Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's Begining To Look Like Christmas

Over the past few days the Southeast corner of Saskatchewn I live in has started to get snow! Finally we are turning a lovely white instead of a washed out, dirty brown. While I love snow and the warm, cuddly feeling I get from being inside with a big mug of hot chocolate, I really hate driving. The roads become icy on the corners and there is always that person driving too close behind me. Makes me very nervous!

Harvey and I painted the trim for the room downstairs, and now we will play a waiting game for the carpet. I have a feeling that we will be unable to have it totally done by Christmas.

Last Friday Harvey's work place had their Christmas party. We started the evening off with a ride in a stretch limo. The limo delivered us to the bowling alley where we had appetizers and bowled a couple of games. We kept track of strikes and gutter balls as there were prizes for each. I was a bit worried that I would win "Queen of the Gutter Ball", but that award went to a lady who got a couple more than I did. Then we walked next door to the hotel that was serving us supper.

While waiting for our meal and mixing and mingling, I went over to talk to the wife of one of Harvey's co workers. She grabbed my arm and told me she had something to give me. Her husband helped her over to their table where she picked up this and handed it to me.

Isn't it beautiful! This lady has MS and can't do alot of the things that we do at our get togethers. At our last get together in the early summer we were divided into teams and went on a scavenger hunt. While her husband was gone, I went and talked to her and kept her company until his team got back. Never did I realize what such a little thing as time talking to another woman would mean to her.

I took a picture of the lovely card that went with this overwhelming gift, but you can't read it. So I will share with all of you what she wrote.

"I just wanted to thank you for the Arc day in the summer when you stayed and talked to me when Ken had gone for his turn. Your kindness was much appreciated. I wanted you to know you are a blessing and I believe a blessing to many. May you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and New Year"

Thank you and God Bless you for the encouragement you are.


I was overwhelmed by this gift. Never again will I take for granted that anything I do has the ability to change someones life or out look.

I also paid a visit to Linda, who presented me with this lovely award.

Now I need to think of six people to pass this on to. I would like to gift this award to... Barb at Barbs Ramblings, Ginger at Enchanting Cottage (I know she is taking a break but she was my first blogging friend), Gigi at Under the Willow, Mary at Daisy Bouquet, BJ at Sweet Nothings, and Mary at Mary's Writing Nook.

I am off to visit with all of you.

Have a wonderful evening. God bless


  1. Thanks,gosh all of you getting snow. I want some so bad.

  2. What a great story...

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  3. Jackie,

    What a wonderful gift and note your friend gave to you and what an inspiration you are. Sometimes a smile or a few words make a world of difference in someone's life.

    Thanks for the award, dear friend. It is very pretty and I appreciate your friendship.


  4. PS. Thanks also for taking up the baking challenge. I'm sure your neighbors will be thrilled that you are thinking of them.

  5. Jackie that is a very special gift you received from Shelly~ you're an angel.

    Also- What a lovely blog award--I will certainly share it pass it along this weekend.

    Stay safe with your lovely snow. I hope to have some snow this year, but only if the roads aren't closed...I also hate to drive in snow, rain, ice....

  6. How thoughtful of her! And it was lovely of you to keep her company.

    It's snowing here now too ... our temp as I write this is -9 (or 16 F)

  7. OH~~~ Jackie thank-you so much I will post this award when I blog again. I did post something becasuse I wanted to share a movie that is out before Christmas was over. What wonderful kind person you are. You have touch that lady's heart for the rest of her life. That makes me smile, and it makes me smile because I'm so glad that your my friend.
    God Bless,

  8. We're having another snowstorm (from an Alberta Clipper) as I type this...ugh! I know it's pretty but enough already! lol We have so much already and today we're supposed to get another 25cm!! I know what you mean about not liking winter driving...just yesterday I came to stop at the stop sign up our street and almost slid right into the highway! Good thing I wasn't going fast at all.

    Such a beautiful gift you received from that lady. Goes to show how being kind to someone can mean the world to them.

    Congratulations on the well deserved award:-) xoxo

  9. It's gorgeous! I would love to have a white Christmas!

  10. Jackie, what a sweet gift and a lovely story. We just never know how we affect others. You are a kind and warm hearted person and just visiting with this lady meant a lot to her....hugs, Linda

  11. Congratulations on that lovely gift! I'm new to your blog and am really enjoying it. Oh, to be able to knit like you! I'm afraid I'm limited to "double-knit" afghans (i.e., I use two strands of yarn to knit them). All the best to you, Jackie.