Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Yikes Nearly End of the Month.

I am worried that I might need intervention by someone more powerful than me to get things completed (you know Devine Intervention would be nice right about now). I look at what I had accomplished by this time over the years and realize that my age has caught up with me or perhaps it is a case of procrastination that has finally caught up with me. 

So this is what I have planned for tomorrow. 

1.  Finish the bindings on all the projects.

2.  Sew those bindings down (I always hand sew the bindings in the back). 

3.  Once all the bindings are sewn on the fronts, put away the sewing machine, the cutting table, blocks and other bits and bobs that made their way out from the sewing room.

4.  I think I will finish my shopping at Walmart today. I only have a few things to pick up there and they are things I need to get in order to finish some gifts off.

5.  Set up my tiny tree upstairs and decorate.

So only 5 extra things along with what my daily planner has listed. 

Wish me luck. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Tuesday Tidbits


It turned out to be an absolutely lovely day. We are well above freezing and things are melting nicely, what little snow we have will soon be gone.

Harvey and I went for haircuts today. I got mine cut a bit shorter this time around, hopefully I will not get as shaggy before the next appointment. 

I phoned the Provincial Breast Scan Office yesterday, left a message, and got a call back today. My appointment for my visit to the traveling mammogram bus is on January 9th at 2 pm. In one day a weeks worth of appointments was almost gone. The bus is here until mid February, but the slots fill up very quickly.

The runners are pieced and I hope to sandwich them and begin the quilting tomorrow, perhaps even get the bindings started. I can only hope as things seem to be taking very much longer than they used to. 

The grocery list will get started tomorrow once the sale fliers are out. I am refusing to go shopping until early next week though and there is hope Christmas shopping will be completed as well as the last of the baking supplies purchased. Though we may have to travel to the US in order to get icing sugar.....

Many of you have asked if there is any way I can miss the family reunion. Don't imagine I haven't thought about that exact thing. However that would just give the mean ones in the family another thing to complain about. I almost rather they complain to my face than to my back. To my face, I can combat their smugness, behind my back, the Lord only knows what nasty gossip they are spreading. I will do what I usually do, and that is stay as far away from the ignorant ones as is humanly possible. Take lots of walks and hikes, sit on the deck of the cabin and do needlework, or read. 

Off to get supper started and have another warm drink to sooth what seems to be the sore throat I am getting.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Menu Monday


The last bit of the month, which meant that yesterday I had to do up my menu plans for December. Got them done and if all goes well we won't be starving while Kurt and Kris are home.


Warming up the leftover quiche for supper and having the remains of the coleslaw as well.


I will use up a bag of the leftover chicken to make a casserole for our supper.


Leftover Lentil Curry along with some homemade flat breads (or I may pop in and purchase a package of Naan breads).


Leftover chicken casserole from Tuesday.


Eggplant Parma.


Pork sausages made into a casserole. The casserole has lots of veggies in it, so I won't make any sides.


Roast Pork, mashed potatoes, green beans. 

So there is the weeks meals. Should easily be able to follow this plan, at least for the week.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Sunday Ramblings


We got snow last night, not much really, but I believe there could have been a bit of rain before. The reason I say this is because our front steps are slightly icy, and when I went to my friends for coffee her driveway had what looked like raindrops in areas and those areas were very icy.

I have managed to make some progress on my next projects. However, me, being me thought that I could get done way more than the fingers or body (back mostly) would allow. I should be able to iron what I did get done after the supper clean up is done. 

Between tasks today I started to wonder why it is we allow family to hurt us as much as we do. I am working on not caring, but seeing posts congratulating or liking other's posts still give me a twinge of hurt or perhaps it is envy. Working on letting go and letting God, but as I am only human am finding that difficult. I really am not looking forward to the family reunion this summer in the least. 

I talked to Kris on Friday (shows how I am losing track of days, I thought it was Saturday), and he said he would phone at some point today. I should actually get in touch with Kurt as well. I need to find out when they will be home for Christmas. 

