Friday, October 16, 2020

Frugal Friday


I woke up to our coldest day so far. Winter coat on, headband covering ears and I was out for my daily walk. I had a nice warm bowl of oatmeal when I got home.

Our furnace is acting strangely so Harvey has a call into the HVAC people. Hopefully they come and check it out very soon, I would hate it to get so cold that we need to bury ourselves under mounds of blankets, quilts, and knitted blankets in order to stay warm. A bit hard to work with all that on top of one.

Now what frugal things did I do this week.

1.  Laundry hung on lines downstairs to dry.

2.  All leftovers have been used in new meals or eaten for our lunches.

3.  Kept grocery bill low this week and managed to save $28.00 buying on sale items. I even managed a few items for the pantry. I also found shelf stable milk so a few boxes of that will be making its way onto next weeks shopping list. Even if I only use it for baking or cooking it will make the other milk last longer.

4.  Keeping busy so I don't overthink things. I have realized paranoia sets in when I have lots of spare time. Working on quilt blocks, my sweater, some cross stitching, and crosswords is helping keep me sane.

5.  Phoning and texting the boys for their birthdays. Kris today and Kurt tomorrow. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Hope all goes well with the furnace, not a good tie of year for it to go wrong. Birthday wishes for the boys.

  2. It's not nice to be so cold. I can imagine you swathed in blankets and quilts!!

  3. All things to be happy about. Enjoy the coming week.

  4. You inspired me to get off my butt and walk this morning. -12C here today and boy that felt chilly. But I thought, if Jackie can do it, so can I!

    Happy Birthday to your sons. Take care and stay well!

  5. Sounds like a good frugal week, Jackie. It IS hard to work with extra layers on. Saving $28 at the grocery is terrific. Way to go!