Saturday, May 16, 2009

So Cold Outside

It is early Saturday morning, and I sit here listening to the birds singing, see the sun shining, and think to myself today is the day. Then I look out the window, see the frost on the windshields of the vehicles on the street and know it is not. It almost seems as if the weather just does not want to co operate with us gardeners here in Saskatchewan. We will have beautiful temperatures and sunny skies for a couple of days........then the temperature plummets and we get rain, hail, or snow. My poor plants are stuck in the house for awhile yet.

These pictures are of some Moonflower seeds I planted. Out of the eight seeds I planted I managed to get 4 to grow. In case anyone doesn't know Moonflowers are actually part of the Morning Glory family....except unlike Morning Glories these open at night. The flower is white and can be 6 inches in diameter. The first time I was given a plant by a friend I fell in love with them. I put plants on the deck and in the evening when I am enjoying the quiet, watching the stars or the moon, I can gaze also on the bright white flowers of this plant. They seem to reflect the light of the moon and sort of shimmer. This time I have enough to do a couple of large pots, one for the deck and one for the patio below.

Well off to visit you all now. Hope there is coffee on! Everybody have a wonderful day. God bless.


enchanting cottage said...

Good morning my friend,
I'm so sorry about the cold days in your area still. I love that moon flower. I have seen it but have never grown it. I have been listenig to the birds this morning as well, it's my favorit sound.( other than my grandchildren say grandma!I hope that you enjoy your weekend no matter what it's like outside.

Mary said...


I love moon flowers but they are very difficult to find here. They are so pretty and give off a nice fragrance. I had quite a few one year in my front bed, but for some reason, only a few survived over that winter. Then the next year none survived. I need to try them again if I can find the seed.

It's chilly here today and overcast. The 24th of May weekend is often cold and rainy here and it looks like that trend will be followed.

Enjoy the long weekend and dry to stay warm and dry.


Deb said...

Your Moonflower seeds are coming along nicely. I love Morning Glories and seeing them open up in the early morning & white Moonflowers opening up at night sounds fabulous! How beautiful your garden will look in the evening with large pots of Moonflowers!
Have a wonderful weekend Jackie.

DW said...

Jackie, would love to see a photo of the moonflower when it's in bloom!

Sorry your weather isn't coooperating ... we've been dodging raindrops here.

Kelli said...

Moonflowers are one of my favorite flowers, it's so fun to watch them open up at night! Enjoy!

Linda said...

I hope your weather improves....I know you are itcin to plant. It is hot here, having to water my new little plants twice a day. I love Morning Glories, the Moonflowers sound so pretty...they are new to me...when they bloom I hope you are able to share a picture...hugs, Linda

p.s. I have coffee going..L

kari and kijsa said...

A very blessed Memorial Day to you! Beautiful post and hopefully still sunny skies!!!!

kari& kijsa

Michelle said...

Please share a picture of your moonflower when it blooms.. mine didn't bloom :(


Linda said...

Just stopped by to say hi...have a happy day...hugs, Linda

Mary said...


Was thinking about you today. I hope all is well.


Linda said...

Hi blogging's been awhile since you've posted....hope all is well. hugs, Linda

PEA said...

Hi Jackie, I do hope everything is ok and you're just busy with summer being here! Was thinking of you and wanted to make sure you're well. xoxo

DW said...

Jackie .. hope all is well. I miss your look at life!

Mary said...

Jackie, I miss your blog posts, too! Mary (Kindhearted1)