Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Year is Arriving

It is early morning here in Saskatchewan, the sky is dark and filled with the twinkling lights of many stars. I am taking a break from getting some work done around the house, and Harvey is still sound asleep.
Thought that I would post a picture or two to let everyone know what has been happening around the old homestead the past couple of days.

To show the difference is size between our cat Shania and Kris's cat Ray, I managed to get a picture of her on what has become her favorite perch. Lately, for some unknown reason Shania has taken to sitting on the back of my computer chair while I am working. When she wants some loving attention, I get swatted in the face by her tail. A little annoying to say the least, but after a bit of loving, she removes herself and travels else where. Now imagine an animal four times her size!

I finished one of my winter projects yesterday. I love the way the fuzzy, glitzy wool worked in the project. However I think that it is a bit short. I know it is only a shrug type sweater, but the next one I make is going to be a bit longer (I have already started a blue one). I am going to make it about two inches longer so it reaches just above my waist.

This only took 4 balls of yarn, I still have 5 left so I will have to get started on some scarves to hand over to the school next winter. There are always some children who don't have one when they need one (or perhaps who can not afford one).

Last but not least I want to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy New Year. May all your dreams and wishes for the upcoming year come true.

Now I am off to visit all of you. God bless.

Monday, December 29, 2008

All Is Quiet

Kurt and Kris have left and the house is quiet once again. It is going to take a bit of getting used to, I have the computer whenever I want it and am back to cooking for two instead of four.

I am also not having to keep our cat away from the basement. Harvey and I both thought that 5 days was way too long to have Kris's cat Ray stay by himself so we invited him here for Christmas.

Now our cat is very spoiled and usually has the run of the house. She does not like other cats so we decided that Ray could live downstairs while he was with us. Kris did not have an animal carrier to bring him home so he wrapped him in a blanket to get Ray to the car from his apartment. I could hear Ray crying all the way from the car to the house once they got here. For such a large cat, he really gets scared easily. Ray does not like the outside, and new places scare him so as soon as he got in the house he hid under our bed. It took a bit of coaxing but Kris managed to get him out and down in the family room. Ray proceeded to hide between the couch and the love seat, only coming out to eat and use the litter box for the first two days.

Let me explain why this is so funny. Ray is a very large cat weighing in at 27 lbs, our cat is only 7 lbs and is a dainty little thing. Shania is fearless when it comes to protecting her territory, while Ray, well is a bit......timid.

Here is a picture of Kris holding Ray on his lap once we got him to come out of hiding. Harvey says Ray really needs to get on a kitty treadmill, but when I actually got a chance to pet him, I could not feel a whole lot of fat on him. No rolls what so ever, just what felt like a whole lot of muscle.
Shania knew something fishy was going on and spent a great deal of her time sniffing at the basement door. She finally got to meet Ray when they were leaving to go home. Kris managed to find a large animal case to put him in and when they came upstairs Shania was waiting. She behaved like a perfect lady and sniffed the cage and then turned around and sat at a comfortable distance. Ray.....well as soon as he saw her he started to cry. I don't know if his crying was because he was scared (Kris figured he was) or that he wanted out to play.
All I can say is I hope that Kris brings Ray the next time he comes for a visit.
Off to visit all of you. Have a wonderful evening. God bless.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wishing All A Very Merry Christmas

I thought that I would just come on and wish everyone the very best Christmas celebration with friends and family. May your Christmas be filled with love, laughter and fellowship!

However Harvey had way too much spare time on his hands lately, and so I have to post what the kindly (fairly large elf )did.

I was working in the bedroom, folding laundry and had just come out into the kitchen, when what to my wandering eye should appear....but my husband sneaking up a fully decorated Cat tent. Now the cat has her own specially decorated sleeping place. Notice the stocking hung front and center. Wonder if that is a hint.

Harvey did say after this that when he retires in a few years he is really going to have to get a hobby.

God bless you all for making my blogging experience over the past two years the wonderful experience it has been. The boys are home now, safe and snug in their beds. My joy is complete.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Busy In The Kitchen

Over the past couple of days I have been busy trying to get caught up on my baking and getting the last of my gifts ready.

One evening early in the week, I got to work making Butter Tarts. I usually buy my tart shells as my pie crust leaves a great deal to be desired. I made 5 dozen and plan on giving a few to my neighbours as a little Christmas gift. I found out that Butter Tarts are a Canadian invention. There are different schools of thought on how to make them. I like mine a bit runny, but some people like them a bit more solid.

I next made some Chocolate Covered Peppermint Patties. I got to use up the leftover mashed potatoes in my fridge. This gives them a bit of a moister inside even after drying overnight.

I next made some Peanut Butter Cups. My boys just love these. I bought a large envelope of small paper cups a few years back and this makes it so very easy. The only problem is that I have enough paper cups to last for years. At least I won't have to worry about an increase in price.

I also made Chocolate Snowballs that same evening. All I need to do is roll them in icing sugar when I am ready to serve them.

Today I made Almond Bark and Peanut Brittle. I remembered to take a picture of the the Almond Bark but not the Peanut Brittle. So my candy making will end with making Chocolates tomorrow and I will be moving on to Cookie making.

Our oldest son made it home today and we expect the youngest to arrive in the middle of the week. I am hoping to have lots of baking to send home with the two of them.

Well off to visit all of you.

Have a wonderful evening. God bless.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winter is Here

Today I woke up to this and while the temperatures weren't too bad at first they have now fallen and with the wind chill the temperature has dropped to -34 C with the wind chill factored in. I guess winter has arrived with a vengence.

