Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Tuesday Tidbits


It turned out to be an absolutely lovely day. We are well above freezing and things are melting nicely, what little snow we have will soon be gone.

Harvey and I went for haircuts today. I got mine cut a bit shorter this time around, hopefully I will not get as shaggy before the next appointment. 

I phoned the Provincial Breast Scan Office yesterday, left a message, and got a call back today. My appointment for my visit to the traveling mammogram bus is on January 9th at 2 pm. In one day a weeks worth of appointments was almost gone. The bus is here until mid February, but the slots fill up very quickly.

The runners are pieced and I hope to sandwich them and begin the quilting tomorrow, perhaps even get the bindings started. I can only hope as things seem to be taking very much longer than they used to. 

The grocery list will get started tomorrow once the sale fliers are out. I am refusing to go shopping until early next week though and there is hope Christmas shopping will be completed as well as the last of the baking supplies purchased. Though we may have to travel to the US in order to get icing sugar.....

Many of you have asked if there is any way I can miss the family reunion. Don't imagine I haven't thought about that exact thing. However that would just give the mean ones in the family another thing to complain about. I almost rather they complain to my face than to my back. To my face, I can combat their smugness, behind my back, the Lord only knows what nasty gossip they are spreading. I will do what I usually do, and that is stay as far away from the ignorant ones as is humanly possible. Take lots of walks and hikes, sit on the deck of the cabin and do needlework, or read. 

Off to get supper started and have another warm drink to sooth what seems to be the sore throat I am getting.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. What a bummer on the reunion. If they are saying bad things - they are just mean people. Ignore them. Not worth your time.

  2. The appointments here in the city are much the same - I can call as soon as I get my notification and it will be at least a month before my appointment. I do ask to be put on the cancellation list, and occasionally get called for an earlier appointment.
    My hair needs cutting too - I may stop at the salon tomorrow to see if they have any walk in appointments available.
    If you can't avoid the reunion, it sounds like you can avoid the catty ones at least part of the time. I'd be inclined to come down with a bad back/the plague in order to stay home. Life is too short to put up with crap like that.

  3. Some people never advance beyond the pettiness of the schoolyard. Chest out, shoulders back and if you are forced into social interaction with them make sure you look them in the eyes, even though it is hard. Sneaks and bullies hate that.

  4. Good luck getting all your Christmas shopping done. I look forward to seeing the runners when they are finished.

  5. I agree with Cheryl, the mean ones are not worth your time. I've started my grocery list too. I'll probably go this weekend or early next week.

  6. My mammogram is scheduled for March and I made the appointment at least four months ago. Good thing mine is just routine.
    Hope your sore throat doesn't develop any further. My RC is percolating 'something' too and I'm really hoping it's nothing beyond a slight cold.

  7. We're fortunate in that our family reunions (on my side, which are rare), my cousin--the retired Police Chief--is always there. Is there a cop in your family per chance? If so, stick close.
    ;-) --Elise