Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Calm Reigns Once Again

I finally have my computer back in the evening, and the house is quiet again. Almost too quiet, truth be told, but I am grateful for the hubbub of the boys (guess I should call them men now) being home for a few days.

Yesterday I woke up to this.

Snow! Heavy, wet and easily packed down into ice on our streets and highways.

Kurt had to head home (he has his ultra sound tomorrow in a hospital in Calgary) and to get as far as Weyburn (the next city over) it took him an hour and a half. It usually is a 45 minute drive so double the usual time. He made it home late last night, though he did say that the farther away he got the better the roads became.

I want to share my Mother's Day gift from him. I always get it early and he likes me to open it up immediately rather then save it for May.

An angel for my collection and a set of beads to pray the Credence.

I also made a trip to the CWL Rummage Sale. I found a few good buys.

There is enough orange to make a light summer top and enough white to do the same. I was hoping for more white (enough to make the next prayer table covering) but I am happy that there is enough to make another summer top. Something I am sadly lacking in my wardrobe for that season.

I found two novels to add to my reading pile.

These two hard cover books to add to my reference library in the sewing/craft room. The great thing about both of these books is that they have full sized pattern pieces inside them.

My haul from the sale came to $4.00!!! Thrifty to say the least considering the fabric only cost me a dollar, the pocket books fifty cents each and the hard cover a dollar each. I was quite happy.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. You did good! That patchwork pattern book looks like a great find.

  2. That's $4 well spent if you ask me. I look forward to seeing the summer tops you make.