Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One Week Finished

The first week of school is over for me and things are going very well for the most part. Today had a few challenges, but nothing that I could not handle. Hopefully things will continue along the same paths that we have started.
I thought I would share a few photos with all of you of things that have changed, or that I have completed over the past few years.

Remember the bird feeder I won at the family reunion.....

Well, Harvey didn't like where we had put it so the feeder was moved to the backyard by the shed. Next he decided to "brighten it up" with some paint. Now I have a pretty all year sunflower in my back yard.

Then this year most of my delphiniums winter killed and a friend gave me a few plants that she dug out of her garden.

They are finally blooming!!! Harvey decided the easiest way to water them was to attach a small sprinkler to the top of the cages. It works great.

Lastly, a few years ago I decided we needed something on one wall in the bedroom so I picked this cross stitch pattern and once I was done had Harvey make a frame for it.

Sorry for the blurry picture, I don't understand why it is not clearer.

I really need to start a few more of these for other walls and spaces in our home. Perhaps this winter, if I can stop knitting for a little while.

Well off to visit everyone.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Jackie,

    Love your needlepoint picture. I think maybe you had brought it up too close. My camera has a tendency to do that if I zoom it in too close.

    Your sunflower birdfeeder is cute and will bring some colour to your garden in winter.

    Just read your previous post and it looks like you will have some garden treats during the harsh winter months.

    Glad you enjoyed your first full week of school. Wishing you all the best for the school year.


  2. I like your sunflower painted, it looks so bright and cheerful. Your cross stitch is beautiful, so is Harvey frame that he made.I'm glad that your week went good.

  3. Hi Jackie, I'm glad your first week back to school went's always feels so good to get off to a good start.

    Your cross stitch turned out lovely and great frame too....I'm going to try framing my pieces...but I think I should experiment on a small piece first.

    Wow! Your garden produced the most wonderful veggies....I think I'd have to fix some eggplant right away...enjoy your bounty..hugs, Linda