Cleaned and tidied the baking supply cupboards in one of the pantries today. Discovered that some things need replacing and some things are over supplied (like raisins). I hope to get some of the holes filled the next time I go shopping. 

Off to set the table and get the remains of our meal put together.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Saturday Roundup


Today I am going to share some of the finishes on my projects this week. Things are moving along way too quickly for my liking, but with only a month left until Christmas I will be going full out.

Christmas bags were made. I just need to add some ribbon to tie them closed. I will pick that up the next time I go shopping.

My dress, it looks much better on than laying here on the couch. I will use a pin of some kind on the neckline, or perhaps over at the side where the dress crosses over.

Harvey's pajama bottoms. He wears a white t-shirt with all his pj bottoms.

My brown knit capris. I had hoped they would be a bit longer on my rather vertically challenged frame, but no such luck. 

This is as far as I have gotten on Kurt's Jewish friends prayer shawl/blanket. The blue is not quite correct so I do hope B forgives me. It did look correct on the online ordering page. 

I have also managed to get the bricks pinned together for the runners. I will sew them together tomorrow, and hopefully iron and pin them to the backing and batting. I would like to get them quilted, but I may just run out of time. Maybe get them done on Monday. Tuesday is haircut day, and so I will probably do some baking/candy making. Wednesday I think I will make some quilted mug rugs, and Thursday I will begin putting up my trees and decorating. More than likely some baking will be thrown in on a few of the days. I may, just may be ready for Christmas. Cutting it close though.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Friday, November 24, 2023

Frugal Friday


Wow, it is hard to believe we have almost reached the end of the month. Considering that the 1st of December is on Friday I need to get my menu plan done for December, as well as the extra cleaning tasks and some goals listed. Crunch time is coming fast.

So what frugal things have been happening on the old homestead this week.

1.  I have had 6 no spend days this month. Harvey on the other hand has had 3 spend day. I can control me, can't control him.

2.  Finished another Christmas gift using some leftover fabric from those I bought from the United Church fabric sale.

3.  Furnace still not turned up, and while it can be a bit chilly in the morning wrapping myself in a shawl first thing in the morning wards off that chill.

4.  Purchased a great deal of meat that will in fact lasts us a couple of months with what I already have in stock. This should enable me to purchase on sale items as they turn up.

5.  Sewing myself some clothing replacements as I cleared out the wardrobe over the past few months. I need some capris, winter dresses, and perhaps a skirt or two. I am actually going to try my hand at making a pair of wrap pants for the summer.

6.  Many of the gifts for the boys I am making from scrap fabric or pulling from items (like dishcloths) that I made last year and stored away.

Of course the usual is happening. I am using up leftovers before heading to the freezer, purchasing food that is on sale, stocking up (though Christmas baking could be a problem as we have a sugar shortage happening), and watching what I spend and where I do that spending. 

I still have almost $240 on the Visa gift card I won so I need to spend that very soon. I may just use a bit on me and then spend a bit on the boys and Harvey. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Thrifty Thursday


I did hit the Warehouse sale at our Co-op store this morning. I managed to find everything on my list. Which is awesome as lately they have been short on some items. Actually saved a total of almost $40.00 on my purchases.

I did notice that they were having trouble getting brown sugar in and now I am so glad that I bought a big bag the last time I was shopping. Also, I now know how to make my own brown sugar, and purchasing molasses is not a problem.

I found a few little items to go in Kurt and Kris's baskets and have plans for a few other little gifts that will use up things in the house. Cha ching saving some cash and using things I already have.

Between bouts of sewing I did some mending to extend the life of some of our clothing.

