Friday, January 28, 2022

Frugal Friday


I can not believe it is Friday already! So much has been happening here both personally and in the country as a whole.

I am still worried about the repercussions to our oldest son since he is now being interviewed as an expert in far right radicalization and just hoping it does not cause problems with his teaching job. I am worried about what may happen in our capital come the weekend and the arrival of the convoy from the west. Kurt is asking all those who opposed what the truckers are doing to stay well away from the protest because of the bad eggs that are now taking over. I don't know how many will listen, and be badly hurt by some of those same bad eggs. I will just have to keep praying about the situation.

On to another bit of news. Kris was going to make an offer on one of the houses he looked at in the city. So I kind of stayed glued to the phone for the details.

He offered 10K less than the asking price and today just after lunch found out his offer was accepted. So excited for him, but this means lots of banking going on in the background. I remembered when we helped our oldest with his down payment the bank wanted a letter from us stating we would not ask him to repay the money, that it was in fact a gift. I will be typing one of those up for Kris as well. 

One of my blogging friends will know the area. It is on Smith Street closer to the Northgate Mall. It is also fairly close to his office so he should be able to save on fuel. Perhaps even walk on a nicer day. I also want to thank her for following Kurt on Twitter and saying what she did on the last post I made. You are an angel and sometime I really think we should meet. Perhaps when things settle down with Omicron.

I also have my bone density scan on Monday and I am keeping my fingers crossed that there is no real storm happening that day. We will leave fairly early just in case, and will stay overnight as we will meet Kris for supper and give him the cheque and the letter. 

So now that all that news is out of the way. What are my Frugal Five for the week.

1.  Using up leftovers for our lunches.

2.  Added an extra meatless meal this week.

3.  Walking (even if it is just around the house) for exercise.

4.  Making sure that the draft dodgers are in front of the doors every night.

5.  Looking up recipes, patterns and downloading free books online.

Still doing the regular frugal things that have become so much a habit that I can't even remember them.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Hmmm, What To Do????

I am surprised that I have actually managed to finish a few of the items on my project list. 

Some of course will be carried over until next month due to me as usual thinking I can accomplish more than I really can. I will update you all on what I have actually managed to do on that list probably on Sunday. I may even have a few more pictures for you.

There is another thing causing me stress and that is something that is not my story to share. It involves our oldest son and his work rooting out racists and Neo-Nazi types and the things that are happening in my country right now. He is actually considered an expert in the field and for some reason is doing more and more interviews for radio, podcasts, and national television. This puts the spotlight on him even more, and since some of the people he has talked about are not nice in even more danger. Not an easy thing for his Dad and I to live with. Pretty much a steady worry at this moment in time. Hmmm, could this be why I am pretty darn scatterbrained right now.

I think youngest son has narrowed his home search to two houses. He has been asking us (well more his Dad) his opinion on boiler heat (water) and natural gas heat.... I guess we will know soon enough if he makes an offer on one of them or not. Hopefully soon as we have promised to help out with the down payment (just make it a bit bigger than he can do right now). He might even need some furniture bought as well. When you move from a one bedroom apartment to a two or three bedroom house (both have a bedroom in the basement) you just might need a bit of help furnishing it a bit.

Nothing else has been happening here so I am off to do some knitting and make sure I have visited all of you. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Thrifty Tuesday


My goodness I wish I could actually remember all the thrifty things I have done this week. 

Perhaps my quest to use up all that I can and let nothing go to waste has taken over my mind set. Must remember to perhaps write down a few thrifty things for next week.

I did the usual, and even made three loaves of bread last week. For some unknown reason we really used bread lately.

I dried the small crusts that were left and turned them into bread crumbs, I also emptied the toaster crumbs into the bag as well (they are bread crumbs after all). 

I downloaded some free reading material onto my ereader. 

Perhaps my best thrifty past time this last week has been getting this finished.

My t-shirt/knit fabric rug is complete. While I used up a great deal of the strips I still have this....

