Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween

 Hope you all have had a spooktacular time.

God bless.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Frugal Friday

I was asked how I was drawing my numbers for working on my various projects for the month. I wrote the numbers 1 to 6 on small pieces of paper (I didn't have a single dice in the house which is how Romany Quilting choses her projects for the week) and every Sunday I shake them up and draw a number. That number is the project I work on for a week. 

I have been lucky enough to have quick and easy projects to complete. My knitting and cross stitch are not included as a number. If the weather is sunny in the afternoon I work on my cross stitch and I always knit at night.

 While the temperature has risen, the wind has come up. Right now we are under a wind advisory.

What frugal things are happening here on the old homestead.

1.  I saved $48.44 just buying sale items and even managed a few things for the pantry at the same time.

2.  I did all my driving, errands and spending on one day this week.

3.  We have used up most (still have a bit of soup left) leftovers in the fridge.

4.  Got free water and a couple of small chocolate bars this week.

5.  Staying safe and covid free by wearing my mask, following arrows on the aisles, washing my hands, and following the social distancing rules. Hubby is having a bit of a problem with the social distancing, he is beginning to feel a bit down.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Thursday Tidbits


It has been a dark and dismal day here at the old homestead. It actually rained a bit after lunch. If anyone knows Saskatchewan weather this time of year this usually means a lovely (NOT) coating of ice on our roads and sidewalks. This coating seems to stay for the entire winter. We could be lucky this year as the next two or so days are supposed to be sunny and warmish, or at least above freezing. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is so.

Thought I would share a few pictures of what I have been up to this week.

Another quilt top. It is slightly strange as I ran out of one colour of flannelette squares and is an odd shape. More rectangular than square. As I plan on using it as a lap quilt it should work quite well.

The beginnings of the Christmas ornaments that were the project for this week. I got this far and then realized I did not have everything needed to finish the project. Things have been ordered and will hopefully arrive very soon.

It has been cloudy so not much work done on the cross stitch project. I am hoping for a bit more sun so I can move things along.

Since I am unable to finish the Christmas ornaments right now I thought I would draw another number and get started at least on another project for the month. I managed to draw the number that corresponded to making some Christmas cards and note cards. I hope that I can manage to finish this project over the next few days. Pictures to follow sometime soon. I must remember I have to make envelopes for them as well.

What have you been up to this week?

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Thrifty Tuesday

 Days seem to slip right on by, especially when the weather is cold and dreary. One stays in and tries to keep busy.

I washed some masks today, and ironed them. Harvey much prefers the ones I made over the disposable ones. Not complaining as a box of 100 masks costs $25.00 and can only be worn for one day and then need to be disposed of. While the ones I make might cost a bit more, and also can only be worn one day, you don't dispose of them. Rather you wash and iron them and use them yet again. Saves money in the long run and is a thrifty way to fight this pandemic.

I fixed a seam on a pair of pants and sewed on a button that came off in the wash.

Harvey was a bit bored so he fixed all my broken (or at least most) of my wooden clothes pins that littered the basement floor. Now I don't have to buy new ones for awhile. It just seems as if they don't make wooden clothes pins as good as they used to. I remember having the same clothes pins for many years.

I am trying to cut back on the amount of coffee I use. So far it seems to be working. At least there are no complaints from Harvey that the coffee is weak.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. Be visiting you all after supper.

God bless.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Menu Monday


Time for a new weekly menu once again.


A bag of leftover ham from the fridge freezer to be made into a casserole (still plenty cold here with the wind chill factored in). Served with leftover salad.


Leftover chicken from Sundays roast meal made into another casserole. Salad served as a side.


The container of Hamburger Soup from the fridge.


Clean out the fridge in order to get control of all the leftovers.


Breakfast for supper. This time French Toast.


Chili and toast. 

Sunday (the start of a new month)

Roast Beef, roasted potatoes, roasted carrots (or perhaps some roasted butternut squash.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

Sunday, October 25, 2020


 I was asked if I could share my recipe for Hamburger Soup and so that is what my post will be today. I doubled the recipe and changed a few things which I will put in brackets.

