Thursday, September 13, 2012

Think I Am Caught Up

I have been working like a mad woman in the garden over the past week. I need to get up to Yorkton and see my Dad again and the only way I could was to rearrange meetings, do lots of phoning, and get the garden in as much as humanly possible.

This past week I have froze tomatoes, froze peppers, picked the remaining cucumbers, picked eggplant and the myriad of other things that I needed to do.

Here is the end of the green peppers and red peppers.

They did not seem to grow as well this year as they usually do. I am blaming the fact that we did not get much rain and it was so hot. We still have jalapeno peppers and habenaro peppers to collect.
Yet more tomatoes. I figure another 7 or 8 bags should see us through the winter. At least I hope so, the way prices keep going up I am a bit worried.

One of my Moonflowers is finally starting to bloom. I am so glad that I get to see it. The last time one bloomed we were on holidays and I missed it. This plant is covered with buds, so hopefully when I get back I will be able to enjoy it for a few more days (as long as we don't get frost).
Everybody have a wonderful evening. I will see you all in about 7 days. Please keep my father in your thoughts and prayers.
God bless.

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