Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Tid Bits

This week has been a busy one so far and it does not look as if it is going to get much better. I have a meeting tonight, tomorrow I insert into the church bulletins, and on Saturday I have to open and lock the church for a funeral. Hmmm, this position with the church is making a mockery of my blogging time.

Last night we were in the midst of a snow storm.
In the beginning the snow was just large flakes, coming down quickly, but not enough to cause too many problems as this picture attests. Later though, the wind picked up and all that fresh snow and the snow that was falling got blown around. This caused white out conditions!!

Luckily enough I was safe at home baking.

First I made carrot cake. I made a large pan first.

Then decided to get a bit fancy.

I pulled out my heart shaped pan and made some for Valentines day.

I also baked rather large heart shaped Sugar Cookies and spent a bit of time icing them. Forgot to take a picture though. I will try to get one later.

Earlier in the week I tried a new recipe to use up our leftover Roast Beef.

This Beef Curry will not be making our regular rotation. It just did not taste as good as it should have. Considering both of us love curry in any way, shape or form this is a disappointment.

I have managed to get a few more ruffle scarves made as well. Here are the next three in line.

This is the one I am working on now.

Getting through the yarn that I picked out for these projects seems to be moving along at a nice clip.

Lest anyone thinks I have neglected my fabric stash. I made a Valentines Garland to hang around the mirror in the hallway.

Dang it, wish that I was not in the picture. Kind of ruins the whole effect.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.


  1. Those cakes are cute!

    Sounds like you're keeping busy ...

  2. Jackie,
    It is wonderful how you got so "into" the holiday with all of your crafty loveliness! One of these days I hope to do the same! Wonder if I can get a 12" mini quilt done for St. Paddy's Day? Oh, I love your scarves!