Hamburger Soup

1 tbsp olive oil (since I doubled it I used 2)

1 diced onion (used 2 and could actually have used a third as my onions were fairly small)

6 cloves garlic minced (I used preminced and used about a tsp)

1 lb beef (I used 2 lbs)

1 tsp oregano (I used 2 tsp)

5 stalks celery (used this amount)

4 diced carrots (I used large ones and added another 2)

salt, pepper, garlic powder (used to taste)

4 diced potatoes (used this amount)

1 28 oz can of diced tomatoes (I used 2 cans)

10 cups of beef broth (I used 3 cups of beef stock mixed with the same amount of water and 8 cups of the beef broth...I did add about 2 cups of water nearer the end)

4 cups shredded cabbage (I used 8 cups shredded cabbage, cause we like cabbage, you could use a bit more or a bit less)

In a soup pot heat the oil over medium and once hot add the onion and minced garlic. Sauté until the onion is soft and the garlic is fragrant. Add the ground beef and breaking it up with a spoon allow the beef to brown. Season with the oregano, salt, pepper and granulated garlic to your taste. 

Once the beef is browned add in the celery, carrots, and potatoes, stir. Add the diced tomatoes with their juice and stir again. Cook for a few minutes.

Add the beef broth and the shredded cabbage, stir. Allow to simmer for at least 30 minutes or until the carrots and potatoes are cooked. This is where I added some more water.

Taste and add more herbs and spices if desired. I also added some frozen green beans and peas about 1 cup of each. I like a soup that is full of veggies. 


By doubling the recipe I got lots to freeze to pull out on those days I just don't feel like cooking.

Hope you all like it.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Saturday Roundup


It has actually been a very productive week on the old homestead. I am slightly surprised at how much I am managing to accomplish. Still behind in a few things, but I have faith that I will be able to get things done tomorrow (one letter still needs to be written).

So what did I actually accomplish this week?

The lotion bars have been made. I was asked if they were going to be gifts and the answer is yes. Some of course will be kept by me. I have a few more DIY bath and body products to try and make before Christmas (sugar rub, and some bath bombs). I am hoping they move along as smoothly as the lotion bars did.

I finished the quilt top due to finishing those lotion bars so quickly.

There are errors, but I have learned from the construction and will not be making those same errors again. 

Worked on the temperature blanket, a row of knitting every day has been done this month.

My sweater is moving right along. I should manage to finish it during the second week of next month.

The cross stitch is slowly coming along. I like to do my stitching in the bright sunlight and the last couple of days have been cloudy. No stitching has been completed.

I managed lots of extra cleaning and big batch cooking. Today for example, four containers of hamburger soup are residing in the large chest freezer and one in the fridge.

It has been a good week.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Frugal Friday


Another Friday is upon us bringing another weekend, mind you when you are retired pretty much every day is the weekend. I almost (but not quite) wish I had a job....

Frugal happenings here are pretty much the usual.

1.  Using up all leftovers. Which did cause a bit of havoc with my menu plans, but good havoc.

2.  Saved $26. 76 on my groceries.

3.  Usage of natural gas and electricity is down this month. I think adding drapery that is insulated is really helping. Still have one set of drapery to purchase.

4.  We have set our furnace (since it is now repaired, turned out to be the thermostat acting up) at 70 F which is just about perfect. I refuse to freeze and with those big south facing windows, our furnace does not run much at all during the day.

5.  Still walking, though now my walking is on the treadmill rather than outside. Great frugal exercise, and since the doctor told me I have to walk at least 25 mins a day to build bone that is what I strive for.

6.  I combine errands in order to save on gas, and wear/tear on my vehicle. This week I filled my vehicle and this is the first time I have done so in a month and a half.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Another One Bites The Dust

 I drew a new project number on Sunday. I got #2 which was to make lotion bars.

So yesterday I pulled out all the ingredients and got started. 

First I added the beeswax (finally got enough grated), the shea butter and coconut oil to the mason jar and put it in some boiling water.

Stirring with a trusty wooden spoon as it melted. It took awhile, but finally was ready to add the remaining ingredients. I added a teaspoon of vitamin E oil, and some drops of lemon essential oil.

Then I got to pour it into the mold.

There was too much for the heart shaped mold so I lined a muffin tin with papers and keeping my fingers crossed poured the remainder of the liquid into the paper cups.

After putting the semi solid molded mixture into the fridge to hurry the hardening process, this is what I ended up with.

