Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thursday Tid Bits

Well the news this morning about Harvey's sister is setting his mind at rest. Though with the amount of bones she has broken (now there is a question about her knees) one has to wonder if she will ever be able to be as active as she was. She is alive though and things could have been so much worse. Now Harvey is hoping they bought extra insurance for their trip as being hospitalized in the United States is an expensive proposition.

Today we closed the prayer shawl knitting group for the summer. We will start up again in the fall. There is only three of us but we are enjoying ourselves immensely. We share bits and bobs of our lives, and laugh at how the three of us are basically introverts and have to force ourselves to meet in a group. Next year instead of Thursday afternoons we will be meeting on Monday afternoons. Must phone the church to get it on the calendar tomorrow.

I have booked our little get away for the beginning of September. Once again we will be heading to the mountains with a stop over at our sons a little over half way there (we will stop on the way back as well). We are heading to Jasper once again. Given a choice between Jasper and Banff, Harvey will pick Jasper every time. It is quieter there and the lodge we stay at quite often has wildlife trotting right by the decks.

Here is a picture of the lodge.
We will be staying in one of the cabins on the property.

I am not too sure what the outside of the cabin will look like, but this is the inside of one of the same types of cabin we have rented.

We both love the fireplace and the lodge supplies us with new wood every night. So nice to snuggle up on the couch, watch a DVD and enjoy the crackling of logs in the fireplace.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. A vacation may be good medicine given the challenging news you've had to deal with lately. You're going from the prairie to the mountains with lots of great scenery in between.