Friday, March 31, 2017

March Monthly Update

1. Start planning my herbs and flower baskets.  Planned the types of flowers and herbs but not the amounts or colour scheme I wish to go with this year.
2.  Knitting. I hope to get two blankets done plus a shawl.  Blankets and shawl completed.
3.  Get two of the simpler cross stitch kits completed.  Cross stitch kits completed
4.  Continue with project Declutter.  Decluttering was done this month, just not to the extent that I had hoped.
5.  Start some seedlings.  Started my Moonflowers to be used in my baskets.
6.  Plant orange and lemon seeds. I would love to get a lemon and/or and orange tree growing this year.  Planted, but nothing coming up as of yet. Keeping my fingers crossed.
7.  Have 22 no spend days this month.  I had 25 no spend days this month. We were well under budget overall, groceries, power, natural gas, fuel for the vehicles, clothing, and a few other budget lines helped us in this matter. A bit of an overspend on household items, but that is okay for now.

Project declutter continues monthly. This month I managed to rid the house of 25 more items. This brings my yearly total so far to 350 items. Don't know if I will reach another 1000 items, but I will keep on trying.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. Well done for coming under in your budget. I aspire to get to that position at some point. Very productive month Jackie.