Saturday, August 11, 2012

Visiting Our Youngest Son

Today we are going up to Regina to visit with our youngest son, Kris.  This picture was taken at Christmas this year just after he and his brother had finished the family dishes.

It seemed we were going to get to see him at home this weekend, up until the 5 pm phone call.
This is how it went.

"Hi Mom."
"Where are you Kris, have you left yet?"
"No, I'm still in Regina. Had a bit of a problem with the car this morning."

Okay at that point I am thinking accident on the Ring Road!!
"What kind of problem?"
"All of a sudden I heard a funny noise. I had a heck of a time turing off the busy road."
"Hmm, let me talk to your Dad."

Walked outside with my cell phone.

"Hun, Kris had car trouble going to work today."
"What happened?"

So while I was explaining to Harvey what Kris had told me, and relaying more information on said problem from Kris to his Dad. All of a sudden it dawns on me and of course Harvey at the same time.

"Kris, when was the last time you had your power steering fluid checked?" This out of both our mouths at the same time.

"Uh, not sure."

"Go and check it and call us back."

Turns out with his type of car you have to almost take it apart to reach the reservoir. But this is what Harvey thinks happened, his power steering fluid is very low so he told him not to panic.

After hanging up the phone Harvey looks at me and says "Do they make books for dummies on things like this? I really don't think that I passed on a mechanically inclined gene to either of the boys."

I think we are going up to check and make sure this is what is going on, plus get Harvey some wine making supplies, plus go fabric hunting (my job for this winter is to make a quilt for our bed), and visit with Kris.

Of course we will look at other things while there. Like a metal arbour with gate for the side of our home, and perhaps some fishing equipment for Harvey. We will have a nice meal out, and the best thing of all a visit with our youngest son.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

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