Heart shaped lotion bars and three larger crinkled edged bars. I am really happy with how these turned out and will definitely make them again.

The recipe I used was 

1 cup beeswax (might use a tiny bit more next time)

1 cup shea butter

1 cup coconut oil

1 tsp vitamin E oil

25 drops of essential oil of your choice (I used lemon)

Melt over boiling water the first three ingredient and stir as it melts. 

Remove from heat and add the vitamin E oil and essential oil. 

Stir well. 

Pour in molds and let harden.

Remove from molds. 

I then looked at doing some more work on my quilt top, but decided instead that since yesterday and today were sunny, to work on my cross stitch instead. I managed to get a bit more done on my Japanese woman, and since tomorrow and Friday are supposed to be cloudy I will work on the quilt top once again. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Thrifty Tuesday


This week has been cold and today brought lots of snow. According to the weather on Regina, this is not an early snowfall. That on average the first snowfall of the season falls anywhere between the 16th of this month and the 31st. Sure seems early to me.

What thrifty past times have been happening on the old homestead.

Took advantage of the free weekend at the city dump to remove the last of the garden refuse and a few larger items from the house.

Got the furnace fixed (now we don't have to use the inefficient space heaters to keep warm).

Sewed the remaining blocks together for my quilt top from the scrap material and realized that I have enough scraps of heavier fabrics to make yet another small quilt. I almost think scraps have taken over my sewing/craft room.

Drew another number for a project... Which I have actually completed (pictures tomorrow or the next day).

Put the flannel sheets on the bed for extra warmth.

Saved the twist ties and elastics from various items that were bought over the last week.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Menu Monday


Brrr, we are in for a cold and perhaps snowy week. I didn't even go out for my walk until later this afternoon, I used the treadmill this morning. I think that is going to be my go to from now on in the morning.


Buffalo wings, rice and sliced cukes.


Leftover pork roast. I think I just might make Pork Supreme as it is quick and filling. I have a meeting tonight so I need something that is easy to prepare.


Hamburger soup and sandwiches.


Leftover turkey (the last bag in the fridge freezer) made into tetrazzini. Served with salad.


Tuna Casserole and garlic biscuits. I will probably use up the salad as well.


Clean out the fridge night.


Roast chicken, peas and carrots, mashed potatoes, gravy.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Saturday Roundup


It has been a week of ups and downs, but still I managed to work through my worries about what the world is becoming.

I did lots of extra cleaning, getting things in tip top shape and hopefully tidy enough that things will stay that way if and when I go in for my surgery. However that seems farther away as the province is having an uptick in Covid-19 cases that just might stop the surgeries once again. Still I am carrying on under the optimistic theory that soon I will be in and out of surgery well on the road to recovery.

I finished Harvey's Christmas gift at the beginning of the month. Using yarn from my stash (still have most of one ball left so I foresee some more mitts being fashioned this winter).

Ignore the mess of yarn on the floor, I need to tidy once again. The sweater is actually not this shade of blue. It is more of a dark royal blue.

Then I started work on the cozy for Harvey's carboy. No picture of the item. I made it out of an old towel so it really isn't that pretty to look at.

I worked on the cross stitch that I put aside and managed some stitching in the early afternoons.

I don't know how much I will get completed this month as things have gotten dark and dreary. I will keep you all updated on it's progress.

I also moved on to making a quilt top. Not that it will be completed this month (unless I draw the number once again) but I have managed a bit of work on it.

This is going to be the center portion of the quilt. Nothing quite matches correctly and it needs pressing. I now know why the triangles are cut before sewing. I will do better next time.

These are the blocks which will surround the center.

I still have some to sew together and then I will need to press them. I will finish the blocks off tomorrow and Tuesday is ironing day so I will add these to the pile.

On Monday I chose another number to work on. Hopefully I might even pick the quilt number once again.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Frugal Friday


I woke up to our coldest day so far. Winter coat on, headband covering ears and I was out for my daily walk. I had a nice warm bowl of oatmeal when I got home.

Our furnace is acting strangely so Harvey has a call into the HVAC people. Hopefully they come and check it out very soon, I would hate it to get so cold that we need to bury ourselves under mounds of blankets, quilts, and knitted blankets in order to stay warm. A bit hard to work with all that on top of one.