Also figured out a way to fix the collar on my dress without having to pull it off and redo it. I am just going to use one of my many pretty pins to hold the collar where it should be. A quick and easy fix that did not cost me time or cash.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Mid-week Yet Again


It has been a dark and dreary day. Pretty chilly as well. I think that winter has really arrived on the prairies of Canada. The only thing missing right now is our usual snow cover. That probably will not last for much longer.

I am working on the little bits I have left to clean this month as well as trying to get some sewing done. Time to use up as much of the fabric stash as possible. I really would like to be able to purchase some new the next time we go to visit with Kris. I also want to get some different storage in the sewing/craft room to make the area a bit more inviting for crafting. 

I managed to use up some of the Christmas fabric this week. I got some new gift bags made up. Still have a few smaller pieces that I may use to make Christmas ornaments a bit later. I really hope to be finished my sewing plans by the end of the month. That includes making some quilted runners for the boys to use on a table or two in their homes. I should finish those quite quickly as I am going to use things that are already cut into suitable squares or bricks.

The Federated Co-op is having their Warehouse Sale starting tomorrow. Some really good deals on meat, and it is making me think that perhaps I should do a bit of a stock up. That would mean shopping two weeks in a row, but some of the savings are very good. Like I mean one could conceivably save lots of money while refilling certain things in my freezers. It would also be a way of making sure I have enough in the chance of having a bad snow storm. Our street is one of the first to become impassible when a blizzard occurs. It is also the last to be plowed clear.

I hope to have lots of pictures to share with you all on Saturday. Lots of those small projects will be completed and perhaps some new ones as well.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Tuesday Tidbits and Stuff


So today was the first step in the changing of an old crown. Things went well and the dentist says instead of a 50/50 chance of it working out, we have reached almost 100%. Love that. Dan, my dentist is also very happy at how well my dental surgery has healed and how I am looking after the area. He figures the slight pain I am feeling is the bone healing and that will continue for awhile. 

Days seem to run into each other with hardly a bump. It scares me at times how quickly the days melt into each other. How days slip by without me knowing that. If I didn't have appointments I would certainly lose track of things. 

Some people wonder about my menu planning. Back many years ago planning my menu for a month was a wonderful time saver. When I was working having a menu plan for the month saved my sanity. Once I managed to get enough in the pantry or freezer this became second nature. I love looking at my menu calendar and knowing what I will be able to use up. Having a monthly menu enables me to purchase things that are on sale (especially meat) and out be able to use that meat a month or two later. 

This is the same way I manage to sew most of my clothing. I can plan ahead for those items that need to be removed or refashioned over the next few months. So I can purchase fabric on sale and use it to fulfill those needs or to make gifts for others. By purchasing fabric on sale I can saveLi money on clothing for the year. I really need to learn how to make undergarments as those are pretty expensive. The dress I just finished cost me $25.00, but to purchase the same dress would have been at least three times that amount.

Harvey's wine and beer making saves us a great deal as well. Instead of paying upwards of $20.00 a bottle of wine, we end up paying perhaps $4.00. Beer is about $1.00 a bottle. Loads of savings by making our own.

I wish I had more lines in the basement to hang clothing, but I will make do with what I have. Not using the dryer for even three loads a week saves the planet and cash. 

We still have the temperature set fairly low, which is wonderful. A person can always add layers to stay warm during the winter months. 

Lights turned off in rooms not in use and using LED bulbs in those rooms that lights are on. This saves us lots of cash as those LED bulbs last a very long time. 

I no longer buy much secondhand as I have everything I need, there are a few wants but I can wait on those. If those wants go on sale I may purchase them, if not, well I can do without. I do need to convince our sons that purchasing secondhand those things could save them loads of cash and am working on that. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Monday, November 20, 2023

Menu Plan Monday


This weeks menus are a mish mash of using items up and totally new meals.


Lentil Curry and buns.  The extra will be frozen to be used for another meal later on this month when things get rushed.


I will use up a bag of leftover roast beef and make hot beef sandwiches, mashed potatoes and coleslaw.