A partially filled box of strips that will need to find a home in a new project. Just not doing that right now.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

Monday, January 24, 2022

Menu Monday

We are into the final week of this first month of 2022. My has it gone by quickly. Really as I age the days pass by at an ever faster rate. 

Onwards to the menu plans for this week.


Leftover ham, leftover roast potatoes (I will dice them up and give them a bit of a fry up) and we will finish off the salad from last night.


Leftover chicken made into a casserole. 


Eggplant Parma from the freezer downstairs.


Clean out the fridge night.


Scrambled eggs on toast.


BBQ ribs, rice and mixed veggies.


Beef roast, roasted potatoes, and roasted carrots. The roast potatoes could become roast rutabaga as I have one I need to use up.

This menu will use up leftovers and bits and bobs from the fridge and fridge freezer. Using up what we have, and stretching things out so as to keep to the biweekly shopping trips. 

I also pulled some apple pie filling and some phyllo pastry and made a rather large apple dessert. 

Tomorrow I will be making some cinnamon buns to use up the cream cheese frosting that is residing in a container in the fridge. One more item cleared out and not wasted.

Everybody have a wonderful day. 

God bless.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday Ramblings


Sunday again and really nothing new and exciting happening around here. 

I think I just might be coming down with Covid fatigue, if that is in fact something that is real. I am tired and achy, losing focus, and just plain feeling blah. Pretty sure I don't have Omicron as I did a rapid test and it is negative. May do another a couple of days down the road.

I am still carrying on with all my usual chores and hobbies. It is just I have really slowed down doing them. My usual joy in completing or getting close to completing projects seems to be taking a nap. The projects I am working on are taking longer to do. Heck, I haven't even gotten one pair of socks completed, though I almost have the t-shirt rug done (with added strips of leftover knit fabric from sewing projects). Pictures will happen come the completion. It actually looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself. 

Then I think I could just be a bit spent from getting all the projects done for Christmas. Perhaps I am just crafted out and should take a bit of a break for a week or two and cuddle down with a book or three. 

Still following the frugal pathway and finding a few ideas that just might fit in with our lifestyle and might actually become a habit. One of them is something I already do without even knowing it was saving energy and thus saving us a bit of money. My computer is set up to go dark (screen saver is just black no bouncing lines or balls) after 15 minutes of no use. Those bouncing screen savers almost use as much power as when you are typing or working (playing a game, blogging, checking out YouTube videos) so having it go dark so to speak cuts the power usage. I also have my computer set up to go to sleep after 20 minutes of no usage, and after 45 minutes of not being used it automatically shuts down. This saves power (cash) and as most computers have a finite life (they want you to buy the newest model) leaving them running cuts into that life.  Much rather not have to buy a new computer in 5 years or so.

So far we have a mix of CFL and LED lights. Once all the CFL's are gone I will be only using the LED bulbs. They last longer (even though CFL's can and do last a long time) and give off more light with a lower wattage. I have only had to replace one LED that was 9 years old and I believe the only reason that I did was it is in a light fixture attached to a fan. 

I started using my rolling pin on tubes once again. Once I get it as flat as possible and can't squeeze the last bit out I will be again cutting them open to see what I can scrap out. This is something I got out of the habit of doing and really need to do once again. Now if I can just get Hubby doing the same thing.....

That's it for today. I am off to visit with all of you before cuddling into my chair and picking up my sock knitting.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


It has warmed up so much we are getting rain now. Just lovely as that means no walking outside for awhile now. I also will not be attending Harvey's cousins funeral tomorrow, as I just do not drive on ice.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Frugal Friday


Another work week has passed us by (well that if either of us worked). It is so nice not to have to drive on terrible roads most days during the winter. Not driving saves us money on fuel as a tank usually lasts us a month or longer. However as I have appointments in the city the end of this month and next we will be using just a tad more. 

