expensive than purchasing) and refilled the feeder.

Put the chicken carcass and skin into a freezer bag and popped it into the freezer until I can get another one. 

Made a few slices of leftover ham into ham salad for sandwiches.

The chicken carcass was picked of meat and Harvey can have some chicken sandwiches the rest of this week.

I also made rhubarb jam today and got 7 jars (I will probably give 1 each to Kurt and Kris). The remaining sliced rhubarb has been put in freezer bags, dated and put in the big chest freezer. The rhubarb comes from my garden (my neighbour has some that I am tempted to ask if I can pick if they aren't using it) and the plants are still coming so more will be frozen for use later.

So that's about all from the old homestead.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Visit and Yard Work

 I promised you all some pictures of what we accomplished in our two days visiting and helping out Kris.

We arrived about noon on Saturday and after a bit of a rest in his lovely cool house,

he bought a portable air conditioner as he did not want us sweltering in the heat.

This kept the front half of the house nice and cool as well as most of the kitchen and hallway. We had taken up a fan (which we left behind) and with the window open the bedroom I was sleeping in was cool as well.

Kris and I headed out to Peavy Mart to look at firepits and we found one he liked. He can even cook on it if he so chooses. Since we were going to buy him an air conditioner I paid for the firepit.

Kris sat in the middle of that cement and set it up almost as soon as we got back. Don't worry all the weeds were gone by the end of the visit and the lawn nicely mowed by Harvey early Sunday morning. 

While at Peavy Mart Kris decided he just had to buy this hanging strawberry plant. Hopefully he gets some from it. 

Next, when it cooled off a little bit we started to work on his garden area. He had it all planted but it really needed weeding and another tilling between the rows. First though the fence he put up around it had to be removed. It seems that thistle just loves his yard and we pulled up what we could and weed whacked the rest. 

Kris had started the patching on his stucco and we finished it off.

This is the table and a chair we brought up with us. Harvey worked on the old patio table we had. Some of it had rusted so Harvey sanded it down and filled some areas. Then he gave it a really good spray with some black paint we had in the basement. Turned out very well.

On Sunday we finished some more clean up of weeds and headed to Canadian Tire. There we found my chair covers and a light for our steps, plus of course found a few other items Kris needed like garden sheers, and Killex for weeds (really needs to do some spraying to get rid of those dang thistles). Once home again we used the sheers to cut down all the trees that were popping up in the side garden, down the fence line and from the garden just under the deck. Kris pulled the tiller out once again and gave the veggie garden another till while Harvey did some more thistle cutting and got rid of an old wooden walkway to his shed. 

Then after a bit of a rest sitting on the deck having a cold beer, I made (yes I said made) take a look in the rafters of the garage. There we found some soffit to finish off this house (there was quite a bit missing), and we found this bamboo blind. That blind was hung up to give him a bit more privacy on his deck. There are lots of interesting things still up there, some deck chairs, some cupboards, and what looks like some wood to build a few things. I also found metal siding under the deck which will help with the garage rehab. Less for him to purchase the better. We also found some bifold doors that I think go on the closets. 

All in all a very productive couple of days. Hopefully when we go and visit again we can find a few more things to help him get completed, like perhaps put on the bifold doors, and help with the installation of the soffit.

I would also like to find another bamboo blind for the other side of his deck. May have to haunt some garage sales.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.