Soup and sandwiches. More than likely tomato soup from the jars in the freezer, and grilled cheese. Might even use up the coleslaw for more veggies.


A quiche where I use up the last of the frozen ham. Serving this with sliced raw veggies and dip. I may slice up the leftover potatoes from the roast meal on Sunday and fry them. 


That Eggplant Parma we were supposed to have last week.


Leftover quiche and more veggies and dip.


Roast chicken, roasted potatoes, and roasted carrots.

Lunches will be sandwiches, or leftovers.... Breakfasts will be oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, and muffins. Perhaps a slice of toast once in awhile as well. I do try to alternate my breakfasts.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Saturday Roundup


I am making supper right now. Changed the menu a bit (picked something from a day later this month) as I just wasn't feeling Eggplant Parma today. So we are having Chicken Cordon Blu, along with the leftover peas, and the remains of the frozen onion rings. 

But while waiting for the oven to come to temperature, and the air fryer to heat up I thought I would fill you in on what I have actually managed to complete (well almost) this week. Pictures will come once things are either done or I have more to show you.

I finished my dress, just have to do the hem and I hope to get that done tomorrow as well as a stitch to hold the collar where I want it to be.

I also started the prayer shawl/blanket for Kurt's Jewish friend. The blue isn't quite right so I hope the receiver likes it. Most Jewish prayer shawls are made in the colours of the Israel flag. White is easy...the blue not so easy. 

Pulled fabric for some Christmas sewing, and got the baskets for Kurt and Kris's handmade Christmas gift from me. I have a few ideas to go along with those ornaments I made them. Just need to get started on them as soon as possible.

Other than planning, sewing and knitting I have been enjoying a couple of walks today. The weather was lovely and it is supposed to be the same tomorrow. Then we will head into colder weather and I have that dental appointment to fix the old cracked crown. Might not want to be out in the cold at that point. 

Harvey's wine is coming along nicely. It should be ready in a couple more weeks. I will be purchasing some of the items to make Irish cream in a couple of weeks, and getting the cherry liqueur decanted. May use the cherries that were soaking in the alcohol to make some kind of dessert as well.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Friday, November 17, 2023

Frugal Friday


Frugal Friday on the old Phillips homestead once again. These days seem to appear a lot quicker than a few years ago. Either I am losing days, or getting old and just forgetting. 

So what are my frugal saves this week.

1.  Saving on power and gas by having the drapes open.

2.  I put $100.00 in my savings envelope and emptying Harvey's pockets another $4.10 in the change jars.

3.  Using up lots of bits and bobs making meals.

4.  Bought all groceries on sale except for the milk. Best deal were the 18 count eggs, and some mushroom soup. 

5.  Reading free books that I downloaded on my ereader.

I still see costs going up. The hams I used to purchase have increased in price exponentially. I am wondering if we will ever have the ham we love again, even though I get lots of meals from that ham purchase. I think $75.00 is outrageous, even though we could afford it. Many other sale prices are what the old regular price was. It is getting more and more difficult to stay within the grocery budget. Heck it is getting pretty hard to stay within any of the budget lines. It is a darn good thing us frugalists pay attention to the little things.

I finally got the other seam on my dress taken out. Fixed my mistake and did a bit more sewing. I decided to wait on doing the sleeves. That will be tomorrow's job along with the hem and I have an idea on how to fix the collar. 

I spent last night and part of today knitting. I made note of my changes to the pattern (those I am sure I will do). I may make the blue stripes a bit wider just so I don't use up all the white before I finish.

As far as free things this week, there was mouthwash, a can of beer made produced by our Co-op, and a couple of plant pots that I can use next year. 

All in all a pretty good week.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Thrifty Thursday


Another week has passed by and thrifty living is continuing on the old homestead. 

The pumpkins are all processed and residing in the fridge freezer. Harvey even kept his promise and helped me get them done.

Drapes have been opened wide to let in the sunshine and keep the house heated.