Now what frugal things did I do this week.

1.  Laundry hung on lines downstairs to dry.

2.  All leftovers have been used in new meals or eaten for our lunches.

3.  Kept grocery bill low this week and managed to save $28.00 buying on sale items. I even managed a few items for the pantry. I also found shelf stable milk so a few boxes of that will be making its way onto next weeks shopping list. Even if I only use it for baking or cooking it will make the other milk last longer.

4.  Keeping busy so I don't overthink things. I have realized paranoia sets in when I have lots of spare time. Working on quilt blocks, my sweater, some cross stitching, and crosswords is helping keep me sane.

5.  Phoning and texting the boys for their birthdays. Kris today and Kurt tomorrow. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Paranoia Attacks

 I think that the constant bombardment of updates on Covid-19 have finally driven me around the bend. 

I know that none of us have the virus (or at least intellectually I know this) but when our priest sent out a letter asking those who had company visiting from out of province to stay home from the class, my mind started whirling. I of course sent back an email stating I would not be attending. Now all I can think about is what if Kurt was asymptomatic. 

Not so worried about Kris as he downloaded the app that lets him know if he has been exposed to someone who has the virus. Then I started to think that app only works if the person he is exposed to turned on their app. Arrgh, my head is whirling.

The other thing driving me crazy is are we going to go into lockdown again, or at least a version of it? Do I need to stock up even more, where can I find shelf stable milk, or should I buy some nondairy almond milk? Will I actually be able to have my surgery, or will they lockdown the hospitals once again?

I know that these are all things that I, myself, have no control over. Yet if we all work together, we could have some control of this crazy situation. 

I think I am driving myself mad. It does not help that the weather is getting colder and I won't be able to get out as much. Especially when the snow falls and it gets icy out. Harvey will not let me out, just in case I slip and fall. He wants no more broken bones and with my osteoporosis there could be a good chance of that happening. I may just be walking around the house a few hundred times every day and of course there is always the treadmill.

Two great things this week are, that my friend and her husband tested negative for the virus, and we now have a testing facility right in our city. No more having to drive to the next city or Regina for testing. However the scary thing this means is that more people are coming down with Covid-19 in our area (just another thing to drive me slightly crazy).

I will post some pictures of what I have been up to this week tomorrow. Including some of the quilt, which isn't quite doing what I had thought it would.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Thrifty Tuesday


Good evening, it has been cold here and there is a prediction of snow to arrive tomorrow. Not looking forward to that at all.

So today we spent cleaning up leaves (which went into the garden as free mulch), cutting down perennials, pulling bulbs to be used next year (hopefully saving on planting costs), putting the deck furniture away, and putting the solar lights away to extend their lives.

Other thrifty happenings around the old homestead were making a cover for Harvey's wine carboy out of an old towel.

Using up scrap fabric to make a quilt top (working on that now, lots of scrap fabric in the sewing room). 

Having Kris put on his IT hat so we did not have to get someone in to fix all the techie things.

I even managed to hem those drapes we hung in the dining room today.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Menu Monday


My house is emptied. No we did not pack up and move, I meant that Kurt and Kris would be leaving today and life would get back to mostly normal..... Well as normal as things can be in the year 2020 and the time of Covid-19.

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. Kris got our WIFI extender up and running, helped hang the new curtains in the dining room, got Harvey's watch working with his phone, and even got my old desktop computer running a bit faster. 

We put AcornTV on my television, and when I am not watching I will share my subscription with Kris. He even got his Disney+ subscription put onto my television as well. I may just decide not to get anything more than basic on our MaxTV subscription. Mind you Harvey may want a bit more.

It is very quiet here now, and that will take a bit of getting used to once again. We are all looking forward to getting together over Christmas (provided things are still allowed to happen). Being so far apart causes a few problems especially when one lives outside the province.

Here are my menus for the upcoming week.


Hotdogs, salad and homemade beans.


Leftover turkey. I am not sure what is going to be made, but I am leaning to a casserole. It is getting colder and hot, rib sticking food sounds wonderful.


Leftover roast beef. A roast beef roll (grinding up the meat and rolling it up in a biscuit dough and baking) served with mushrooms and asparagus.


Soup and sandwiches. I think I am going to pull out some of the turkey bone broth I made awhile back and use it up. Egg salad sandwiches sound pretty darn good right now.


