Friday, July 30, 2021

Frugal Friday

The end of what used to be a work week for us, and now is just another Friday. 

We went out to visit with Krista today, tidied around the grave and changed her flowers out. Strange thing, all her previous flowers had disappeared.... Never happened before, but as Harvey said we have had some very strong winds lately. 

So what frugal things have been happening around here.

I managed to buy some blueberries on sale at a very good price, and those are frozen now for use in the winter. I am hoping to get a few more packages next week. I used some to make a Blueberry Glazed Pie.

Did two pickings of raspberries (free is always good and I would never turn it down). The first pick was made into jam and the second frozen for use later.

Picked lettuce and tomatoes from the garden. Harvey dug up one potato plant today. Veggies at a fraction of the cost of store bought.

Windows open in the evenings that are cool enough to do so.

Using up all that I can whenever possible.

I was asked about what yarn I was using to make my rug. I am not using yarn at all. Instead I am knotting small strips of cut up t-shirts. It is a bit bulky and at times it is hard to thread the strips through the rug grid, but I am really liking how it is turning out.

Closing with a picture of the newest addition to our yard.

A very tiny bunny. It will be allowed to stay until it gets big enough to protect itself. Right now I can/could hold it in my cupped hands.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Never ever hold wildlife in your hands, my sweet friend. Ever! Even if you "can". And why will the baby-turned-into-adult not be "allowed" to stay in your yard? That's her domain... the inside is yours. :-) ~Andrea XOXOXO

  2. Lovely pie and hope the bunny grows quickly and stays well!

  3. What a sweet baby! Hopefully it's parents return for it, or it manages to survive on its own.

    The pie looks especially delicious. Enjoy.

  4. Cute bunny. That pie looks fabulous. I too love making jam from free fruit, foraged or grown. So satisfying.