Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Month Gone By

I can't believe that a month has gone by already!! Where does the time go.

No pictures this post, but I promise to put some up soon.

The family reunion went as well as can be expected. Not everybody could make it due to job demands, especially the younger generation. Perhaps the date will be better in two years, however no one offered to organize this next one.

I am really enjoying my vacation at home. I am sewing, even doing some sewing for income. Strange for me cause I really don't know what to charge. I even bought.....are you ready.... An Embroidery machine and so have been learning how to use it and fooling around with it. I am having so much fun!!

I have also spent a great deal of this past month thinking about retirement and pulling back from some of my volunteer activities. I am heading into a stressful position at the other school this year. It seems the student I will be working with the most has changed from the sweet child I knew in kindergarten. She now hits out, bites and kicks..... I will probably need the time away from volunteering to relax and unwind.

Harvey is talking more and more about retirement and I really would like to be able to spend time with him and not worry about going to work.

Off to do some sewing.
God bless.