Salmon patties, rice and whatever bits and bobs for veggies are saved in the fridge. 


Clean out the fridge night.


Roast pork, roasted potatoes and roasted carrots.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving. See you all when my house empties.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Another Project Done, Baking, Quiet Time

 It has been very quiet around the old homestead. Part of the reason could be that I have been very busy doing things to keep me out of trouble.

I finished Harvey's sweater today (picture to follow when the lighting is better), baked bread, two pumpkin pies, and seriously considered baking cookies as well (but didn't, will do so tomorrow morning) and pulled yarn and a pattern to work on a sweater for myself. 

I can't make the carboy cozies (to keep the wine in them in the dark) until Friday when Harvey bottles one batch, so decided that this afternoon I would work on my cross stitch. I had set it aside awhile ago and now realize why, my those stitches are small. However I will work on it until I need to start on the cozies and until the end of the week during the afternoons.

Keeping as busy as possible is helping me not to think about how close Covid-19 could be to us. The top leader of the bible study I help with just under went a test. She and her husband should find out in a few days whether or not they have it. I always wore my mask around her (and she had one on as well), but considering the infectiousness of this virus one never knows. I will be attending the next study tomorrow, but if her test comes back positive I will not be attending any others. I do not need to bring this home to Harvey with his heart condition, and I need to stay healthy in order to have the surgery I have been waiting on. 

Since we have now gone from 0 cases to 11 cases in my small area of Saskatchewan (perhaps adding 2 more if the worst case scenario arises) I will be hurrying forward with my stock up efforts. 

Kurt and Kris should be home at some point on Friday night. I have a feeling that will be the last time we see Kurt for awhile as cases are once again on the rise. My province not so much, but Kurt's province is getting a bigger uptick in cases each day. Christmas will not be the same at all if he can not make it home. We have such few times that he can make the 9 hour drive. I am very thankful that he has managed to get back every year for Thanksgiving so far. Pretty sure there may come a time when he can't. So I will count us blessed to see him for two days.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Thrifty Tuesday


I have been using up food leftovers this week as well as fabric and yarn. It has been a good week.

Leftover food has been bagged up and put in the freezer and used to make other meals with even more leftovers. Those come in handy on days where I really don't feel like cooking a whole meal from scratch.

I have almost finished Harvey's Christmas sweater which has used up two very large balls of yarn that have been in my stash for awhile.

I made the beeswax wraps from cotton fabric I have had in my fabric stash for a bit. This is another Christmas gift for our two sons completed.

I mended my favourite bra this morning. The underwire was poking through so I pushed and prodded it back in the pocket and stitched the opening closed.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Menu Monday


Another week, this one with our Canadian Thanksgiving.


Leftover chicken made into a casserole, more than likely tetrazzini as I can stick some extra veggies in there.


Leftover beef roast. I may just warm it up and serve hot beef sandwiches along with some home fries and a salad.


Clean out the fridge night. Got to get room for the Thanksgiving feast.


Chicken thighs, rice and mixed veggies.


Lazy perogies with sour cream and veggies (probably corn).


Hamburgers, fries, salad, and all the fixings that go on those burgers (maybe even some sautéed mushrooms and onions).


Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, peas/carrots, gravy, pickles (various types so I can clean the partial jars out of the fridge), and of course the usual pumpkin pie (which could actually be a squash pie if one ripens soon enough).

I was asked if my menu was written in stone or changeable. It is a bit of both. I do change things around at times, but when I do change something it is usually eaten later in the week or month.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

One Project Down Many More To Go

 So today saw me finishing off the beeswax wraps for part of  Kurt and Kris's Christmas gifts.

A cookie sheet was covered with a piece of parchment paper and the precut cotton piece placed on top. I then sprinkled some of the package of small beeswax beads over top. I needed to add more after the picture was taken. Make sure the edges have wax on them. After grating the bar of beeswax I recommend using the pellets. My arm aches, and I only got enough grated wax to do three wraps. Must grate more for another project, but I am giving my arm a bit of a rest for a few days.

This was put into a 200 F oven for seven minutes and when the wax was melted I pulled it out and using an inexpensive 1" paint brush, brushed the wax over the surface to make sure it was well covered. 

