Friday, August 3, 2012


Over the years I have tried and tried to grow bouganvilla. Finally something seems to have clicked. This is the best I have done in my life time.

I am so happy. This winter I plan on bringing it inside and trying to keep it alive for next summer.

Harvey planted corn again this year after a couple of years not growing it in the garden. It sure has gotten tall.

I am looking forward to all the lovely corn on the cob we will be eating this fall. To put the height of this corn into perspective the fence is 6' tall on the right hand side.

Things are changing now that I handed in my resignation from my Educational Assistant position. I am actually sleeping in and I find myself more relaxed as the days progress. I know I will miss the children (they actually become a part of me I am with them for so long), but the politics and back stabbing will not be missed at all.

I am looking forward to quilting, knitting, cross stitch and any other hobby that I manage to fit in. Perhaps even taking a few online classes or taking up gourmet cooking. Life has endless possibilities and I am looking forward to them.

Everybody have a great evening.

God bless.

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