Saturday, September 19, 2009

The End Of Summer

While our temperatures are more along the line of what they should have been this past summer, I am seeing more and more of fall.

The sunsets are not as colourful or in the same position in the sky. It is off to the south a bit more and hidden by houses and trees. I am enjoying watching it disappear in the west however, and thinking of what the next day will bring.

The last few day lilies are blooming. Soon I will be spending my weekends cutting down the flowers in all my flower beds, getting them ready for winter.

The cayenne peppers are ripening nicely. Harvey figures he has enough to last him for the winter. Now I am just picking them to give to others....may as well use them up as much as possible. My frugal nature hates to see waste of any kind.

The only red I usually see in the fall is my Virginia Creeper. There are Dogwood trees/bushes farther north and I just love their reddish branches in the fall.

Most of our leaves turn either yellow, or a goldy colour. Some even turn brown and fall right away.
One sure fire way to know fall is here is the sound of the geese flying south for the winter. So far I haven't really heard them. Does this mean fall is still a little ways off?

Everybody have a wonderful evening. Off to visit now.

God bless.


  1. Yes, it's sad to see that summer is over. I am also seeing signs of fall all around me. I think that it came a bit sooner this year.

    Some of my songbirds are gone now, the leaves are already starting to turn colors, and the nights have been downright cool, but good for sleeping.

    The fall and winter will be here soon so we should just make the best of it. I say, "lets do some serious yummy baking!"

  2. Hi, Jackie...I was just thinking the very same thing..I haven't heard geese flying out yet, either. But, fall is sure in the air around West Texas..still hot during the day..but so cool in the mornings and at night.
    Take care...
    xo bj

  3. Hi Jackie..
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always love the company..
    Yes Fall and winter on it's way but I try not to think about it....
    Summer around here was a loss and we all grew webbed feet!!!!
    I spent the day dealing with the tomatoes from the garden.. Made stewed tomatoes and froze the results in bags... I think I put one too many jalapeno peppers in the mix but HEY!! spice is good for you right!!!You grow cayenne peppers..are they similar in heat to jalapenos??
    I never got ONE zuchinni or cuke as the rabbits beat me to it every time!!!!Next year I won't bother. I had a fence and used blood meal around... talk about determination on both sides!!!!
    Well I am off to bake some bread...
    and maybe some other goodies...
    Have a great day

  4. I love being able to see the changing of the seasons. Although we don't see it often here in Ca. Just enough to want us to see more.
    Have a beautiful week,