I am definitely going to find ways to save a bit over the next while as Harvey's truck cost just over $2k to service and replace a few things like brake pads, a wiper, and a couple of sensors. Add in to that the radiator flush and oil change and costs mount up. However now he has a vehicle that will last much longer.

So in what ways have I been frugal this past week.

1.  All the usual ways with laundry, and making sure lights are turned off in rooms not in use.

2.  Mending clothing, though this time around it was just a glove that needed a hole darned in it.

3.  I made 3 new draft dodgers using up fabric remnants and an old bag of. That really cut down on the drafts coming under our doors when the wind blows a certain way.

4.  Making sure all leftovers are either made into a new meal or eaten for lunch.

5.  Walking outside when nice and using the treadmill when it isn't. 

6.  Tidying and organizing the house and recycling items for storage use. 

7.  Baked two loaves of bread this week and will be baking another tomorrow.

So that has been my frugal week so far. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Thursday Tidbits


It warmed up quite a bit today, but this nicer weather is not going to last. Tomorrow we are to have snow and blowing snow and then the weekend it will be continuous snow according to those that are supposed to know. 

We were supposed to take Harvey's truck in tomorrow morning at 8 am. Well Harvey decided that it might be best to take it in tonight so we won't have to worry about getting up in the morning. I quite agree and was more than happy to set aside my rug project to go and pick him up at the dealership. Now I can sleep in if that is what I feel like (not that that will happen).

I did manage to get the 200 strips of knit fabric done today and hopefully another 200 done tomorrow. I will end up cutting more strips at some point so as to get more sections done before I put this project for the week.

Harvey has started a new puzzle and seems to be moving along on that. Keeps his mind busy and him out of my hair so I can continue to organize and tidy the house. 

Omicron is taking over the province. My little corner has way too many cases, mind you this area is big for anti-whatever's. What I would like to say or do to these people (some of which are in our extended family...mostly on Harvey's side) isn't really very nice. I have read posts from some of them saying the vaxxed are going to die within 5 years (it used to be a year, but in many cases that has been proved wrong), almost like they are hoping we die for following what our governments have told us to do. I almost, but not quite hope they come down with a darn good case since most of us will get Omicron sooner or later. Not nice of me, but right now I do not feel in the least like giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Finished my rant, and off to do a bit more setting of the table and then visiting all of you.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Oh My

 We are back into the deep freeze. At least today, so far we do not have the wind we had yesterday, the slight breeze we have today is making it feel cold enough.

Both our sons should be back at work. Kris actually went back on Monday, or so he informed us when I phoned him last night. Kurt should be back in his classroom teaching today. Nice to know they are both well on the road to recovery.

Harvey and I, well we are trying our best to stay occupied here at home. Harvey has two wine kits working away in the primaries upstairs here (my kitchen, dining room and office smell like a winery) and is busy working on his first puzzle of the winter. Me, well I am sewing, knitting, working on the rug, and doing my organizing and decluttering. I have now got the front of the house done and hope to work on the hall closets, and the hall pantry tomorrow. 

Keeping busy is actually saving my sanity. If I spent too much time thinking about the state of my city, well I just might go off on a terrible rampage online, thus alienating family and friends. Something I just do not want to do. So I take a deep breath and get buried in work, hobbies, or trying to find new and interesting ways to add more frugality into our lives.

With that idea in mind and the organizing of various areas of the house happening I have pulled some reading material from my shelves.

Hoping for some fresh new ideas. If I can't find anything in these there are a few more gracing my shelves that I can dive into.

Everybody have a wonderful evening (or day depending where in the world you reside). 

God bless.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Menu Monday


Another week, another menu plan. I have already made a few changes in what I had planned, but still sticking to what protein I was going to use for the main dish.


Leftover pork roast, noodles, and corn.


Leftover chicken. I think I might do soft chicken tacos. I do have onion, salsa, sour cream, cheese and tomatoes. Just don't have the lettuce. Does one really need lettuce?


Soup and sandwiches. I think this week the sandwiches will be Grilled Cheese.