Drapes closed when night fell keeping the heat in the house. This has enabled us to have the thermostat down very low.

I did some decluttering in the sewing/craft room, which enabled me to put some things away and off almost every surface in that room. 

I saved some plastic bags to use when the grandcat comes to visit over Christmas. 

Made the grocery list for shopping this week and it is much shorter, could mean that I will be able to be under budget for this month on this line. Man that would be great. 

Used up all the leftovers in the fridge for either new meals or for lunches. 

I will say that I started sewing my dress and I should have stopped a bit before I did. I now have to pull out the handy seam ripper. When I get tired I start to make mistakes.

Also got the yarn for the last prayer shawl so I put my sweater aside and cast that on. So far no mistakes on that, though I am changing the pattern slightly.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023



I really could settle into nothing today. I did a bit of knitting, ran out and did the banking, picked up prescriptions, and processed a pumpkin. Hopefully tomorrow I will be wanting to do more. It is getting too close to Christmas to let up on getting projects completed. My mojo seemed to go on a bit of a holiday today. Or perhaps I just needed a bit of a break.

Tonight I may go into the sewing/craft room and put a few things away, clearing up some crafting space. I can also get my sewing machine set up and ready to go. I am hoping this next dress does not take very long to assemble. I also plan on pulling out some more fabric to get a few things sewn for Christmas. What I have planned should not take very long at all once patterns are cut out. 

Still working on using up as much of my various stashes as possible. I want to try out my sock loom in the new year, so getting things manageable and easy to find in the sewing/craft room is beginning to become a priority. 

I am hoping my yarn shipment arrives tomorrow. I really need to start on the last item for Kurt to give to his friend. Especially if I want it done by the time he comes home for Christmas. This project will be a challenge for me as it is so very different from others that I have done. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Tuesday Tidbits

Well it seems like blogger is not allowing me to upload some, if not all of my pictures. I shall see what happens by the end of this post. 

I thought I would fill you in on the goals and projects I managed to get completed over the last week and a bit.

I recycled some of the skirts that no longer fit properly into useable fabric squares for quilts or runners, perhaps even fabric to sew something interesting to wear.

I decided not to upcycle my jumpers as really do I need more skirts???? Don't really need those as I still have a closet full of them. Time to actually wear them during the week, instead of just for church or other dressy functions.

I finished the knitted blanket for Kurt's Muslim friend. The green is for the prophet's favourite colour, the blue for the Blue Mosque and the little strip of white is for purity. 

Pumpkins were processed and there will be more processing this week. Did one today and will probably take another two days to get them completed.

The first fully completed embroidered square. Hopefully I will get more of these done and pressed before I share a picture with all of you once again. I really should have given this one a press, but wanted to get a picture before I forgot.

I pulled some leftover yarn from the blanket I made to keep me busy in the evenings. I am knitting myself another fairly bulky sweater for the winter. 

Christmas cards have been done and mailed, and I am actually surprised I got them all done this early.

Wow, got this post finished and Blogger decided to let me post pictures.....

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Monday, November 13, 2023

Menu Monday


Wow, it is the second full week in November. I am so glad that there are lots of leftovers in the fridge and freezer to use up and I have included those in the menu plan for the month.


I pulled a container of mushroom meatballs out of the fridge freezer and will make noodles and mixed veggies to go with.


Pulling a bag of leftover pork roast from the fridge freezer and making leftover pork hash. I will cook up some corn to go with and slice up the cucumber for dip as well.


This will be a soup and sandwich night. I will make some tomato soup, by pulling a frozen container out and my sandwiches will be ham salad using up a can of flaked ham bought on sale.


Leftover pork hash, with peas/carrots and the remainder of the cucumber slices.


Salmon patties, mashed potatoes, and corn niblets.


Eggplant Parma as another meatless meal this week.


