Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday Round Up

Once again it has been a relatively quiet week on the old homestead. The best thing being, slowly the snow is disappearing and I sure hope that by the end of the month there will be more grass showing than dirty snow.

I have been working on my various projects and it almost looks as if I will meet my goal of finishing two cross stitch kits and the knitted blankets. I am loving using up all the bits and pieces of yarn in my stash.

I hope to have some pictures soon of my finished projects. Perhaps by the end of next week.

So far no forward movement on the furnace venting front. We keep hoping to hear from them very soon. I am so looking forward to getting things back to normal in the basement, and I am sure Harvey is as well.

The wine making is moving along and keeps Harvey busy some days, other days, well I try and search out little projects for him to do.

Kris called us this week. It seems he applied and interviewed for a position back with the city of Regina almost two months ago. Since he hadn't heard anything he figured he hadn't gotten the position and never told us about it. The city called him on Tuesday evening and he will be starting back there on April 3. I got a sense of relief from Kris when we were talking, I guess doing the work of 6 people (all the marketing department left or had been laid off), worrying about having a job every time a layoff wave came, and wondering if anyone really knew or understood who he was working for and what he did, became very stressful for him. Now he will be back to doing his first love Business System Analyst and only reporting to one boss instead of 3. I sure hope this works out for him. Another reason he decided to go back was because the city has a defined pension plan and between renting, fuel and plain living expenses the job he was in did not pay enough to really fund a RRSP. He has managed to put a few thousand into one, but he really decided it would be best to be somewhere where the company matched his payments.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. That is good news, hope it works out for him.

  2. Brilliant news about Kris's job. I think he's being very sensible with regard to his pension. I hope he enjoys the job and hopefully having better job security.

  3. Hurray for your son's new job.

    What is a RRSP? Is that like a retirement fund?