Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Thrifty Tuesday

 Days seem to slip right on by, especially when the weather is cold and dreary. One stays in and tries to keep busy.

I washed some masks today, and ironed them. Harvey much prefers the ones I made over the disposable ones. Not complaining as a box of 100 masks costs $25.00 and can only be worn for one day and then need to be disposed of. While the ones I make might cost a bit more, and also can only be worn one day, you don't dispose of them. Rather you wash and iron them and use them yet again. Saves money in the long run and is a thrifty way to fight this pandemic.

I fixed a seam on a pair of pants and sewed on a button that came off in the wash.

Harvey was a bit bored so he fixed all my broken (or at least most) of my wooden clothes pins that littered the basement floor. Now I don't have to buy new ones for awhile. It just seems as if they don't make wooden clothes pins as good as they used to. I remember having the same clothes pins for many years.

I am trying to cut back on the amount of coffee I use. So far it seems to be working. At least there are no complaints from Harvey that the coffee is weak.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. Be visiting you all after supper.

God bless.


  1. If I must wear one, I prefer it to not be disposable. I
    would rather wear a pretty one if I must wear one.

  2. We have the boxed-type disposable masks but we do wear them more than once... because we never have them on for more than an hour, a few times per week IF that. So I figure they're good for multiple uses. But yes, the cloth kind surely would last longer. Yes, the days are dreary here too, in northern Indiana. I fear winter weather is going to arrive long before the season officially does. ~Andrea xoxo

  3. I have both types of masks but I prefer to wear the cloth ones. As you note, I appreciate being able to wash and wear them again. I do keep a disposable one in a baggie in my purse, just in case I forget to grab a clean mask on the way out the door.

    I'm cutting back on coffee too, but it's more because I've been drinking too much and suffering from horrible heartburn.

    Take care, stay well!

  4. I made some masks that are washable and our insurance company sent each of us two washable masks. So we use those although we do keep disposable ones on hand.

    You mentioned your clothespins, I don't think they make anything to last now. I used to keep all sorts of things forever because they never wore out. Now if something lasts a year your lucky. Take care Jackie!

  5. We do have the original masks I made but I find it too heavy to sit in my medical appointments with so I use disposables for those ones and my homemade masks for shopping. I always cut the strings on the disposables though so the birds don't get caught in them at the dump. I agree with Bonnie, everything is made poorly these days it seems. Well done on your hubby being able to fix them for you

  6. I made a slew of masks at the beginning and still have a pile of half done ones if needed. But when I am in a store that has those free disposable ones I always grab a few just in case.

  7. I have a cloth mask my friend made for me but the wire became 'dislodged' when I washed it. We also have a box from Costco, 50 for $14.99 not a bad price for disposable. We're not as diligent and don't discard after each use. I'm with Faith though in her statement IF I HAVE TO WEAR ONE............