Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Ramblings

I really meant to do a post yesterday but something came up.

Remember how I said my days kind of drift in to each other with nothing really exciting happening. Well I guess I spoke too soon.

Harvey and Kris took off fishing early yesterday morning. Me, why I decided it was the perfect time to weed some of the flower beds in the yard.

First I did the Hosta bed.

Nicely cleaned up and ready for some more mulch once the new fence is put up.

Then I moved on.

The Coleus planter was next. Pretty easy to weed, but with all the elm seeds blowing in it could be a never ending job.

Next was the perennial bed.

Slowly but surely fewer and fewer weeds are popping up in here. Now if I can just keep on top of it.

I moved into the house next and baked a loaf of bread for Kris to take home with him when he left today and after a bit of a break to peruse the internet started on my Rhubarb Sponge Pie. I got the pie into the oven and started it baking. The pie was to bake for 40 minutes, but usually gets too brown in that length of time so I shortened the baking time.

Sat down at the computer to input some numbers into the budget spread sheets and managed to get about 1/2 done when the phone rang.

"Hi, we're stuck. Want to come and get us?"
"See if the tow rope is in the car."

This had me running out to the car to check on a tow rope. Nope, nada, nothing.

"No tow rope. Are you sure it isn't in the truck?"
"No, it isn't there. Come and get us and we will figure something out."
"Okay, give me some directions as to where you are."
"Go 2 miles east on the highway, turn west at the alpaca farm, and then go three miles, turn south and go about a mile. We are in the middle of the road."
"Can you give me sight directions rather then miles?"

I navigate by directions such as turn right at the large elm, go until you see the house with the large barn and turn left sort of thing. Not only that but my vehicle distance is measured in kilometers and not miles. Driving is not conducive to figuring out the difference as you go.

"Okay go past the weigh scales, go past the pulse plant, turn at the farm with the white fence. Go past two roads and turn at the third. There is a house with a red roof that you should be able to see."
"Give me 10 more minutes as I have a pie in the oven that I need to get out first and I will be there."
"Ahh, Jackie remember your cell phone, just in case."
"Why, are you worried I might get lost?"
"There is a chance."

So I locked the back door, the pie was taken out of the oven, and I was on my way. I managed to find my way to the house with the red roof, but took a chance turning as Harvey did not tell me which way to turn.

There my men were lodged in a nice deep rut in the road. I picked them up, and they traveled home covered in mud, dropped me off and went to find a sturdy tow rope.

On the way home Kris kept picking ticks off his clothing and dropping them out the car window.

For those of you that don't know what a tick looks like this picture shows you the blood sucking monsters!! The deer tick can carry Lyme Disease whereas the wood tick just enjoys digging in for a good meal of blood from a warm blooded host.

I think he picked 8 off his clothing on the way home and I picked one out of his hair when we arrived at home.

This morning I was scratching my lower back and I felt something. I asked Kris to take a look, and sure enough a tick had started to bite. He pulled it off and we gave it a burial at sea.

Soon after this he left and the day progressed as a usual Sunday does. That is until supper time.

I happened to look down and there was another tick crawling up the front of my t-shirt. Harvey grabbed it and disposed of said tick.

I really do hate when my men bring unexpected guests home.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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