Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday Tid Bits

Drawing close to the end of the week, a rather nice week really. The weather is changing as well and not for the better. This means our stock up trip might have to be put off until later. Tonight we are supposed to get rain, turning to freezing rain and then snow. Up to 3 inches of the white stuff could fall overnight and into tomorrow morning. Then a slight respite before we get another inch or two. The snow does not bother us, it's the ice under the snow and all the curves on the highway from here to Regina!! Guess we just have to play a waiting game.

I spent much of today straightening up a portion of the sewing/craft room and sorting knitting patterns I had downloaded from the internet. My goodness I can now almost see the entire floor, good thing as that is where I sit to pin together my quilt blocks.

I found a few more items to donate and I hope to find even more tomorrow, tossed a few items, and recycled some patterns that were doubles and only printed on one side into note pad sized pieces. I always need scratch paper beside the phone to take messages or to copy down a phone number or two.

I hope to finish off the floor and my sewing machine cabinet tomorrow. Perhaps even cut a few quilt squares and make some strips out of an old bed sheet that I have folded and put away for this purpose. I have lots of scraps that need something done with them and if I gather said scraps tonight and put them on the table I will have no choice other then to get them looked after.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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