Monday, February 1, 2010

Vest And A New Purse

Today was a strange day. It started out nice and sunny. In fact the sun glare from the snow was blinding at times...then I left work to come home. I came out of the school expecting sunny skies and a gentle wind. What met my eyes was an overcast sky and softly falling snow. Oh well, only two more months of winter I hope.

Now I bet you are wondering how a purse and vest go together. Well I needed a break from black, brown and white purses and on this bright day turned dreary decided to get some colour in my life. The vest is something I have been knitting for awhile and I finally finished it tonight.

I think I managed to get a bit more colour in my life.

Well off to visit everyone. Hope the coffee is still on.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


bj said...

AHHH, love the new color in your life..especially that red purse!!

With a collection of angels, you should get a few photos of them and join THE FOURTEEN DAYS OF LOVE..her button is on my sidebar..
It's a fun meme....
Thanks so much for stopping in..
xo bj

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

WOW! Jackie I love our purse and your vest is beautiful. I like that green color. I need to add some color to my life. How cute you have a new bunny:) The bunny is smart he knows where to go.
Take care,

Sheri said...

I love that purse! You are a brave woman. I have the biggest collection of purses in NW Indiana but they are all beige, black, or brown. I'd love a color. Maybe I should get brave and get myself a bright colored purse for summer.

Maggie said...

Hi, Jackie! You did a great job on the vest--very nice!!! I like the purse too. I'm seeing more red purses lately & realized the color will go with a lot of other colors & definitely sparks up everything.

I like your limes in the vase too--a great bargain!

God bless.

susan said...

The vest you knitted is beautiful and that color will go well into spring. Love the new purse--red just gives us a new attitude! :) Great thrift store find with the limes!

PEA said...

At this time of year, we certainly do need more colour in our lives and I just loveeee your new red purse, it's gorgeous. Also think the vest you knitted is beautiful and the colour so lovely.

It's -11c here but at least the sun is shining so thank God for small mercies! lol xoxo

Michelle said...

Your purse and vest are so pretty ~ I love bright colors and red is my favorite..

DW said...

Love the vest ... a bit of sunshine!
Like the purse, too :)

Linda said...

Jackie...your vest is lovely, pretty color and it looks like a very fancy stitch. I'd love to be able to knit like you. Love your red purse, it's just happy...hugs, Linda