Clean out the fridge night. If we have eaten all the leftovers from the meals so far this week, I will make a sausage casserole (there will definitely be leftovers from this meal).


Pancakes and maple syrup.


Leftover sausage casserole.


Leftover ham warmed up, rice, and a veggie of some kind.

So there you have it, considering we could be in the midst of a snow storm/blizzard tonight which could last a few days. With wind, snow and colder temperatures we need some meals that stick to your ribs.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Sunday Ramblings


Tonight is just going to be a series of a few pictures. I am tired as I managed to get all the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen neat, tidy and probably as organized as I will ever get them. Now I look up and see all my cookbooks....I really, really need to go through them and am suffering a bit of angst. I think I might just scan them into the computer and put them on thumb drives. I just don't know, many are handed down through generations on my side of the family. I am tired just thinking about it.

So here are some pictures of projects that I completed this week (and to be honest in the case of the dish cloths part of last week).

The three scarves I wanted done this week. 

Six dish cloths done and put away until they are needed. I will probably be making more next month as I usually like having lots on hand and I want to take some to the family reunion for the silent auction.

Lastly is the sock loom. I really need to study the directions a bit more as they seem pretty complicated.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Saturday Roundup


It hasn't been a really busy week here on the old homestead.  While I have been decluttering and organizing my kitchen I tire out after doing one small section. I really need to organize and tidy more often. However I only have the bottom section of cupboards to do on one side and hope to get those completed tomorrow. 

I also think that worry about Kurt and his very bad cold (he has done a rapid test three times and all three have been negative) as well as the fact that Kris actually did have Covid-19 got to me this week. Seems strange that both were sick the same week, but that is how things seem to go around here.

Kurt sounds terrible, but more along the lines of a bad cold and Kris in his latest text says he is much better today compared to previous days. Kris has another day to recuperate and will more than likely be back to work Monday if the symptoms have gone away. Kurt on the other hand may be missing a bit more work considering how he sounds. He is not a good patient so I have a feeling even if he feels crappy he will go back to work.

I hope to have some photos of finished projects tomorrow. I know that the hand quilting will go on for quite awhile yet. I am just not that quick at hand sewing. The knitting is slowing down as well. I may have to just change things up and work on my rug all the time next week, or for at least the first half of the week. We shall see.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Frugal Friday

 We got a little bit of snow overnight, but nothing like what was being forecast, so I did manage to get out for a little bit of a walk. 

On to frugal happenings on the old homestead.

1.  Using up partial spools of thread to hand quilt. Going to be a bit funky, but that is quite alright by me. 

2.  Hung three loads of washing downstairs on the lines again this week. Takes a bit longer to dry, but that is okay, I really have nothing else to do.

3.  Organizing my cupboards and small pantry in the kitchen. Found lots of items nearing their use by dates so all of that is pulled forward. I did find a few things that were so far past their use by date that I had to toss them. I am a bit upset with myself over that.

4.  Made my shopping list and combined other errands while doing the shopping.

5. Taking as many walks outside as I can sometimes even up to three. One is of course longer but the other two are usually at least 4 blocks. Getting those steps in once again.

6. Harvey has started some white wine and a dessert wine this week. While the kits cost a fair bit to start with the finished product is usually about 1/4 of the cost of buying one in the store.

7.  Still using up, wearing out, and making do. 

I got my letter with the results from the mammogram today and all is normal. One thing off my mind.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Thursday Tidbits

 It has been a rather strange couple of days. We went from above freezing temperatures to below freezing with lots of fog. Supposedly later today a winter storm is to arrive with the beginnings of what could amount to a rather large deposit of the white stuff. I can see that happening as when the fog lifted the skies stayed very dark and dismal.

The other strange things that have happened are perhaps not so strange considering the world we are living in right now.

Kris sent me a text yesterday saying he had tested positive using a rapid test for Covid. Right now he says it is more like a real bad cold, but I will be phoning tonight to see how he is doing.

