Sunday, April 22, 2012

Retirement Looms Closer

I am finding it a bit difficult to navigate around the new blogger site. Hopefully with more use.....

Kurt and Kris came home for Harveys' retirement party on Friday. It was just wonderful having them home together. We started making plans for the summer, and for Christmas this year. I guess we will be heading up to Kurts' place for the holiday. I did tell him that he would need to buy a Christmas tree and ornaments!

Anyway, I digress. There are now 9 days left before Harvey is retired. I think both of us are a bit scared of this next stage of our lives. I know you plan and save for it, but then BAMMM it's right there in front of you. Here is hoping that we can negotiate any rapids in our paths.

Count down will be continuing......

Everybody have a great day.

God bless.

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