Friday, March 27, 2009

Busy Finishing Projects

The past week has seen me getting two days off of work, and what better way to spend my day than completing a couple of my unfinished knitting and sewing projects.

Well to be completely honest I just started the sewing project. I am planning on making a denim quilt for our family reunion. We are supposed to bring something for a silent auction and I figured this would be perfect. I tried to do something different than usual, but it took many days to make this one block, I think I will use it in the center of the quilt and just do what I normally do when making one.

This is a picture of the one block I made. It did turn out very nicely, but was way too time consuming. I should be able to use it as the center of my quilt however.

My knitting needles were also clicking away. I still have one scarf on them, but I hope to finish it up tomorrow. Here is a picture of the scarves that I have completed so far. I am slowly but surely using up the scattered balls of yarn in my stash. These scarves will go in my gift closet to be used for Christmas or other holidays next year.

The weather took a turn for the worst over the past week. We got more snow and the temperatures plunged down to the -20 C overnight. I thought that I could use a few ponchos to use underneath my coat for some extra warmth. These two ponchos are so easy to make and only take 3 or 4 100 gram balls each to make ( depending on the thickness of the wool a person uses). They were a great deal of fun to make and I think I may make a few more out of a thinner yarn for those cool spring evenings.
Too many projects and ideas running through my head. I do hope that I get a chance to finish a few more before the weather changes and calls me outside to the garden.
Well off to visit all of you. Everybody have a wonderful evening. God bless.


  1. OH~~~~ I love the quilt Jackie, I'm sure it will be pretty no matter how many blocks you make.Okay next time we meet I'm bring knitting needles. I just love all the things that you make. Your scarfs are just amazing!!
    I hope the weather turns out warmer in the days to come.

  2. Jackie .. those scarves are lovely!

  3. What a nice feeling to get projects done! You are actually sending some of your motivation my way....

    I just started working on a couple of purses today. I'm hoping to have one of them finished by tomorrow.

  4. Jackie,

    The quilt block is beautiful and will make a perfect center square for your quilt. I'm sure that it will bring a good price at the silent auction.

    Someone is going to be pleasantly surprised...well more than one someone...when they receive a beautiful handknitted scarf from you.

    Enjoyed catching up with you. I've been busy with the boys among other things this week and haven't had as much time to visit.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  5. Good AFternoon Jackie,
    THe quilt piece is just lovely. I have made quilts before I met my hubby and I ad someone to do the quilting for me. I just made the quilt tops. I may have to get them out sometime and take some pictures of them and show everyone. I don't have a sewing machine anymore and Wal-Mart doesn't sell material anymore, so I couldnt' make any quilt tops if I wanted to. The scarf are just lovely also. I see 2 of them that would make nice gifts for my girls. Our oldest daughter likes black and our youngest daughter loves pink. They made it home earlier and I'm doing up their laundry now getting everything ready for School tomorrow.Take care my friend and ahve a Blessed sunday. May GOD BLess you and yours.
    Karen H.

  6. Beautiful hand work, Jackie!

  7. Jackie...the quilt square is wonderful...I hope you share a picture of your quilt when finished...some lucky family memeber is going to be very happy. Love the ponchos...just the right size for a little cover up. hugs, Linda