I removed the wrap from the parchment paper and waved it in the air for a few minutes to dry and cool it. 

Finished product which I trimmed the rough edges on. 

Two gifts made and a few more to go. 

The beeswax melts with the heat of your hands and forms to the top of the bowl. It is not recommended to use on meat, but everything else is okay. 

Wash with cool water and a bit of soap (more or less wiping off the underside of the fabric well). 

Now what will my next project be. I will let you all know when I "roll the dice" and what comes up. Hopefully not the lotion bars or I will need to work on grating that beeswax bar a bit more.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Saturday Roundup


I have managed to get quite a bit done this week. Some I have posted about and some not.

This week has seen me move my spring/summer wardrobe out of my closets and drawers. I now have all my fall and winter clothes situated in my room. While we might (notice I say might) have some nicer temperatures yet this month, the majority of the month seems to be fairly cool. There are a few items that need repairs, and a couple that I am thinking could use some upstyling.  I should be able to get to those at some point this month. 

We, or should I say Harvey, have made a new electrical outlet into the hall. This is something that I have been asking for. Finally after about 7 years it is done. One thing though, this meant reorganizing the room Kris uses when he is home. A major tidy and rearrangement have been done. Looks amazing. There is also a new light fixture in both the sewing/craft room and the spare bedroom.

New curtains were hung in our bedroom, and I am waiting for Harvey to change the rods so I can hang up the new curtains in the dining room. The old dining room curtains are now in the bedroom Kris uses.

I froze one small squash this week as the others need to ripen a great deal more.

Notice that there isn't that much. I hopefully will be adding a bit more to that bag later next week.

Worked on the temperature blanket and Harvey's sweater as well. Last sleeve is completed so tomorrow in the late afternoon and evening I will be working on the neck and sewing everything together. Christmas is coming so very quickly.

I was asked what I use my beeswax wraps for. I am using mine to cover bowls that I put in the fridge. While they are not supposed to be used for such things as spicy foods I am hoping that covering bowls with these instead of plastic wrap or tinfoil will help cut down on the usage of such things.

I also want to make Kurt and Kris some as well as part of their Christmas gifts. So today I started to get ready to make more.

First off I washed the cotton I had chosen to use to make these.

Since I really don't care about matching... Strangely I like to be very different and since these are going to be used for storage in the fridge who really cares, this is for some larger covers for me.

Here are two 15" pieces for the bigger bowls in my cupboard.

I chose this fabric for Kris.

I chose this fabric for Kurt.

Here are the cut out pieces.

Three different sizes. They need a bit of trimming and that will happen tomorrow.

Next I pulled out my block of beeswax and the grater I purchased at the Dollar Store. I put a piece of parchment paper under to gather the shavings.

Grating the beeswax was a bit more strenuous than I thought it would be. I have a feeling that I will need more, but my sore arm gave out. Tomorrow is another day, and more grating will probably occur.

Tomorrow I will start to put everything together and get that project goal finished.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Friday, October 2, 2020

Frugal Friday


I finished off the week with 5 no spend days. And have started off this month very well as 2 of those 5 days are for this month.

Frugal happenings this week are as follows.

1.  Froze some more tomatoes and am down to the last few sitting on the window sill.

2.  Froze another ripe butternut squash and found a pie recipe I am going to try for Thanksgiving.

3.  Saved $28.00 grocery shopping the sales last week.

4.  Cutting up scrap material to use when making my next quilt.

5.  Found a lost ball of sock yarn which I will wind and put with the others.

6.  Furnace and air conditioning off and it was only last night that the furnace came on.

7.  All leftovers are being used up, and the extra ham was frozen to be used in other meals later on.

Everybody have a wonderful day. 

God bless.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Thursday Tidbits


Second Bible Study class done and dusted. There is homework to do though so I will be working on that this week. Lots of reading of the Psalms.

The budget is done and I am happy to report that once again we were under total budget for the month. Over budget on a few lines, groceries and household maintenance being the worst. Still, groceries were not that far over when you consider that the budget line also includes OTC meds, paper products, and things like batteries. 

I know this next shop will be high as I need to pick up a turkey (almost want to get two), a ham, and a pork roast or two. Meat is always something that drives the cost higher. I won't be going to Walmart this week as I only go there once every two weeks. Or at least I try to go only every second week.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.