Friday, May 31, 2024

Garden Friday, The First Planting

 I promised you all pictures of my planting this year. Hopefully you all forgive the mess around the yard/garden as it has been raining so much that getting out to clean up is a bit of a problem. Hopefully it will be sunny all day tomorrow and clean up can commence. I should also take pictures in the evening when all the solar lighting comes on. We still have a few that are not lighting which I find strange as they lit up perfectly fine at the time I collected them to put away for the winter.

Here goes, this will be picture heavy.

So hopefully this is all Harvey and I will be planting this year. The lemon trees have not been put out on the deck as of yet as the evenings and overnight are still pretty cool. Hopefully those will be out next week. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Thrifty and Frugal Thursdays

Thrifty and Frugal 

I am still not feeling 100%. Headache, tired and still the stomach is roiling. Not quite as bad as yesterday, but enough that I was glad not to have too many tasks for today. I even went for a little walk thinking that might help. Nope.

We had quite the thunderstorm last night and got enough rain that I would not have to water today, and from the look of the sky right now we are in for some more.

So what thrifty and frugal things have I been up to this week. 

I watered my plants with water from the rain barrel. 

Took a couple of walks when the weather would allow.

Since they turned off our water we are not to use any for drinking for a bit. Quite alright as I filled lots of containers with water and if necessary can more than likely be good until late this weekend.

Baked a loaf of bread.

Used appliances for cooking on 4 days over the week.

Leftovers have been cleared out of the fridge regularly and I even managed to use a few meals from the fridge freezer.

Mended a reusable shopping bag. 

Fixed the hem on a t-shirt. 

Did some planning for next month. 

Turning off lights whenever I can. Usually after supper clean up.

Once again combined errands in order to save fuel and time.

Watched a few frugal living videos to see what I could glean from them to use.

So that's all for today. I will post pictures of the start of my garden and flowers tomorrow. Things are still needing to be cleaned up and moved on my deck so forgive the mess. I will also update all of you on how I did on my projects for the month.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Talk To You All Tomorrow


Not at all well. I have a headache, my stomach is kind of rolling and I am exhausted (didn't do much at all today either). I will get supper started for Hubby (warming up leftovers) and then I am hitting the tub and bed.

See you all tomorrow with pictures of the pots, baskets and planters.

God bless.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Tuesday Tidbits

 The yard work is finally done. Well as done as it can be right now. Still I keep thinking I am missing something, just can not for the life of me figure out what. 

I will have to add some soil to a few of the baskets, and pots as the soil seems to have settled, and not in a good way. That will be done tomorrow. Pics of what the deck and yard look like now so we can have a comparison with later in the summer tomorrow. The nights are still a bit too cool to put the lemon trees out, but things are looking up after tonight. Hopefully very soon those two will be out as well.

I am trying to think of a new frugal habit to try for next month. Foraging more is out until closer to the middle to end of the summer, I do have one idea but I need to pass it by Harvey first as it involves me using reusable cloths as paper towels. Not sure how he would feel about that and I do have some regular paper towels to get through first. Also, I will be learning how to weave, so I am not sure if I would have the time to make said reusable paper towels and would that in fact save us money or cost more with the water needed to wash them? I also have a package of paper napkins to use up (they last us a very long time) so not sure making reusable napkins would be the way to go right now. I will need to think on this a bit longer.

Our water was turned off this morning (was supposed to happen yesterday) and I managed to fill lots of containers. I will not empty them as we would have to boil our water before drinking or cooking with now. Also we paid for this water so we will use up all that we can.  

I will probably finish the knitted tank by the end of the week. I am really working on getting my various stashes down to manageable levels. Or at least where I will not feel guilty purchasing something to add to them. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Monday, May 27, 2024

Menu Monday



Chicken Tetrazzini that was leftover from another meal and frozen. I will be serving this with a salad.


Round Steak Casserole served with mashed potatoes, mixed veggies and a salad.


The frozen meatballs from the fridge freezer, served over pasta, with a salad and corn.


Soup and sandwiches.


Breakfast for supper. Tonight will be pancakes.


Leftovers from Wednesday.


A package of frozen roasted ham made into a casserole, served with a veggie and a salad.

