Friday, July 30, 2021

Frugal Friday

The end of what used to be a work week for us, and now is just another Friday. 

We went out to visit with Krista today, tidied around the grave and changed her flowers out. Strange thing, all her previous flowers had disappeared.... Never happened before, but as Harvey said we have had some very strong winds lately. 

So what frugal things have been happening around here.

I managed to buy some blueberries on sale at a very good price, and those are frozen now for use in the winter. I am hoping to get a few more packages next week. I used some to make a Blueberry Glazed Pie.

Did two pickings of raspberries (free is always good and I would never turn it down). The first pick was made into jam and the second frozen for use later.

Picked lettuce and tomatoes from the garden. Harvey dug up one potato plant today. Veggies at a fraction of the cost of store bought.

Windows open in the evenings that are cool enough to do so.

Using up all that I can whenever possible.

I was asked about what yarn I was using to make my rug. I am not using yarn at all. Instead I am knotting small strips of cut up t-shirts. It is a bit bulky and at times it is hard to thread the strips through the rug grid, but I am really liking how it is turning out.

Closing with a picture of the newest addition to our yard.

A very tiny bunny. It will be allowed to stay until it gets big enough to protect itself. Right now I can/could hold it in my cupped hands.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Mid Week....Heat and More Heat

 This year has been warmer than any others and I am finding as I age it is harder to acclimatize myself.

Today I headed out after lunch to pick more raspberries, and after an hour and a half I had enough of the sun and heat. I did manage to get another 4 liter pail full so I am happy about that. 

Tomorrow we will be heading out to the small town (village actually) that Harvey lived in growing up. It is also the place all our children were baptized and our only daughter is buried. 

It is the anniversary of her death and we always make the trip to visit her, clean up the site and change flowers around. We also make a trip out to visit her on her birthday. 

While her loss still leaves an emptiness in our lives and we always will wonder what could have been, the pain is duller for most days, except at this time of year, her birthday, and surprisingly the first day of school for me.

Picture is blurry but this is the last school picture.

Rest in peace angel.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021



It was wonderful having the boys here together for a few days. Kurt stayed for just a week, but managed to do lots around the house that we just could not accomplish. Kris did some techie things for us as well. Even on the hottest day of their time here both of them dug out some old stumps so their Dad could plant grass.

Once they were gone I started to deep clean their rooms. Now that is done I can start on the rest of the house before the garden produce takes up much more of my time.

However the massive clean up of their rooms did cause me a few problems. I ended up with a massive backache and had to rest for a bit. I could only sit for so long, and needed to walk around every so often. It is better now, but did come back after picking raspberries a few days ago. Rested, took a pain killer and things seem to be better again. 

I didn't get as much done on my projects as I had hoped but will share with you what I did manage to do.

I worked on those scarves for my Secret Santa gig. I actually might finish one more than I had planned.

Just a few more inched on the pink one and then I will weave in the ends of yarn.

Got a bit done on the rug. Boy it takes awhile to get those strips in but after a week this is what it looks like. It is even pretty cushioning to stand on which is a pleasant surprise.

I also managed a bit of cross stitching.

The angel is slowly taking shape.

More tomorrow after I pick even more raspberries.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Thrifty Tuesday


Since it has been so very hot here over the past month, I have been sticking close to home. This means no spending (well not much at any rate) and getting things done around the house. 

After our sons left it was time to do a thorough cleaning of the rooms they use when down. So all bedding, blankets, and quilts were washed and hung on the lines. Then walls were washed, windows wiped down, and furniture dusted. One room was vacuumed thoroughly and the other had the floors mopped and the rug taken out and beaten. Everything sparkles now.

The garden (well at least the herbs and kale) needed being taken care of and that is something that is a continuing chore. If any of you have recipes for kale (other than salads) they would be greatly appreciated.

The herbs are being dehydrated and stored for winter use. Considering rising prices this could in fact save lots of cash. Mint is being dehydrated for tea this winter as well, though I have read some interesting things in making mint iced tea. 

Lettuce is being picked almost daily, how lovely not to have to pay for this. It is usually quite expensive around here.

A friend let me pick raspberries again this year and this batch is being made into jam. Love me some raspberry jam.

I have mended a couple of tablecloths. One was something we brought back from Portugal on our last trip (my it has been awhile), and the other is one I use when we have company. I also fixed the sleeve on a pair of pajamas, and repaired a few pairs of jeans (pocket holes). 

Kurt brought home about 12 pairs of pants that were torn and unrepairable, or did not fit him anymore. I have cut out the zippers, and saved what material I could to make into quilting squares. I even managed to save some of the tops and am going to try my hand at making some blue jean bags out of them.

I know I said no more fabric was entering this house until all the fabric I had was gone... Blew that as I saw some lovely knit fabric at the Salvation Army... Who could turn down approximately 4 meters of 2 kinds of knit for $9.00. I can make two skirts and still have fabric enough to make matching scarves.

