Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Finally!! and Thrifty Tuesday

Yesterday we moved all the totes of yarn downstairs and onto the shelves. I now have my sewing room back and have spent part of today tidying up so that I can once again start sewing in that space. It feels so great to have some room to move around. I plan on doing more organizing of the room tomorrow and should be back sewing in there before more time passes.

This past week has seen me trying to clean out the fridge freezer of all those bags of leftovers. Making a meal out of bits and pieces is the best feeling. I actually feel like I have accomplished something as the drawers slowly empty. 

Harvey had some more socks that as he so elegantly says "Bit the dust" and so I have been busy cutting them up into dust cloths or ties to be used out in the garden. 

I fixed a lovely top that was too low in the arms, repaired another pillow case and turned one of Harvey's very old and ratty t-shirts into rags.

Today I listed another article on the garage sale sites for our city. No bites as of yet, but that could change very quickly.

Some smaller  pieces of fabric have been added to the box to make suitable quilting material. I will cut up the material later when my wrist feels up to it.

A pair of jeans was deconstructed to make quilt squares and the zipper removed to be used once again in another project.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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