Roast beef, roasted potatoes, and roasted carrots. I wonder if I should try Yorkshire Pudding as well (we shall see). 

I was asked what appliances I have been using to try and keep electrical prices a bit lower. Well I used my toaster oven, a packed oven, my electric roaster, and air fryer. This week it will be the toaster oven, electric roaster and most of the rest of the meals will be stove top. I would love an electric griddle, and am thinking seriously of purchasing one as a Christmas gift to myself. At times I really think a hotplate would be nice to have as well, but will hold off on that.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Friday, November 10, 2023

Frugal Friday


Wow, it is the second Friday of the month, only two more Frugal Fridays and we will be into December.

Once again I have continued with my frugal habits, and they seem to be second nature for the most part. Not many new ideas have been added, but I am getting pretty proficient at those that have now become habits.

1.  Harvey is turning off all lights in the basement now, and I make sure that lights in rooms up here that are not being used are off as well.

2.  Handwashing dishes once a day, and using the dishwasher only every second day, making sure it is a full load.

3.  I have added some meat free meals to the menu rotation and that seems to be working well. This week we have had the Eggplant Chickpea Stew (along with homemade flat bread), and tuna patties. Pretty much each week contains two meatless meals. 

4.  I am doing a bit more cooking using appliances rather than the oven. I have also cooked twice and eaten four times. Making big batches is saving me time in the kitchen.

5.  Working on using craft supplies up. 

Maebeme wanted my recipe for Chicken Noodle Casserole, so here it is. This makes a big batch. Harvey and I had two meals each from this and there is enough leftover for lunch tomorrow. I think it could be halved very easily.

Chicken Noodle Casserole

12 oz uncooked egg noodles

4 cups chopped leftover cooked chicken

2 cans cream of chicken soup (I used cream of mushroom)

1 cup milk

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

2 cups frozen peas and carrots (can use mixed vegetables instead)

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp onion powder

salt and pepper to taste

cooking spray

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Coat a 9X13 pan with cooking spray. 

Cook the egg noodles as directed on package. In a large bowl combine the remaining ingredients. Place the mixture in the prepared dish and cover with foil. Bake for 30 minutes or until heated through. Sprinkle with chopped fresh parsley if desired (I used dried). 

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

Thursday, November 9, 2023

Thrifty Thursday


Well, after one day of lovely sunshine, we are back in the dreary, cloudy days. Still, days like today get be busy doing things in the house, and that is always thrifty.

Fixed the waistband on a pair of jeggings. 

Cut up all those old bits and bobs of clothing that was not suitable to donate into useable quilting fabric.

Working on the embroidered rose quilt square. Using up bits and bobs of embroidery floss in doing so (well the yellow any way).

I made 2 meals so far this week that were meatless. Tomorrow will be a fish meal, which while not really meatless cuts down on our red meat intake.

Darned a pair of socks. 

Harvey ripped up his old threadbare pj bottoms and now has new rags for downstairs. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Mid-Week, Finally Sunshine


Finally after 4 days of cloud we are having sunshine. Big wind, but at least the sunshine got me doing some embroidery. Finished one section and almost finished another.

I even got all the Christmas cards done. I am definitely on a roll this month. 

My yarn shipment is on its way, and I should get it on the 14th or a day or two later. So this means working and getting most of the other items on my projects/goals list done. I will finish the embroidery tomorrow and move on to sewing the next day. 

Harvey has offered to help with the pumpkin processing so I will do that this weekend. Must bring up the pumpkin from last year so it is all used up. Perhaps some pumpkin well as baked goods.

Tried a Chicken Noodle Casserole yesterday for supper and it was a hit. That recipe will be saved. Bad news though.... I found another folder containing recipes. More to try out and more to copy out onto index cards. 

Tonight we are having Eggplant Chickpea Stew along with some freshly made flat breads. Really trying to cut down on red meat. The mouth is feeling so much better and I am hopeful that once I need to go in again everything will be well healed and the other side can pain me for a bit. 

