Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The End Of The Old....

Today is the end of another year. Amazingly this year seemed to go by faster than the last. I wonder if it is true that as a person ages the years go by faster.

I have figured out goals for next month as well as some overall goals for the year. I do have much better results with the monthly goals, but I need to focus on big changes this year and in order to do that I must have yearly goals as well.

A few of the goals are personal and I won't mention them on here unless they come to fruition. The others have to do with leading a more simple, and frugal life and I am going to share those with all of you.

1.     Bake bread at least 3 times a week.

2.     Only buy what is necessary. In other words what is needed not just what I want.

3.     Empty my purse weekly of all change.

4.     Use the library more often.

5.     Find an extra source of income and really work at it.

6.     Set up a craft sale blog, and keep it stocked.

7.     Work on my many unfinished projects and not start any more projects until those are done.

So those are my year goals. I will share the smaller monthly goals with you tomorrow since it is the beginning of a new month and a new year.

Before I forget. Happy New Year to each and every one of you.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Version of The Sealed Pot

A friend of mine mentioned the sealed pot challenge she was taking part in a few years ago. As you may have guessed my friend lives in the UK and since I had no idea what so ever about a sealed pot, I decided to do a bit of research into this challenge....

Well it slipped my mind for the first year that my friend mentioned it, but then she was doing the same challenge the next year!! This time I got off my butt and did the research, which consisted mainly of reading UK frugal blogs....

I decided at the beginning of this year to give it a bit of a go. We had always saved our pocket change, but this time I added two other coins to the pot. Our Canadian one and two dollar coins, after all they are change as well. I do most of the coin saving as Harvey usually uses his spare change to pay for car and truck washes. No biggie as sometimes there is enough leftover to add to the collection.

So here is my version of the Sealed Pot.

Each coin has its own jar. It makes it much easier to count and roll when the jars get full. I notice the dimes are not moving up as quickly as the other two coins.

And this container holds the 1 and 2 dollar coins.

Perhaps you will also notice that none of these containers are really sealed.... I was worried that I would break any container that wasn't easy to add to, or to count when the time came.

I still need to count this all up but I do know I have $160.00 in the bucket.... I have a feeling that there will be close to $260.00 once I add everything up.

Am I going to do this again next year? You bet I am. It is a very easy way to save a bit of cash, and everyone could use some extra savings.

Everyone have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Another Year Older

Today we have been under a weather advisory. The wind chill has been extreme and will continue that way for another day.

So, as luck would have it I celebrated my birthday on what turned out to be the coldest day of the year!!! Not really that much of a problem as we usually do not go out to celebrate. I make a meal that is simple to prepare and we stay hunkered down. Being so close to Christmas (and our anniversary next month) money used to be tight and one of the boys was always up for making me a birthday cake.

Now that the boys are living away from home and working I don't get a cake as often, which really is not a bad thing. So imagine my surprise when Harvey announced he had baked me a cake!! He then proceeded to put a cake he had ran out to buy me on this cold day.

Carrot cake, one of my favorites! It even had Cream Cheese Frosting. Mind you it is so huge we will be eating on this for a very long time.

Do I feel older? Nope, after all age is just a number and though I am getting closer to 60 with each year that passes I really don't feel that old.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Home And Just In Time

We made it home yesterday, just before temperatures plummeted. I even managed to get out and do some needed grocery shopping as the temperature has dropped steadily throughout the day. It looks as if the cold spell will be with us for awhile, so I am glad I managed to get everything done that needed to be done.

Thought I would share a picture or two with all of you.

This is the crystal angel that Kurt bought me for Christmas. A new piece for my angel collection.

These Victorian Sterling Silver thimbles were bought by Kurt as part of my birthday gift. They are now on display in the thimble cabinet that Harvey made me.

Kurt added this container of loose leaf tea to my birthday gift, along with a floating tea infuser. I am going to make a pot tomorrow.

These three books traveled with us and were left with Kurt to use in his class. They were the last of the give something away every day in Advent challenge. The books were given away to me from one of the librarians at the school I sub at, I read them and passed them on.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Our Last Day In Alberta

It is our last day here at Kurt's and that might just be the perfect thing. Seems as if the three of us that traveled down are coming down with major colds. Not a great situation to be dealing with when we are looking at a ten hour drive to get back home. Thank heavens we have three drivers to take turns.

Enough of the whining I will share some pictures from yesterday with you all.

We got up and we're greeted by a lovely fire.
Kurt got up even earlier to get this going so as to warm things up for his Dad.

He also surprised us with something we haven't done in a very long time.

Filled stocking for Harvey, Kris and I. Just a few little things, but everything in these was well thought out.

Then it was on to opening our gifts.

Kurt opening one of his.

 And still more.

Harvey opening one of his gifts, he moves a bit too quickly for me to get many pictures  of him on this day.