This will help clear out the fridge freezer a bit as well as the crisper. Casseroles take way less meat so I am stretching that out and saving money while doing so. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


Sunday, May 26, 2024

Sunday Ramblings


We have been busy in the yard for most of the day. We wanted to get the project Harvey is working on finished so I helped, and I pulled some of the things that needed to be put into the garbage bin off the deck. Next (after the rain finishes) I will remove the containers I kept plants in back into the shed. 

Still no forward movement on the loom assembly. I think that will probably take place at some point next week, after Harvey has a little break from projects and gets some fishing time in. I also need a bit more time on working on the set up in my sewing/craft room. I really could use a larger room, or perhaps less in the way of supplies (that second one will probably never happen). It also gives me a bit more time watching videos and learning how to warp and weave. I do still have a few projects to complete, so the bit of extra time will really help in that area as well.

Our water is being turned off tomorrow for awhile (no knowing for how long) so today I did my laundry, and will do a bit of cleaning (like the sink and bathroom) tonight. The containers are ready to be filled. Bath time tonight and after that the tub will be wiped out and ready for filling first thing in the morning. That is used to fill the toilet during water shut offs.

Tonight I will be using appliances to cook, so I can mark off another day of no oven usage. Also this has been another day of no spending got to love frugal days like this. Now that all the yard projects for this year have been completed, we should be spending much less on yard stuff. We might have to get a few more solar lighting items, but those can be picked up fairly inexpensively at one of our two dollar stores. Mind you those seem to be increasing their prices at the same rate as those more mainstream shops. 

Trying to save money on yard items, household goods, and groceries is getting tough. Money just does not seem to stretch quite as far and looking for sales in a small city in Saskatchewan is getting tougher and tougher. However, this means you have to get very creative and you don't want to toss anything that can be used to make a meal, or to make something for the house or clothing for me. 

Don't get me wrong, we have a very good life and more than enough to travel or buy what we really need. I am on Twitter (or should I say X, just too old to really understand why the name was changed) and there are so many people that do not have enough here in Canada to live on. Disability just does not stretch and in many cases these folks can only access a Food Bank once a month. My heart breaks when I read that they can not afford their medications (which in almost all cases is necessary to live) or that their heat has been cut off. In a country as rich as we are there is no reason for this to be happening. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Saturday Roundup


As I have said before, this has been a relatively quiet week, so before I do a roundup of what has been accomplished, I will answer some questions.

HomeScan is a survey site and a site that you enter your shopping. I have a hand held device and with that I scan the barcodes on my shopping. The company also gives you a book with a barcode for each item you might purchase for fruits, veggies, prescriptions, eating out, fast food, or ordering to be delivered to name a few.

Points are added to your account and then before they changed the catalogue a number of items could be purchased for the points. Now you can only purchase egift cards. Some of those are Visa, Google, Apple, Indigo, UberEats, and each time I check there seems to be a few more added. The number of points you are willing to spend determines the amount on the gift card. 

To gain extra points every so often they have surveys which range in time from 10 to 25 minutes. 

I was also asked by Maebeme, how many pots and such I fill. This year I only did 29 various sized pots, baskets and planters. I finished those up today and I hopefully won't feel sorry for any leftover plants in the store and purchase more (I do have pots that I could use if that happens). These are scattered between my front, side, firepit area, and deck. Harvey figures I should cut down and was quite surprised when I told him I had. LOL. Our spring/summer and fall are so short, I love being surrounded by colour. I promise to post pictures of everything one things are cleaned up and the furniture put back in place. That is the task for tomorrow afternoon.

Harvey has gotten the trellis up and bought the paint, so starting next week I have the task of painting it and then hopefully the kiwi vine will be planted. That will be the last yard/garden beautification project for this year other than getting the solar lighting out once again.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless

Friday, May 24, 2024

Slowly But Surel


Today I started my planting. I managed to actually get quite a few of my pots planted and watered those I had planted earlier. Still lots to do and I hope to get even more done tomorrow and Sunday afternoon. I have found that I can only plant a certain number and then need to rest. Still things are finally going in the ground.

I also have an area cleared in my sewing/craft room for my loom to be set up. Harvey and I will put it together probably the first week of June and then the weaving begins!!!! So very exciting. Still lots to clean up and put away in that part of the house, but things are once again slowly but surely moving forward. As I use things up storage is cleared and much of what is on the floor in boxes and totes is being put where it belongs. 