My last health task will be taken care of in January. I will go in and get the lenses replaced in my glasses. Should be good other than the regular dental cleanings.

I have pulled up the big girl pants and am letting the family treatment go. I will just make sure not to be overly friendly at the reunion. I am a force unto myself.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Tuesday Tidbits and Stuff


I am sitting here at the computer drinking coffee, and watching the freezing rain. So happy that there is no place I need to be today, since I cancelled the dental appointment. I am going to stick close to home and get even more of the goals and projects completed. 

I am also glad that Kris works from home today, as I am sure the city is getting the same weather as we are. 

Spent some time yesterday and the day before watching a couple of YouTube channels. There are a few I have subscribed to that I have fallen behind on watching. It really is amazing how some people can manage to put out so many video's and others seemingly drop off after being so very popular for years. I have noticed more frugal and simple living channels have popped up in the last little while. 

Another stitch has fallen out, and now that a week has passed I can use the lovely soft brush to gently clean that side of my upper jaw teeth. Hopefully stitches keep dissolving and I will be able to floss very soon. I really miss being able to use my electric toothbrush and giving that portion of my mouth a good flossing. I will still rinse with salt water for awhile yet. 

The goals/projects for the month are coming along. I should be able to finish another one today, and perhaps get those Christmas cards started as well. The more I manage to get done before the arrival of the yarn, the better things will be. 

A weather warning just flashed up on my phone, yes, both the city where Kris lives and the city where I live are getting freezing rain. Still the vehicles seem to be racing down the streets without a care in the world. Well at least until they start to sElide and cause an accident.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

Monday, November 6, 2023

Menu Monday


My stitches have started to fall out, so perhaps some decent eating can begin to happen. I would still have to be careful, not to disturb the healing and brushing or flossing still has to wait. Going to try toast this morning.


Leftover ribs, leftover mashed potatoes, and the leftover veggies. I may sauté the small amount of spinach that is left for Harvey.


A bag of frozen leftover turkey made into a casserole. I think I will make salad to go with.


Eggplant Chickpea Stew. I will make some flat bread to go with.


Leftover Turkey Casserole, mixed veggies, and probably the last of the cucumber.


Tuna patties, pasta, and some baked beans from the freezer downstairs.


Smoked sausages, onion rings, and corn.


Roast pork, roasted potatoes, roasted carrots. 

Since Harvey has eaten most of the chocolate as desserts the past week, I will have to make something for desserts. Just not too sure what if anything.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Sunday Ramblings


Well, the ribs did not work very well last night. I ended up trying to pull as much meat off as possible with my fingers in very small chunks. I managed to get about one eaten, and gave up. Filled up on the noodles and the veggies as they were easier to keep on one side of my mouth.

Today it will be mashed potatoes, warmed up leftover chicken, and veggies. Another try to get some more protein into me. 

I finished cutting the bigger fabric squares, and will be getting the smaller ones done tomorrow. Need to work quickly so as to get through the goals/project list for the month. It took a little longer than I thought as my back and hips made it necessary to move around every so often. The weather has changed again and now I get to struggle with the arthritis pain once again. 

The projects I want to get finished next week are cutting the small squares, writing out 15 saved recipes, ordering the yarn for the prayer shawl, starting the Christmas cards, and sewing the dress. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

There is a reason why I try to keep as busy as possible. The setting aside of my family by some of the people on Harvey's side is becoming more and more prevalent. It might be time to start drawing back from the things that family plans. The one sister only seems to care about those whom she thinks have money and has never wished any in my family Happy rthday, or replied to any of my posts. The others seem to phone each other all the time and keep up with all except us. At first it was kind of funny, but now it is darn right annoying. Harvey says I am too sensitive, but this has gone on for years now and I have tried ignoring the feelings of being cast aside or being totally ignored. This on top of what happened with my parish family has made me want to stay in and not see anyone. In other words my confidence is at an all time low.