Kris seems very happy with his wok here.
Moving on.....
He got a gorgeous pocket watch from  his brother.

Me, well spoiled as is usual. It is also my birthday on the 29th so I get to open my gifts now so the boys can see me do so.

As you can see lots, and lots. I had put my crystal angel gift back in its box, so I will share a picture of that later. 

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve At Last

We managed to reach Kurts place by around 5 Alberta time, in other words it was 6 our time. I can not  believe that it took us 10 hours to drive here. Usually we make it in 9 or a bit less.

We were greeted with a lovely hot meal and a roaring fire (which I did not get a picture of perhaps tonight).

Today we took Kris out to the hoodoo formation. He had a great deal of fun clambering the hills.

Then it was back home as Harvey started to feel ill. He is resting in bed right now.

I will share a few pictures of the family.

Kurt giving me his idea of "the look", for daring to take a picture of him.

Kris doing what he usually does, play on his tablet.

And photos would not be complete without Kris' friend.

Ray, his according to him, 25 pound feline pet. I am pretty sure Ray weighs a bit more than that. But I will let Kris keep his illusions. Just thankful I have a good friend who has taken in Shania while we are gone.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God Bless.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Just In Case

We are leaving today for Kurts, so just in case I don't get back I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. Hopefully I can fill you all in on our trip while we are there......

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sparkling Saturday

Once again we awoke to a morning full of ice fog. The one really great thing about this is the trees, bushes and cars were once again sparkling with frost.

The trees and bushes around and in the small nook in the valley just down the road from us.

The large Manitoba Maple in our back yard.

Even the plant hanger by our front door had it's own coating of frost. I just love the way the frost sticks out like little icicles.....

My give away for today were these.

My skates. It has been a long time since I have used them and I am not getting any younger. If I fell now I would probably break something. They deserve to be used so I donated them to a group that collects skates for underprivileged children in the area. I am sure some teenager will be whizzing around on them in no time.

There is another pair of figure skates still in the house. Those belonged to our daughter and I am just not ready to give them up as of yet. Perhaps next year.

Tomorrow I will be on the hunt for another 4 items to give away.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Friday, December 19, 2014


Not too much longer and our small family will be together for the holiday. I am so looking forward to having both our sons in the same place, at the same time. I miss them both terribly at this time of year.

Today I took a short walk in a winter wonderland.

There wasn't a breath of wind and all the trees and bushes were covered in a lovely frost. I really enjoy having my daily walk on winter days like this.

At home I gathered my Christmas fabric left in the fabric stash.

And made up some more reusable gift bags.

Six more bags for Christmas next year!!!

I even managed to get in some reading and knitting today (one this post is done it will be back to knitting).

Today my give away for the Advent season is this mug.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Where Oh Where Did Yesterday Go?

Where did yesterday disappear to? By the time I looked up last night it was too late for me to make a post (okay I was just exhausted and needed my bed).

Part of the problem with the disappearing day was Harvey installing a new thermostat. You know, one of the programmable type. The ones that are supposed to save us oodles (so a bit of an exaggeration there, save us some) money with its use. Hmmm, first it seemed to run steady, then we couldn't get it to switch on at all. Once we did in fact get it running correctly (hopefully correctly) things seemed to improve greatly, it shut off and on the furnace and kept the house warm.

Well after supper I finished off my hooded cowl (finally made myself one, in a bright red, picture tomorrow) and started to wind a ball of alpaca yarn I bought from the Farmer's Market a few weeks ago. Of course I made a mess of said winding and ended up sitting on the floor slowly untangling said yarn. At least I got to watch Survivor while doing so.....All 3 hours of it, that is how tangled the yarn became. So I didn't notice something very strange. The house was cooling down rapidly. I guess they sell these programmable thermostats pre-programmed and said program had kicked in. Hubby rapidly changed that. I did however worry that I would arise this morning to a very cold house. Didn't happen and as Martha Stewart says "That is a very good thing."

In keeping with the give something away every day in Advent I need to show all my readers what I gave yesterday and today.

Cleaning out the top cupboard in my kitchen I found these two lovelies which will now hopefully find a new home where they will be appreciated.
This little Christmas spread bowl. I really do not remember the last time I used it.

This small Halloween candy dish that I have had since Kurt and Kris were very young. I haven't used this item in years. I was keeping it as a memento of when the boys were small. I have memories and pictures so this will hopefully decorate someone's home next Halloween.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Soooo, Sleepy

I had a very rough night, for some strange (or perhaps not so strange) reason my mind would just not shut down. I kept running through lists of what I need to accomplish before we left to spend Christmas in Drumheller. I think that I need to sit down and make a special "To Do" list to keep this from happening again.

Before I go to bed I thought I would do a mid month update on my few goals.

1.  Continue with any unfinished projects. I am working daily on this one. I finished my cowl, and the scarf. I am now working on my hooded cowl.

