Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Three Muskateers

I have one more picture from the wedding that I would like to share with all of you. The young man in the forefront of the photo is our youngest son Kris. On the far side of the table are his cousin Jared (the blond) and Nolan his best friend who 6 years ago became a member of our family when he married Jared's sister, Kris's cousin.

These three were inseparable all through high school. Kris met Nolan in one of his classes and the two became best friends. Jared more or less got pulled into the group because he would come to visit Kris and Nolan would be here. The three boys got along great, and many was the weekend that my house was full of snoring bodies....I never knew who I would find sleeping in the spare room.

Over the past couple of years the bonds of friendship have been strained due to Kris's depression. At the wedding once again the three were together and I could see the tendrils of love, and friendship reaching out to Kris. I have not seen Kris this happy in a long time. On the way home from the reception Kris happened to mention that Jared and he are getting together for dinner this week and a trip to the cheap theater. Nolan invited Kris over for supper when Ashley and he get back from their vacation.

True friendship lasts through anything, and lends a helping hand when needed.

Off to visit all of you now. Everybody have a wonderful evening. God bless.


  1. What a blessing to have a true friendship like that! I pray that my grandchildren can experience a friend ship that has a bond like that. What a handsome young man you have as a son! I will keep him in my prayers.

  2. What handsome young gentlemen! Kris is in my prayers. You have a lovely way of expressing things, Jackie.

    Please pray for me.I had bunion surgery yesterday. It hurts, and I feel sick. Can't sit at the computer and am using DH's laptop in bed. I can't log onto FL because I can't remember my password. It is bookmarked on the computer I usually use!

    Your friend from FL,
    Kindhearted (Mary)

  3. Jackie,

    Those are some very handsome young men. I'm glad that Kris is happy and that the friendship continues. Friends tend to stick together through thick and thin. Praying for Kris.