Monday, September 3, 2012

My Dad

I have been missing in action for the past couple of days due to some not too happy news.

Saturday at around 3 my brother phoned to say that our Dad had fallen and they were sending him to Yorkton via ambulance. I told him to keep me informed.

About 20 minutes later I received a phone call from the Emergency ward in Yorkton (I am listed as my Dad's next of kin) asking if there was anyone closer than me to that city. It turned out Dad had another stroke (we figure he had one that made him fall) and it was a major one. I got ahold of my brother, he was almost at the hospital, phoned my sister to let her know. Then threw some clothes in suitcases for Harvey and I, dropped a key off to a friend and were off to Yorkton.

The first night scared me as Dad looked so tiny in that hospital bed with all the tubes and monitors. However the nurses were wonderful and answered all our questions in great detail.

Yesterday evening Dad started to open his eyes a little bit. He would also squeeze my hand and it seemed to settle him down a bit.

This morning we went to visit before the long trip home and he was moving his leg and opening his eyes much more. Since he can not speak yet, I had him squeezing my hand to answer questions.

As the nurses say this is a marathon, not a sprint and baby steps will lead to a better prognosis for him.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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