Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Day Of The Month

The days seem to be passing in a blur. I never seem to have enough hours in a day to complete my tasks.

I have managed to get my tree decorated. There are a few bare spots on it, guess that is what happens when you decorate at night!

I have also managed to start decorating my house for the Christmas season. Still have more to do, like putting out the candles and adding some finishing touches as the weeks go by. But I will share what I have gotten done. Please don't mind the mess on the floor, I had boxes and ornaments all over the front room.

This jolly fellow was given to Harvey by one of his bosses many, many years ago. Harvey decided he should be standing on the woofer to the Surround Sound System this year. I also managed to get one of my wooden creches in the photo.

This is the start of the decorating on my coffee table. We had to move it to find room for the tree. Have I ever said that I have way too much "stuff". One of these days I will have to do a serious downsizing. Just not yet please!

This fellow was gift to me from my sister. She found him at a craft sale here in town. I had looked at him and decided the price was just a bit too high for me. She knows my tastes so very well.

The last picture I am going to share with you today is the wreath I finished making just about an hour ago. I managed to burn a few fingers with the hot glue gun this time. Sure hope the blisters do not get too big.

Everybody have a wonderful afternoon and evening. I am off to visit as many of you as possible before I have to make supper.

God bless


  1. Hi Jackie! Your tree & decorations look so pretty~ I am just starting to get everything out.

    I do believe I have a Santa very similar to your top pic!

    And oh--- your entry blog picture! WOW~ look at that water! Great pic.


    P.S. If you'd like to sample some Natural Laundry Soap- just email me. I've had a post on my Under the Willow Gift Shoppe blog to send samples to all USA states & one to Canada (hint hint)--

  2. Jackie,

    Love your tree and decorations. You've done a very nice job and your home is looking so festive.

    I'm glad that you and Sammi have connected. Thank you so much for participating in the Christmas book swap this year. It is a lot of fun. I plan on making it an annual tradition.


  3. Your tree is so pretty and all the decorations look great. I love your wreath and....I have a big-time blister, that broke, on my right thumb...woe is me....
    Have fun decorating and be sure and show us every little thing you do...I just LOVE seeing all the pretties!!
    hugs, bj

  4. Hi Jackie,
    Well your Xmas tree and all the decorations are so lovely. We don't do much decorating as we aren't home much over the holidays. My DH finds the job of putting up the lights etc just too much for him and his arthritis and I sure can't! Maybe next year I will see if I can hire someone.Anyway I enjoy seeing what everyone else does.I did buy the cutest snowman about 4 feet tall made out of a log. He stands by my front door to welcome visitors..
    Have you had any snow? We set a record here in our area of southern Ontario, NO SNOW IN THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER!! Imagine!! It broke a 70 year record and I'm lovin it!! hee hee...Makes travel so much easier.

  5. Everything looks so festive at your home Jackie! I love the bauble wreath you've made ♥ Happy December 1st!

  6. Your tree is so festive and pretty. I'm done with my decorating and now start wrapping gifts and shopping.. I'm having my nephew over for our annual cookie making this weekend which will be so fun.

    Have a wonderful week..

  7. Its looking good! I'm ready to send your package on Friday.
    Mama Bear

  8. Jackie your tree is so pretty and love the Santas. You are ahead of me, I'm putting up my village today and the tree this weekend. Your wreath is beautiful, this is something I've always wanted to make...I still might have time, but it just seems like time is flying ...hugs, Linda

    p.s. I know what you mean about to much stuff...but I'm not ready to downsize yet either...L

  9. Oh~~~~ Jackie your header touched my heart!!! How I wish we could have some sky like that and some snow. Your Christmas decorations are so pretty. I love the stars on your tree it all looks so pretty. I put some lights on a house plant that we have. I'm thinking that may me it this year. At lest it's a tree :)

  10. It's beginning to look a lot like Jackie's house:-) I just love your tree and your decorations! I could spend hours looking at how people decorate!! You really did a fabulous job on that wreath, it's gorgeous. I feel for you regarding the blisters from the glue gun...been there, done that! lol xoxo