Kurt put on his twitter account this morning how he started feeling ill in the early evening, but by later he was phoning around to find a sub and making lesson plans. He did a rapid test and it came back negative, he plans on doing one a bit later. 

I really do think that it is only time before we all come down with this variant, I just hope it isn't all at the same time and we all have very mild cases. 

I have been keeping busy hand quilting and knitting scarves this week. I had forgotten how long it takes to do hand quilting, really this quilt will probably not be ready for the binding for a number of months. Still I will get it completed one way or another.

I broke down when shopping today as they had air fryers on sale and I used some of my envelop money to purchase one. As I said to Harvey when I got back with it "What's the use of an air fryer if I can't fry fish in it?" So our old one with the paddle will be thoroughly cleaned and donated. 

Continuing with my organization and declutter of the kitchen. I have one more set of uppers and one more set of lower cabinets and the kitchen will be done and dusted. I can then perhaps move on to the hall closets and the other small pantry. Love having a tidy and organized home.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Thrifty Tuesday


I managed to get out for two walks so far this week, and it looks like tomorrow (barring unforeseen circumstances) will be another outside walk day. Love my thrifty exercise, and love getting some fresh air.

I darned a pair of my gloves this morning. Why does one finger always seem to develop a hole, and it isn't the finger I would even try to swipe my phone with.

I spent a bit of time online over the last week finding free patterns for knitting, cross stitch, and quilting. 

Pulled some bits and bobs of fabric to make the draft dodgers, and took apart the old, ratty ones for some of the stuffing. May as well reuse what I can. 

I have three socks that seem to no longer have a mate, and no chance of matching them to another. These will be cut and put in the bag to use for ties in the garden.

Cut up the pj bottoms of Harvey's that were beyond mending. They are now rags.

Everybody have a wonderful evening (I get to go to a meeting).

God bless.

Monday, January 10, 2022

Menu Monday


A new week, and the week starts off with my 46th wedding anniversary. Means I don't have to make supper tonight. We are not going out, instead we are ordering and picking up. Numbers of infections are crazy here right now. I don't even know if I want to go shopping.....and yet I will have to by Friday (not going Saturday or Sunday just too many people in the store).

Anyhow, here are my menus for the rest of the week.


Take out, just not too sure what as of yet. Probably fried chicken and some salads.


Leftover pork roast. I found some pulled pork spices in my clean out of the pantry in the kitchen. It needs using so that will be made. Served on slices of homemade bread, and a veggie side.


Leftover chili on with toast or perhaps served over leftover roast potatoes (cut up and fried with some onions)


Clean out the fridge night.


Tuna casserole, and a salad.


Pork chops, pasta, and the remains of the salad.


Roast chicken, roast potatoes, roast carrots (do you all see a pattern here). I might try my hand at making a fruit salad if the fruit I would like to use is on sale.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Sunday Ramblings


Not much to really post about today. The extreme cold warning came back today, but really it felt a tiny bit warmer out as I drove to get the mail (Harvey would not let me walk because of the warning). 

Mass was once again watched online, with the rather large uptick in Omicron cases here in my city, it is probably the safest way. There are quite a few parishioners that are anti-vaxxers, but will wear a mask at church. Still I just do not feel safe around them.

I finished cutting up some more strips for the rug, and put them and the rug away for awhile to work on something else next week. I don't think I will get either of the big projects completed this month, but I am going to try my best to get the smaller ones done.

The scrape from the mammogram is getting better. It does still sometimes bother me if I stretch in a certain manner, but no longer seems to be seeping or bleeding. The redness is dissipating as well so I am very happy.

In the use it up department I have managed to use up some floss, another small tube of hand/body lotion, and the lavender liquid hand soap that Kris gave me for Christmas last year. I wonder, can a person use bubble bath as a hand soap? Must look that up.

Other than me being very upset over people not getting vaccinated and family members that say us vaccinated members are blocking or unfriending them on Facebook (I know for a fact it is the other way has happened to me for no apparent reason), there is nothing more to say.

