Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winter is Here

Today I woke up to this and while the temperatures weren't too bad at first they have now fallen and with the wind chill the temperature has dropped to -34 C with the wind chill factored in. I guess winter has arrived with a vengence.

I stayed in and worked most of today. The good news is our carpet has been installed in the downstairs room. I think it looks very good. The colour goes with the wall colour and still keeps the room bright. Harvey spent the day hanging the door and putting the baseboards up. Now we will begin to move a little of the furniture back in, mainly the bed so Kurt has a place to sleep when he comes home. Later the bed will be moved out and a futon placed in the room as well as lots of bookcases and a nice comfy chair. I plan on making this into a library/sleeping room. It may take awhile but I am looking forward to having all my books in one place. Right now they are scattered throughout various rooms in my house.

Yesterday I was greated by two surprises in my mailbox. The first I opened was my PIF from Maggie. Thank you so much for the lovely brooch and the Snowman Soup. I love my gift!!!

The second parcel I opened was from Pea. Two beautiful books to curl up with this Christmas. I love them. This was the book swap I entered at Mary's Writing Nook. If any of you ever get a chance to take part in a swap I urge you to take it. You meet the nicest people. Thanks so much Pea, I will really enjoy these books, excellent choices.
Some of you asked how I made the icicles for my tree. Well it was very easy. I made a template out of some heavy stiff plastic in the shape I wanted. Then taped the plastic onto the glass. Harvey had bought a glass cutter years ago when he was cutting glass to make some new windows. I scored the glass and while wearing gardening gloves broke off the unwanted pieces. I next used some wire rings I had and placed them behind the glass pieces and using Harvey's soldering gun and the silver leading my friend gave me, melted the leading around the glass making sure the ring was covered by the melted leading. When the leading was cool I removed the icicles from the board I was using to keep from wreaking my table and added the ribbon. I surprised myself on how well they actually turned out.
I am off to visit all of you. Then I will watch my favorite Christmas movie "It's A Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart. I need a good cry tonight.
Everybody have a wonderful evening. God bless.


  1. Hi Jackie,

    Thanks for your sweet comments and visits. I appreciate them.. I love your winter scene but oh my, that's cold!


  2. Jackie, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, it's a very difficult time of year for us who have lost a child.
    Your icicles are lovely. It's fun working with glass & a solidering tool.. It's easier then I thought it would be.
    Happy Holidays ~Mary~

  3. Winter looks beautiful and with that snow a book and cocoa would be great.

  4. Brrr....I hope you are staying warm. Such sweet gifts from Mary and Pea!

  5. Your pictures are so beautiful but since I live in a wintery climate as well, all I can think of is the drive to work on the slick roads! I want summer back!!!!

    Thanks for the link to the writing nook. I popped over there for a little reading and stuffed it in my blog following area.

  6. I'm so glad that the books arrived safely and that you didn't have them already! It was so much fun doing this swap with you:-)

    The weather was really crazy today here too....we actually had rain overnight and then freezing rain and then snow, along with wicked winds that made the whole house shake! It went up to 5c today but now down to -12c and supposed to stay cold. I'm just about ready to go into hibernation! lol xoxo

  7. Jackie,

    We had snow overnight as well and it looks like we have about the same amount as you do. However, we don`t have -34 degree weather. Thank goodness for small mercies. It was -15C here last week and that was bad enough.

    I love your gifts from Pea. The book swap was a great success. I`m not sure if everyone has theirs, but hope so. I know of a few who have posted photos. I received wonderful book from my partners as well.

    Take care, my friend. Keep warm and be safe. May you and your family be abundantly blessed this Christmas season and throughout 2009.

    PS. Your room looks wonderful.