Tomorrow I will be making up my new project list, the extra cleaning list and working on my monthly menu plan. I have to thank a reader (you know who you are) for all the lovely ideas to use up the glut of oranges. Those muffins sound amazing. Thank you so much. These will definitely be made once we eat the blueberry and applesauce muffins. 

I got an email from HomeScan with a number of reasons why they were contacting me. For some reason they don't give you a reason why they are warning you, but I giggled at one of the reasons.... Many families the size of yours spend more money. Hmmm, this is a frugal household and only two people live here. I wonder how much other families spend as I sometimes think I am spending too much. The other reason was that I was having lots of scanning without codes. Well fruit, produce and some such items do not have codes other than the ones they give me in their books. I really like this point giving site as the points do really add up quickly. Hopefully they keep me on. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Thrifty And Frugal Thursdays

 Thrifty and Frugal   

 While the week hasn't been the thriftiest, it has been relatively frugal.

Harvey now has a pair of work jeans. He managed to split the front of his fairly new jeans, and if I patch them they will only be used to work in.

Harvey finished my trellis, and now I get to paint it, hopefully after I get a few of my flowers in. That isn't going to happen till next week as it is going to be cool and rainy until at least Tuesday. I think I could be pretty darn busy that week.

Stuck pretty much to my grocery list this week. Lots of oranges bought and now the orioles seem to have disappeared. Must think of ways to use them up other than eating as is.

Making good work at clearing things out in the fridge, fridge freezer, pantry and chest freezer. 

Baked a loaf of bread twice this week.

Found a pair of curtains I had put away that will do for the hall window for awhile.

Went for a walks every day and even found some change while doing so.

Used fabric from other projects to make my purses/bags. So that made a bit of space in my fabric storage.

Downloaded some free reading material to the ereader.

Stretched a couple of meals into meals for two nights.

Used appliances to cook a bit more often this week, or stuck to the stove top. 

Saved elastics from a few items, as well as the twist ties and plastic bags the produce came in.

Totally finished spring cleaning using cleaners I either made or using up some of the ones I had purchased. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Towards A Simpler Life


It has been awhile since I posted anything I have learned from my Simpler Living book. 

Today I read about "Washroom Wizardry", since I actually had a bit of time this afternoon once all the household tasks and outdoor tasks for the day were completed. The back was beginning to bother me and so reading this chapter just seemed ideal.

I was surprised when reading that I already follow most of the storage ideas. Now, the book says not to store your cleaning supplies under your sink, but I always have. While the boys were toddlers we had a lock on that cabinet (heck we had locks on most of our cabinets during that phase), and to use baskets in the drawers to store like items together (must look into that). Our counter top is fairly clean as all that we have on there is soft soap, my hand soap, electric toothbrush, lens cleaner packages in a nice bowl and some Q-tips. 

My large stand alone cupboard hides our toilet paper, towels, facecloths, hand towels (the extras) as well as any extra shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, bath bombs, lotions and potions. I put small stand alone shelves in there years ago to take advantage of the upwards space. These were also ideas mentioned in the chapter to make it easier to find things. 

It was also stated that as we age grab bars should be added to the decor. This is something Harvey and I have been speaking about lately. I would also like a bath chair so as to make it easier for me to use granular rubs on my feet, something I do to remove the dead skin. 

The chapter recommends having a hook for your robe as well. Also something we have as our bathroom is a distance to the bedroom, and the vision of either of us scrambling naked to get ready for the day or ready for bed isn't something I would wish on anyone. 

Part of the chapter talks about where to store medicines (we never put ours in the medicine cabinet) and what should be in the first aid kit. 

The last part of the chapter talks about cleaning (have I ever mentioned that I really hate cleaning the bathroom?) and how many items from vinegar, lemon juice, nonchlorine bleach, rubbing alcohol, and baking soda are very good cleaners. They also talk about using a mop to clean your tub (now that is something that I could get into) so as not to hurt your back. 

So here is a list of the chapter's simple ideas to save money, time and energy while simplifying your life.

1. Use drawer dividers to organize your bits and bobs.

2.  Mount a hook on the back of the bathroom door (ours is actually in the wall behind the door).

3.  Treat old medicine like toxic waste and dispose of responsibly.

4.  Hang a shower caddie (they mention one for each person but that could be a bit overboard).

5.  Install nonslip flooring in your tub and shower.

6.  Keep bleach and vinegar on hand for inexpensive cleaning.

7.  Use inexpensive children's shampoo instead of expensive bubble bath. 

Just a few ideas to move towards a simpler life.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Tuesday Tidbits and Stuff


It is a busy time of the year here on the old homestead. Problem is that the weather has not been very nice, and it does not seem to be getting much better. This week is going to be very cool and next week is supposed to be very rainy. Not at all the type of weather for planting gardens or flowers.

