Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Five Words Meme

I saw this meme on one of my favorite blogs, and thought it would be fun to do. Mary emailed me my words and so here I go.
My first word is Profession.

To me a profession is anything at all that you are good at doing. I love being with children and so when the chance came to take a Teacher Assistant course, I was the first one to sign up. It has taken me a long time to become a full time Assistant and I am enjoying every minute.

Before this happened I had numerous professions from professional homemaker to professional sales assistant. Just like everyone else my profession has changed over the years, but the love of what I am doing during that time has never changed.


Perhaps the best way for me to talk about the province I now call home is in pictures. I will say this, we are a very laid back province and in most cities, towns, villages and hamlets greet everyone with a smile.

Here are a few pictures of what Saskatchewan means to me.

Fishing one of the many hundreds of small lakes, coming back just as the sun is setting.

Driving down the highway meeting a train. Then having the driver of the train blow his whistle and wave at your children as you pass.

Fields and fields of hay bales in the fall, waiting for the farmers to pick them up and store them for the winter.

Fluffy white clouds, floating in an endless blue sky over golden fields of grain.
You can see for miles and miles there is just such an openess in this province. This same openess is in the people that live here.
We only have just over a million in population, but are known for our volunteering spirit and our willingness to give to others. I have a feeling it is the pioneering spirit alive and well.

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I have many of these....but what do they really mean to me.

Reading takes me away to another place or time for awhile. I can be a swashbuckling pirate one moment or a nurse the next. Never a dull moment, I can travel the world and never leave my house if I have a book in my hand. Harvey usually tells me he knows if a book I am reading is happy or sad by looking at my face.

Knitting....well that is a bond between my mother and I. It keeps her alive to me.

Cross Stitch is something that I enjoy as well. The feel of the skeins of thread as I ready them to use, the in and out motion of the needle in the fabric takes me back to days when the ladies of the house would sit with their needlework.

Hobbies to me are something you love to do just because they add beauty to your life.

What can a person say about Christmas. To me it is a time for family, for celebrating a very special person in my life, Christ is the center. Giving is more important to me than receiving, finding that right gift or making the right gift fills me with joy.
The smells of cinnamon, pine, vanilla, chocolate and snow (yes, snow actually has a smell to me) tell me that Christmas is filling my home.
Taking days to decorate my tree just right, unwrapping each ornament and remembering where they came from, wrapping gifts, singing carols and bundling up to attend midnight Mass as a family all mean Christmas.

I think that overall my childhood was a happy one and so I still enjoy many of the things I did then. Give me a puddle to jump in, worms to dig up in the garden, snakes to chase down the road and I am happy.
I loved to play army and baseball with the boys, climb the highest tree and jump the creek. I think my poor mother never thought that I would take to being a girl at all. Mom always said if there was something to catch my clothes on and tear them I would find it. She spent a great deal of time mending my clothing.
I remember long days outside sitting under the Weeping Willow in our back yard reading. It was my own little hideaway. No one could find me or if they did know where I was they left me alone to travel the world.

Summers were spent camping in the trailer. We would go for the entire summer, Dad would come up on weekends but we spent most of the summer swimming, picking up big blocks of ice for the cooler and just lazing aroung the camper. This is still may favorite way to spend a summer.

Then every so often Dad would haul all of us from Ontario to visit relatives here in Saskatchewan. The camper came with us and we would live for weeks at a time in a relatives yard, or driveway. It was very hard to leave all the cousins when it was time to go home because school was only a week away.

Well off to visit you all now. If anyone wants to take part in this meme, let me know and I will email you your 5 words.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Jackie,

    I love what you did with the words I gave you. I have learned more about you through this meme and that was my goal.

    The photos of your province are beautiful. The fields here are full of hay bales and golden wheat, ready for harvest. I've never been to the prairies but would love to come one day.

    Thank you so much for participating.


  2. I thought about your gilds in Canada today. You will be showing snow before long I bet. It is still hot here.i would just love one year to trade places with you!

  3. What a fabulous meme post Jackie! Beautiful photos & memories ♥

  4. I love these types of memes because we learn so much more about the person:-) Like you, I love Christmas and everything that goes with it...just wish we could hold on to that feeling all year round!! I would love to visit Saskatchewan one you know, I live in Ontario and the only other provinces I've been in are British Columbia and Quebec. I'd love to take part in this meme so go ahead and send me 5 words:-) xoxo

  5. Oh Jacke it is beautiful where you live. The sky is soo~~~ beautiful,God is so good. I just love all the fields with the hills, and the sunset is amazing. I could just go on and on. You are blessed my friend, and I am blessed because you are my friend.