Hopefully the weather improves and I can get out for a walk very soon.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Saturday Roundup


While it has slightly warmed up but the wind is howling and bringing the temperature down to feeling bone chilling. One good thing about this weather is that things are being accomplished here on the old homestead.

I started organizing areas of my home. So far the bathroom has been decluttered from top to bottom and organized so items can be located easier. 

I have gotten the living room in order, well at least the parts that don't have my ongoing projects scattered on the floor. The bookcase and the shelves on the end table and coffee table are nice and neat. Where on earth did all those scraps of papers come from.

My office area is now clean and tidy. At least 4 months of shredding was accomplished today, and my small bookcase that contains printer ink, binders for receipts, bill payments, and car/truck maintenance are all in order. I even managed to clean out some drawers in my plastic container that holds pens, and bill payments until I file them. 

Next week is supposed to be slightly nicer so I hope to be out a bit more, and thinking of how to organize/declutter my kitchen. Mind you by the end of the week it is supposed to be cold and snowy once again.

I promised you all some pictures of what has been accomplished on my projects so far.

This is how far I have gotten on the t-shirt rug. Today I plan on finishing cutting a few more strips to work with in a few days (I am going to set this aside and do a bit of sewing, hand quilting next week). I managed to get another just over 1 complete section of 8 done, and finished off the previous section of 9. 

I am also knitting dish cloths in the evening. I had thought I would have more completed, but will continue until I have the six done and then move on to the scarves I want to complete.

Still there are 4 of the six done (except for working the ends in) and number 5 is on my needles and should be done quite quickly.

Omicron has taken off here in the southeast corner of Saskatchewan, and will probably get worse. Our Health Minister for the province has asked us to hunker down and only go out among others if absolutely necessary. I am so glad that I shop only once every two weeks and if necessary can hold out awhile longer. I know that according to mapping done by the government everyone will come down with this variant sooner or later. I just want it to be later if possible.

I just wish that the vaccine hesitant (nicer way to put it as some actually are hesitant and not anti-vaxxers) would roll up their sleeves and get it done.

Food wise leftovers are being used up and that is a very good thing. Pretty sure I could feed us for months on what is leftover in the fridge and the meat in the freezer. It is a good thing I stock up well during the winter months just in case we have a nasty storm or it is too cold to be outside.

I have lots of craft supplies, and now Harvey has his wine making kits so we should be good for a very long time in the hobby department. I even have some jigsaw puzzles put by for him. I may pull one out for him to do shortly.

I often wonder how people who are not prepared manage to get through a 3 day blizzard or if we really do enter a period of lockdown (now that is something people here in Canada have never really gone through).

Kurt has decided that he is going to write a letter to Ford Canada about his vehicle. There is no way a 5 year old vehicle should have had the catalytic convertor go, or the turbo charger. I hope he gets at least a bit of a rebate on his repair bill. Even the dealership said he should write a letter. As Kurt says though the silver lining is that there is going to be a two year warranty on the repairs.

Kris is still house hunting and I am glad he is taking his time with the search. He is looking at homes that cost a bit more than the first one he looked at, and is making sure there is a basement if there is no garage as he wants to set up a bit of a workshop. Kris unlike Kurt enjoys working with his hands and has helped Harvey lots around the house with renovations and fixes. 

This mammogram is causing me grief this time. My one breast is scraped pretty badly underneath. In fact it even bleeds sometimes. I am cleaning the wound with hydrogen peroxide and putting polysporin on it twice a day. I can't wear a bra, and being on the larger side that causes a few problems as well. Hopefully it starts to heal very soon. It is making me slightly whiney as well. 

How are all of you weathering this new variant?

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Friday, January 7, 2022

Frugal Friday


Our cold snap is slowly lifting for a bit. I know we will be back in the deep freeze again, but this coming respite is just lovely. I may even be able to put on the cleats and take a walk outside. The scenery in the house is not quite as pretty or changing.