Since I probably will not be planting much the next little while, I am working on getting the pots and such filled and ready for planting. Today I managed to fill another large pot, fill a second one half way, and get my perennial garden pretty much weeded. There is a bit more I need to do in that one area.

Harvey has pretty much gotten my trellis ready for the kiwi vine. He says he will mix my soil early tomorrow so I can continue with the filling process. He really needs the wheel barrow to mix his cement for the posts for the trellis area. 

My tasks for tomorrow will be finish off those pots, make bread crumbs, finish cleaning up the projects from this month and clear out the living room. We will probably be putting together the loom very soon (well at least I hope so). I will also clean out the area near the walk way beside the house. Those tasks as well as the household ones should manage to keep me busy for most of the day. 

We are really looking forward to enjoying our backyard this summer (UK residents would call it our garden), and I will be making plans for another project for next summer.... Harvey may not agree, but I usually get my way. Call me slightly spoiled I suppose. Harvey does enjoy working outside, even if it takes him a bit longer now than when he was younger.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Menu Monday


So here are the menus for this week. Some could be switched around depending on how busy things get this week.


BBQ chicken breasts, potato salad and mixed veggies. Got to finish off the potato salad today.


Leftover roast beef from Sunday made into a casserole (supposed to be quite chilly). Probably served with corn.


Soup and sandwiches. I think I will pull the Cream of Asparagus soup out and serve it with grilled cheese sandwiches.


Leftovers from Tuesday. I will more than likely have mixed veggies again today.


Eggplant Parma from the freezer. Served with crusty French bread.


Pork chops, hopefully on the BBQ along with a salad, mashed potatoes, and green beans.



Chicken Cordon Swiss (pre made), mashed potatoes (perhaps leftovers that are warmed up by frying), salad, and peas.

So there it is for this week. Next month I hope to be introducing more meatless meals.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Sunday Ramblings


Well today I kept my mind on getting the quilt project as far along as I possibly could. Almost done the flimsy, with only a few glances at the box that contains the loom. Tomorrow I will sew on the edgings and it will be ironed on Tuesday. Then I can dust my hands of it for a little while.

What distracted me today was one of the bird feeders. I had to keep going back and checking on things.

The orioles are back again and I am running out of oranges to slice. Guess I will be shopping very much earlier than planned.

I kept sneaking to the backdoor, camera in hand hoping to get a photo or two. It always seemed like I would spook them and off they would fly. Harvey set his trail camera up and managed to get lots of shots of them. Nothing like the one he managed to get last year of a male in flight. Still they will be around for a bit longer so perhaps we shall get one yet. 

Unable to do any planting or filling of baskets or boxes today as it has been raining off and on for much of the afternoon. Oh well that kept me inside and concentrating on the flimsy. I did go for a short walk between showers though.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Saturday Roundup


Not much of a roundup for this week. I am still working on getting projects completed so I can put together the loom. Too many projects on the go makes Jackie go a bit crazy. I am however being distracted by a rather large box. My hands are itching to learn how to weave.... Must get other things done first, as I keep reminding myself. So many projects and so little time. So many new things to learn. Bad Jackie better concentrate on getting those projects done for this month before starting something new. Ladies, my first weaving project will more than likely be either a scarf or a tea towel. Something small before I work on rugs and woven fabrics. Something probable very plain as well, one or two colours in stripes probably. Hmm, I could do a shawl as well as that should be very simple.

Not much happening in the garden either. It has been rainy the last two days, and rather cool. That is not conducive to planting anything. I am hoping that towards the end of the upcoming week things will be moving along outdoors. 

I am managing to clear things out of the fridge and freezers though as well as cook with my appliances even more. Harvey is even talking about having more meatless meals and I believe that we will do that more this summer. If not completely meatless at least meals that use less meat, and more main dish salads will be served as well. I am making even more of our treats, which in the long run will be a big savings. Muffins make a lovely breakfast or a snack, and in clearing out the chest freezer I found lots of shredded zucchini, blue berries, rhubarb and apple sauce which definitely need using up. I see lots of loaves, muffins and berry coffee cakes in our future.