So there you have my thrifty past times over the last couple of weeks. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Menu Monday

 I am back!!! I will fill you all in later on what has been happening around the old homestead. Right now I will be trying to catch up on all your news and start the last week of July off right with a menu post.


Chicken fingers, salad, pasta carbonara.


Leftover chicken made into a casserole, leftover salad.


Clean out the fridge (probably chicken casserole).


Soup and sandwiches (I have some butternut squash soup to use up from the fridge freezer). The sandwiches will more than likely be egg salad.


Salmon patties, rice, and mixed veggies. I may make a kale salad as well.


BBQ pork chops, tin foil potatoes, carrots, onions and zucchini.


Roast ham, mashed potatoes, salad, and peas.

There you have it. My menu for the week cleaning out the bits and bobs in the fridge, freezer, and garden.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Thrifty Tuesday


Today has been actually chilly. We didn't even reach 20C and there has been a lovely breeze for most of the day. So no air conditioning which is a big plus in my book.

So what thrifty happenings have been going on here on the old homestead.

Well I did a bit of mending and darned a pair of my socks. 

Using up items from the pantry that are getting close to the best buy date. 

I haven't had to water my outside plants today as they got rain yesterday and the clouds are looking like they are piling up in the west and bringing more rain. 

Pulled out some fabric from my stash to make some cushions for the living room. Harvey has been saying we need to freshen the cushions up a bit and this will fit the bill perfectly.

Pulled up two similar balls of pink yarn (one is variegated). There wasn't enough of one ball to make a Secret Santa scarf, but with the two there will be. I plan on using the variegated on the ends and the solid in the middle.

Picked the last of the rhubarb and will be getting it ready to freeze tonight. This will give us lovely desserts over the winter.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Monday, July 5, 2021

Menu Monday


Kurt made it home for a week last night, which has meant a few changes to the menu. Especially this coming weekend as Kris will be home as well so he can visit with his big brother just a little bit.


Hamburgers, tossed salad, and potato salad. Harvey will be BBQing the burgers. This is what we were going to have tonight any way.


Soup and sandwiches. This is what we were going to have, but I will have to make a few more sandwiches. I actually have a container of hamburger soup or one of vegetable beef soup in the freezer.


Spaghetti, meat sauce and a kale salad. If I think of it I just may make some garlic toast as well.


I will pull out the leftover pork roast (one of two packages). Give it a bit of a heating up. Serve with the remaining kale salad, and corn or perhaps mixed veggies.


Perogy casserole. 


Baked spaghetti, garlic toast, and a tossed salad. 


Baked ham, mashed potatoes, carrot/kohlrabi mix.

That should see us well fed for the week and hopefully not too many leftovers.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Oh yes, I actually got the quilt top finished this afternoon. My back is killing me though. Picture to follow tomorrow.

Friday, July 2, 2021

Frugal Friday


Another work week gone by, except I have no work except what is necessary to do around the house. Truth be told I really like retirement especially when it is 35 C out. Much nicer to be in air conditioned comfort.

So what frugal happenings took place on the homestead this past week.

1.  Saved $19.46 on my grocery bills just buying sale items.

2.  Combined errands to save on fuel and wear/tear on the vehicle.

3.  Our property taxes dropped $500.00.

4.  Our car plates and insurance dropped $200.00.

5.  All laundry hung out on the outside lines.

6.  Used all leftovers up either for lunches or as new meals at supper.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Thursday Tidbits.

Well I can finally post without stupid words magically appearing instead of what I want. Blogger must have a headache.

Today I will update on how my goals went this month and perhaps add some pictures of how far along I have gotten on those projects I am still working on.

1.  Knit at least two scarves for my Secret Santa escapades in December.  Done I actually knit one more than I had planned and even got started on a 4th.

2.  Get more of the angel cross stitch completed (I know it won't totally be done, but I am going to try my best).  Not done but I have made a good start and will continue this in the month of July.

3.  Get one more quilt top done.  Also not completed but I think I will manage to finish this off this week.

4.  Hem my friends Dad's pants.  Done.

5.  Make Birthday cards and envelopes.  Not even considered so this is carried over for this month.

6.  Place an order for new Blades for my Cricut (found out it is less expensive to order them online than buy them at Michael's or Walmart).  Done.

7.  Order some embroidery floss if I can not find any at Walmart of the colours I need.  Done.

8.  Start on the rag rug.  Another not even considered or looked at this month.

I did finish some top sewing for myself which was not even on this months list.

So here are some pictures of what little I did accomplish.

The first two sets of blocks on my quilt top, only another 5 rows to go.

The first three Secret Santa scarves.

The counted cross stitch angel slowly but surely taking shape.

No pictures of the second top. It had long sleeves and a collar so is packed away for use this coming winter.

So what do I have planned for this month....

1.  Finish quilt top.

2.  Make those cards I planned on doing last month.

3.  Work on the cross stitch.

4.  Get that rag/t-shirt rug started at least.

5.  Knit 2 more Secret Santa Scarves if not more.

6.  If I finish all those start to sandwich the two quilt tops I will have to move onto the next steps.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.
God bless.