I stayed in and worked most of today. The good news is our carpet has been installed in the downstairs room. I think it looks very good. The colour goes with the wall colour and still keeps the room bright. Harvey spent the day hanging the door and putting the baseboards up. Now we will begin to move a little of the furniture back in, mainly the bed so Kurt has a place to sleep when he comes home. Later the bed will be moved out and a futon placed in the room as well as lots of bookcases and a nice comfy chair. I plan on making this into a library/sleeping room. It may take awhile but I am looking forward to having all my books in one place. Right now they are scattered throughout various rooms in my house.

Yesterday I was greated by two surprises in my mailbox. The first I opened was my PIF from Maggie. Thank you so much for the lovely brooch and the Snowman Soup. I love my gift!!!

The second parcel I opened was from Pea. Two beautiful books to curl up with this Christmas. I love them. This was the book swap I entered at Mary's Writing Nook. If any of you ever get a chance to take part in a swap I urge you to take it. You meet the nicest people. Thanks so much Pea, I will really enjoy these books, excellent choices.
Some of you asked how I made the icicles for my tree. Well it was very easy. I made a template out of some heavy stiff plastic in the shape I wanted. Then taped the plastic onto the glass. Harvey had bought a glass cutter years ago when he was cutting glass to make some new windows. I scored the glass and while wearing gardening gloves broke off the unwanted pieces. I next used some wire rings I had and placed them behind the glass pieces and using Harvey's soldering gun and the silver leading my friend gave me, melted the leading around the glass making sure the ring was covered by the melted leading. When the leading was cool I removed the icicles from the board I was using to keep from wreaking my table and added the ribbon. I surprised myself on how well they actually turned out.
I am off to visit all of you. Then I will watch my favorite Christmas movie "It's A Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart. I need a good cry tonight.
Everybody have a wonderful evening. God bless.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Odds and Ends

Well another day of work has passed and I feel that for every step forward I make with the student I work with I take 4 steps back. Today was not a good day at all and I am mentally tired. Think I would much rather be physically tired, but that is not going to be this year.

Thought I would catch up all that I have been busy with this past little while.

I got the afghan done for our youngest son Kris. He loves black and white, so that is exactly what I made for him. I am sure he will love it as it is big enough to snuggle under while he is watching his favorite television shows.

A friend of mine does stained glass, and one day while visiting I noticed all her so called "waste glass" in a box by the back door. When I asked her what she was going to do with it and she told me throw it out, well my inner hoarder shuddered. I asked if I could take some of the clear glass to try making some icicles for my tree. My friend handed me the box, gave me some leading and said "Have a blast!"

I really don't think these turned out too badly for a first attempt. Do you?

This Sunday Harvey brought our tree up and set it up. He does the lights and I do the rest. With a cat in the house I don't put tinsel or garland on the tree. It is too much temptation for little paws to grab, and it is not healthy for them.
The decorating is an all day job for me. I have to gaze at each ornament as I remove it from the box and remember when and who I got it from. The stories the ornaments tell me are priceless.

Here is a picture of the finished product.
Not too bad at all. I do notice that I need to pick up a few more glittery snowflakes to fill in a few areas. Then of course I need to pick up some candy canes as well. The tree will be done then and I can give myself a pat on the back for another job done.
Well off to visit all of you. I have a lovely cup of mint hot chocolate and a spare hour.
Everybody have a wonderful evening. God bless.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's Begining To Look Like Christmas

Over the past few days the Southeast corner of Saskatchewn I live in has started to get snow! Finally we are turning a lovely white instead of a washed out, dirty brown. While I love snow and the warm, cuddly feeling I get from being inside with a big mug of hot chocolate, I really hate driving. The roads become icy on the corners and there is always that person driving too close behind me. Makes me very nervous!

Harvey and I painted the trim for the room downstairs, and now we will play a waiting game for the carpet. I have a feeling that we will be unable to have it totally done by Christmas.

Last Friday Harvey's work place had their Christmas party. We started the evening off with a ride in a stretch limo. The limo delivered us to the bowling alley where we had appetizers and bowled a couple of games. We kept track of strikes and gutter balls as there were prizes for each. I was a bit worried that I would win "Queen of the Gutter Ball", but that award went to a lady who got a couple more than I did. Then we walked next door to the hotel that was serving us supper.

While waiting for our meal and mixing and mingling, I went over to talk to the wife of one of Harvey's co workers. She grabbed my arm and told me she had something to give me. Her husband helped her over to their table where she picked up this and handed it to me.

Isn't it beautiful! This lady has MS and can't do alot of the things that we do at our get togethers. At our last get together in the early summer we were divided into teams and went on a scavenger hunt. While her husband was gone, I went and talked to her and kept her company until his team got back. Never did I realize what such a little thing as time talking to another woman would mean to her.

I took a picture of the lovely card that went with this overwhelming gift, but you can't read it. So I will share with all of you what she wrote.

"I just wanted to thank you for the Arc day in the summer when you stayed and talked to me when Ken had gone for his turn. Your kindness was much appreciated. I wanted you to know you are a blessing and I believe a blessing to many. May you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and New Year"

Thank you and God Bless you for the encouragement you are.


I was overwhelmed by this gift. Never again will I take for granted that anything I do has the ability to change someones life or out look.

I also paid a visit to Linda, who presented me with this lovely award.

Now I need to think of six people to pass this on to. I would like to gift this award to... Barb at Barbs Ramblings, Ginger at Enchanting Cottage (I know she is taking a break but she was my first blogging friend), Gigi at Under the Willow, Mary at Daisy Bouquet, BJ at Sweet Nothings, and Mary at Mary's Writing Nook.

I am off to visit with all of you.

Have a wonderful evening. God bless