Friday, August 24, 2012

A New Friend

While we were on our holidays enjoying the tranquil moments at Jan Lake, we made a new friend.

This little fellow would visit us every day after we had been out fishing. It got so he/she would eat right out of Harvey's hand.

Me, our friend usually avoided. Except one day.......

We were sitting at the table pictured here, talking about how we were enjoying the time away from phones and the regular hustle and bustle of our day. Our friend decided it was time to make my acquaintance.

I saw her/him running along the railing and thought nothing of it. This was a regular occurrence and usually Harvey would have a peanut or sunflower seed to give. However this time something strange happened. Our friend ran right by Harvey and continued along the railing behind me. Still nothing new as our little friend would run down the steps behind me.

This time she/he stopped and all of a sudden I felt little paws on my shoulder. Harvey says my eyes grew round in surprise. Within seconds there was a sudden weight on my shoulder, and turning my head very slightly, there was our friend perched on my shoulder. A little bit scary and thank heavens the visit did not last long, but visions of various horror movies ran through my mind.

I am the photographer in the family and our little friend did not stick around long enough for Harvey to get the camera, but the memory of those paws on my shoulder remain to this day.

I really am going to have to get Harvey to keep the camera handy at all times.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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