Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wrap It Up Wednesday

Today was spent getting a few things wrapped up and crossed off the "To Do" list. It was also a day of starts.

First off I got the gifts wrapped for my brothers and nieces.

These are the hooded cowls I made for the girls.

Then it was moving on to getting the Christmas cards stamped.

All this done while enjoying my morning coffee in the mug I bought myself for Christmas.

Somehow this just seemed so appropriate!!!

I then moved on to some baking. We needed bread and since I hadn't started my Christmas goodie making as of yet I decided to make these first....

Tiny little butter tarts. I made 4 dozen which is cutting back from the 5 dozen I usually make. I also made 2" ones instead of 3"ones.

Yesterday was my friend's and I annual trip to go Christmas shopping. While I was done she wasn't and so I had great fun helping her pick out gifts for her grandchildren. I did however buy something....

This rather large pile of yarn to make cowls with. The correct yarn size even!! To make matters even better it was all on sale.

With all the wrapping up going on I did not forget my give away challenge.

These two books, one of which we will be taking to Kurt for his in class library, while the other one is in the donation bag.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. I managed to wrap a couple of presents to day. Just the ones in the bottom of the wardrobe to try and avoid any spoilers by peeping if you know what I mean.