2.  Get my Christmas Cards out within a couple of weeks. Christmas cards are done and mailed out.

3. Work on my own Daily Planner. Finished my planner. I have thought of a couple of other pages and will add them this week.

4.  Try for 18 no spend days this month (it will be very tough, but doable I hope). Working on this by staying out of the stores as much as possible in this very busy, spendy month.

I have also pulled out a few more items to donate following the challenge to give something away every day in Advent.

Today I am giving away these wicker trays.

The top one could be used for nuts, candy or crackers. The bottom 3 could also be used for the same purpose or for some kind of craft.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Menu Monday

The last full week before we leave to visit with Kurt in Alberta, for Christmas. Next weeks menus will be the abridged version!!


Tonight we will have the Perogies we were supposed to have last Friday.


Some of the leftover Chicken made into a Chicken Casserole (I have a new recipe I want to try).


Soup and Egg Salad Sandwiches. I have an abundance of eggs for some reason that need using and I found some soup in the freezer that needs to go.


Ham Steak, rice and sliced fresh veggies with dip


Baked Fish Fillets, leftover rice and peas.


Clean out the fridge night, or if there are no leftovers to be had.....Hamburgers.


Roast pork, roasted potatoes, roasted carrots.

There you have it my suppers for the week. As usual lunches will either be leftovers or sandwiches.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Ramblings

Today is the Third Sunday of Advent. The pink candle represents Joy.

Father Brian stressed in his homily today something that Pope Francis spoke about. We are not to be
"sour pusses" when giving. We are supposed to give in the spirit of Christ, with a smile on our faces and joy in our hearts! I do hope that I am not a sour puss when giving and I am going to practice this everyday during the rest of the Advent season giving joyfully from my heart.

I am feeling a bit better today, still a bit weak and shaky, but at least able to function. Perhaps not up to full speed as of yet, but getting there.

Today I picked this to give to the second hand store that supports battered women here in our city.

This jewelry box was one of the first gifts Harvey bought for me after we married. It has been in the closet for the last few years since he bought me a rather large standing jewelry box. I think I have held on to it long enough and it is time it found another home. Once it is cleaned up I will add it to the bag containing a couple of books and drop it off. I am sure someone else will find a good use for it.

I also did make one more tray of squares....along with a loaf of bread (got to love a bread maker).

Can you tell I love chocolate? This is some Caramel Toffee Squares and as soon as it softens a touch it will be cut up and stored in containers.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Not Feeling Well

I am really not feeling very well right now. So I am just going to say that this is the evening of my next give away.

First person to leave a comment asking for the Vogue Knitting Shawls and Wraps book will receive it.

Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God Bless.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Plugging Away

Today I have spent partly baking and partly finishing up started projects. I am also working on using some yarn up.... No waste around this household any longer!!!

I started the day off baking cookies.

First off were these

Whipped Shortbread. I was going to put them through my cookie press, but decided to go the easy route of rolling the chilled dough into balls and pressing them down. I also only made a single batch instead of the usual double (sometimes even triple) batch.

I moved on to these next

A single batch of Christmas themed Sugar Cookies. I do need to decorate these, but that can wait until tomorrow.

The last thing I made was Peanut Butter Squares.

A nice big pan as these are a family favorite.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get the Caramel Slice, Peanut Brittle, and the Three Layer Bars done. I think I will save the Cinnamon Buns until Sunday or perhaps Monday. Gingerbread Man cookies sound like a really good idea right now, but we will see if I feel up to it.

Project finished is this cowl.

I started this cowl when we went to Moosejaw and I finally finished it today.

Now I have started another knitting project that will hopefully be finished soon. There was a ball and a half of this yarn left and since I am on a no waste, use it up challenge as a means to living a simpler more frugal life I decided to start this a couple of days ago.

This should work out to be a double wrap infinity scarf by the time I am done. A girl can never have too many scarves!

My give away for tonight to anyone who wants it is the Knit Ponchos, Wraps, and Scarves. Once again it will go to the first person who requests it in the comments.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday Tid Bits

I decided to do my shopping and bill paying today so that I could bake undisturbed the rest of the week.

After I got back I started with some simple things.

Two trays of Almond Bark.

Then these

Chocolate Coconut balls.

I hope to start earlier tomorrow and get Cinnamon Buns, English Shortbread and Whipped Shortbread Cookies made. If I am really luck I could manage to get the first batch of Peanut Brittle made as well.

I found some more items to give away today following the Advent Challenge. They are these three books.
I am doing something different. Today I am giving away the Christmas Ornaments to Make to the first reader of my blog to request it.

Tomorrow I will be giving away the Knit Ponchos Wraps and Scarves the same way. This continues on Saturday when I will give away the Vogue Knitting Shawls and Wraps. If there are no takers I will be taking them to the other used items shop in town.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.