Off to get supper on the table and visit as many of you as I can before supper is ready to be served.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Friday, May 17, 2024

Missing In Action


Sorry for not posting or visiting the last couple of days. I became very surprised that my loom was traveling as quickly as it was from British Columbia and so I decided I needed to get some extra tasks done.

I have been working on filling baskets, and pots out side, and still have more to do. I am getting there though. There was some mending that my friend asked me to do, so that was accomplished as well. 

Messages needed to be sent to both our sons about the football game Harvey wanted Kris to pick up tickets for, and then I had to let Kurt know we had both given him the wrong date for said game.

I finished one purse, cut out the second (madly sewed that today and now it just the lining sewn in), and ironed all the quilt blocks. Sewing all the quilt blocks together is my next task, which will hopefully be done by Sunday.

I have cleaned an area of the sewing/craft room and will be working on that again tomorrow. 

Still have to find a box to put the clothes in for my brother and do some cleaning out of the chest freezer. Harvey has finally realized that the beans we planted last year should have been stringed before I cut and froze them. I also need to find the brisket that is in there somewhere. Kind of like to make that one of these upcoming weekends.

Add in cooking and the regular household tasks and time just slipped away. By the time I sat down to rest it was pretty darn late in the day. 

It was a good thing I did most of those chores quickly as guess what arrived today? Actually on the day the company said it would be delivered.

It arrived at about 10:30 this morning while I was out for a bit of a walk. Harvey was home and signed for it.

Of course I had to unpack (well open it) to check that everything arrived undamaged.

It was well packaged for shipment and all looks well. In glancing at the assembly book, I realized that I was definitely going to need Harvey's help in putting this project together. 

Think we will be working on getting that done early next week.

Off to get more of my projects done before this one takes up most of my time. And of course to visit all of you.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


This Canadian company also sells spinning wheels.... Perhaps my next skill somewhere down the line. LOL

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Tuesday Tidbits and Stuff


It was very warm here for a couple of days, but the sky was hazy due to smoke from the fires in Northern Saskatchewan and Northern Alberta. 

I opened the windows a bit in the evenings when the smoke seemed to have dissipated a little bit just to cool things down. It also allowed me to do some baking. The sausage rolls were made as well as blueberry muffins. Tomorrow I will make some applesauce muffins and add them to our collection of treats for snacks and for breakfasts.

I also started planting yesterday. Just the hardier plants as the weather has cooled down again considerably. This is probably a very good thing as I could easily be tempted into overdoing it and causing my back to go into a great deal of pain. Tomorrow a few more will be planted, and I will be getting that much closer to seeing how many more plants I will need to purchase to make our backyard/deck/garden into a summer oasis. Considering how expensive plants are now, I may just be trying to overwinter a couple more this year, not just the lemon trees.

In between baking, cleaning, and planting I have been slowly working on my various projects. Started the purse/bag and am finding that slow going. The explanation of how to sew it is not all that clear, so I am definitely taking my time. 

I ordered my loom. This is similar to the one I ordered but a tad (6") less in width. Mine will be 48" wide. I wanted it that wide to be able to weave some rugs. Spent a bit of time watching videos on how to warp it and how to weave with it.

Surprisingly it could arrive as early as Friday. Knowing Canada Post though it could be a bit longer. Still much quicker than I ever thought and about $100.00 less than on Amazon as I bought it directly from Ashford Canada. Hmm, perhaps my next hobby will be spinning. I teased Harvey yesterday and said I was going to make my living room my sewing/craft room.

Off to get reading your blogs and catch up with all of you. Then it will be time to make supper. Tonight supper is leftover roast pork made into pulled pork and potato salad.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Sunday Ramblings


Another warm day, and I am loving it. Hopefully I get to start planting next week. Harvey has said he will go and get my soil on Monday, and I hope to get a few things planted on that day. It will take awhile as I can't work for extended periods of time like I used to filling pots, planting them and getting them into position. So I have decided to work in sections and go from one section to another. 

I hope all of you have had a wonderful day. I have had phone calls from my boys, and even a surprise gift from Kris delivered to my door.

Now that came as a complete surprise.