Eventually I will pull up my big girl pants and move on, but right at this moment I want to curl up and just gather my thoughts.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Saturday Roundup


Between napping, and remembering to take all my prescriptions not a whole lot was accomplished. 

I did manage to finish the knitted blanket, and today I started to cut down the fabric from my older clothing. Also gathered more of the items to get my goals/projects completed for this month. Now just to get everything all done that I want done. There is now quite the pile of bits and bobs beside my chair. I am looking forward to watching the pile shrink as the days pass by.

As the days get darker and close in, the temperature drops, and the weather gets cold I am more inclined to stay close to home and get things completed. I won't be walking to get the mail as now that a new house has been built on the corner of the street behind us the road is sheer ice. Walking, in my case, would be dangerous. I really do not need to break anything else. Twice a week I will venture out in the vehicle to pick anything up.

My mouth is slowly healing and I am adding a bit more solid food to the diet. Tonight I am making ribs and noodles. If I find that the ribs are a no go, I will add some cheese to the noodles. Veggie wise, there will be mixed. I am hoping to get a bit more solid food inside. I really do not do well on a liquid diet, I have now found out. Not looking forward to the crown repair in a couple of weeks. Will I need to continue with a soft, smooth or liquid diet? Or will I throw caution to the wind and eat normally?

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Friday, November 3, 2023

Frugal Friday


So what frugal things have I been up to in my home and kitchen this week. 

1.  Using up lots of bits and bobs of food. Harvey has been a good sport when it comes to meals this week and has had more meatless meals than usual. Keeping me company in what I am allowed to eat.

2.  Harvey cut up a pair of his pj pants that he ripped into rags to use downstairs in his work room.

3.  Another wine kit was started today. White since it seems like both of us like white much better than red. I do like a rose though.

4.  Decluttering was done, not much but every little bit helps in the long run.

5.  Baking bread (hopefully toast is in my near future).

6.  Made my shopping list using two sets of fliers. I think eventually I may add a third store to my rounds as it is quite close to Walmart.

The mashed potatoes and gravy went down very well. Tonight I am going to try pancakes as they are actually pretty smooth and soft. Well, that's my story and I am sticking to it.

Off to set the table, then visit as many of you as I can before I need to make supper.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Thrifty Thursday


I am really getting tired of "soft, smooth" food. I tried some oatmeal this morning and that was a disaster. So it was yogurt for lunch with a mug of Chicken Broth. Tonight I am hoping that I can make the mashed potatoes nice and smooth so I can have some gravy along with a glass of milk. So truth be told my meals have been very thrifty and using up what I have in my cupboards.

My mouth is so, so. There are hours of no pain at all and then I can feel it start. I am also very tired and can't seem to stay awake at times. Found myself falling asleep in my chair a couple of afternoons. Wonder if that is half the healing process.

Other thrifty happenings here have been the usual along with even more mending than usual. I enjoy sewing, but not so much mending.

On Tuesday I gathered a few of the items I need to do some of the goals and projects for this month. Still need to order the yarn and will probably do that tomorrow.

I put $65.00 in the savings envelope and $2.45 in the change jars this week. I only spent $35.00 of my biweekly allowance which was awesome.

I overbought the Halloween candy, but it wasn't a great cost and I am pretty sure I can use some of them in baking, and Harvey can have some for desserts. Pretty sure the Reese's Pieces will be lovely in cookies. Any ideas at how to use the Whoppers up in baking????

I haven't been out so no driving thus a thrifty start to the month as far as fuel costs. 

Tonight I get to start the shopping list for next week of course using the weekly fliers. I am hopeful of cutting the grocery spending a bit this next month, even if I need to purchase some baking supplies. Those should be on sale this month and next month as well. Christmas baking will be starting in earnest. 

Off to get supper started, the table set, and then a visit with all of you.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.