We don't go out for a meal on Mother's Day or Father's Day as there are just too many people out and that makes it hard to be seated. So I cooked a meal here at home and we will be happy, full and contented.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Saturday Roundup


I haven't really gotten much more done this week. I have however prepared a great many projects that should be completed over the next week. A very good thing. Preparation means things will be completed a bit faster.

One of the things I have been busy with over this past week is shopping for plants. I am still not finished, and I am afraid I may have (or will) go a bit overboard. It is a very good thing that Harvey indulges my addiction to plants. 

I also should have been out picking dandelions. This year I wanted to make jelly, but Harvey treated those in our yard and I haven't seen a good crop on the verges as of yet. I also need to make more salve.

I met one of my sister-in-laws while shopping for plants and we probably talked for about 30 minutes. This one is a bit annoying, but at least she still talks to me, might not visit, but at least talks. I actually got caught up on some of the news in the family which being the outcasts we needed to know before the reunion. Still being the last to find out things hurts at times. Mind you I am getting a bit more used to that fact. 

So it has been pretty quiet this past week really, and that is a wonderful thing. The quiet times seem to be farther apart lately.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Friday, May 10, 2024

Frugal Tips for Friday


I am always amazed at how quickly a week passes by, and have come to the conclusion (as most of my readers have) that as we age time seems to condense.

So what tips do I have for you this week. No recipes this week once again, hopefully something new and tasty nest week.

1.  Use appliances to save energy. Also make sure to turn off lights in rooms not in use.

2.  Grow your own herbs. This will actually save you mega change as most home grown herbs can be dried and used in many mixes.

3.  Do all your errands on one day a week, if at all possible.

4.  Keep up with vehicle maintenance and oil changes.

5.  Always be decluttering. Some can be sold, some can be donated and the rest recycled or disposed of.

6.  Get reusables where ever possible.

7.  Use a clothesline or drying rack. I am lucky enough to have lines set up downstairs.

8.  Wash and rinse your clothes in cold water whenever possible. If you can't use cold to wash, rinsing is always done in this house with cold water.

9.  Invest in good curtains to keep your windows insulated against the cold and heat.

10.  Use draft blockers by doors in the winter, even after replacing the weather stripping around them.

11.  Caulk around the windows to cut down on drafts. Replace when you can afford to.

12.  Have a no spend month. I have trouble with this one, mainly because I think anything that comes out of a bank account is spending. This includes monthly bills.... If you feel the same as me try for no spend days instead.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.
God bless.

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Thrifty and Frugal Thursdays

 Thrifty and Frugal   

This past week has been more one of using items up and going through stashes to see what can be used in crafting. So far there have been a few good craft stash uses. 

All of my quilt blocks were cut from 4" squares I had made from scrap fabric. Still have lots of those to use up and the next quilt I make will be with some of the lighter weight squares. My hour glass blocks are not all perfect and I have a feeling part of the reason is the weight of the fabric used.

I pulled some fancy light knit from my stash and managed to cut out the makings of 3 infinity scarves. I need to work on those tomorrow. 

I have cooked twice this week using appliances (will be doing so again today). Tomorrow I will need to use the oven, but I am going to make sure I fill it well. Plan on making some sausage rolls, muffins (need to use up some applesauce) and then making the fish for supper. 

I did go a bit overboard on plant shopping, but spring, summer and fall is to be enjoyed and getting some colour in the yard is definitely a morale booster. 

Harvey bottled another 28 bottles of a red wine yesterday. He bottled a light raspberry wine (about the same number of bottles) a couple of days before that. While the initial costs for the kits is high, the number of bottles we get and the cost to purchase those same bottles is very a big savings. 

Meals have been made with what is on hand, many using leftovers from other meals. Considering the cost of food now, I am making sure that nothing goes to waste. It is either frozen for use later, or we eat it a couple of days after our first meal. Anything leftover after that is used for lunches. Heck one day this week I had a piece of pie for my breakfast as it needed eating.

My errands were grouped together and all done on one day. Thus saving fuel and wear/tear on the vehicle and myself.

Frugal exercise once again. Yoga stretches here at home using YouTube, and going for walks. 

The water barrel (butt) is full now so watering the plants will be mostly free for awhile. 

Clothes were hung on the lines downstairs as it was raining here on wash day. Hopefully I get to use the lines outside next week.

Windows are open today to air out the house and keep things a bit cooler inside.

So that is pretty much all I can remember. I am really working on the water saving and using appliances to cook more.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.
God bless.