Anyhow, what frugal things have been happening around here over the past week.

Since the weather has been very cold since Monday I have been staying in and organizing a little bit. This also enabled me to declutter. Some items went into a bag for donation, some got tossed and still others moved back to their rightful place. 

Meals have been made with what is on hand. My pantry is pretty well stocked and the monthly menu does not even touch the replacements I bought. Bring on a blizzard or a mini lock down. Other than milk (and I do have enough until the 16th) we are well supplied.

We have done well at using up food and making sure there is no waste this week.

Clothing where possible was washed in cold and all loads were rinsed in cold. I got three loads on my lines downstairs as well.

I used up the remaining few tea K-cups, and a few of the hot chocolate K-cups as well. I hope to finish the hot chocolate ones this month.

Baked bread, made soup from stock, and cooked from scratch every day (well the rice and beans were a package, but that was the only pre-packaged food this week).

All in all a pretty frugal week.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Thursday Tidbits


I started the year off so well, and then boom missed posting yesterday. Really nothing exciting happened, we are still under an extreme cold warning as we have been since almost right after Christmas (we did have one warmish kind of day). 

Today was our coldest day so far, and of course I had to head out for the biannual squishing of the breast tissue. It always seems as if the day I get is the coldest so far of the winter. I was in and out, but the tissue under my right breast was really pinched and is causing me a bit of pain right now. 

I was happy to jump back in my vehicle and get home once the procedure was completed. I am forever grateful to our provincial government here who set up mobile buses for us "rural" folk to get our mammo's. Really saves having to drive 2 hours to get one done in Regina or Saskatoon (that is an even longer drive).

Since it has been so cold I have been able to get some organizing done. The bathroom cupboard, drawers, medicine cabinet, and shelf are nice and cleaned. A few items were tossed (old makeup and very old after shave), but others were added to the donation bag that will be heading out once it warms up a bit. I then moved into the living room and got the bookcase cleared of a mish mash of papers, and the shelves on the coffee and end table cleared out and tidy. My where does all that paper come from.

I finished the mitts for Harvey and I just before the end of the year. Thus using up a bit more of that free wool yarn I got from a friend. There is enough for a toque so perhaps by the end of the month all that will be gone.

I hope to share some pictures of things I have been working on this week on Saturday. I hope there are some big changes and I have managed to use up more of my various stashes.

Oh, I should show you the birthday cake that Harvey bought me as well. That is all gone now. It gave us dessert for a number of days.

I do love a good Black Forest Cake, as he well knows.

Since it was so cold today, I decided a cup or two of tea this afternoon would hit the spot. I even used a tea cup instead of my regular mug. My new tea pot sure holds a great deal of tea, but does not seem to keep it as warm as my old one. I may have to make a tea cozy in the very near future.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Thrifty Tuesday


Well the cold and snow has arrived once again. I am almost sure that we almost have more snow now than we did all last year.

Harvey replaced the batteries in my VivoFit and for some reason it won't got to the right time, right date, or even sync with my phone. Something is very wrong. It does count my steps, but they are going to be out by quite a bit. I may be keeping track on a piece of paper.

Our garbage bin still has not been picked up. The other side of the road was done earlier, I wonder if they forgot us or if their truck is having problems once again.

Got a call from Kurt about his car and there is even more problems with it. The catalytic converter seems to have collapsed in on its self. His bill will now be $4600 to get it fixed. He says he will never buy a Ford again and he is writing a letter to Ford Canada to complain.

That is pretty much all our news from here so I will move on to any thrifty moves I have made this week.

I have been busy using things up. Slowly but surely leftovers are being repurposed and made into different meals. Some of which feed us for more than one meal. 

I am knitting some new dish cloths from recycled yarn. I had an older knitted blanket that no longer suited my d├ęcor so I took it apart, washed and dried the yarn awhile back and rolled it into balls. Since this is cotton yarn it is perfect to restock my knitted dish cloth stash.

I am reading a very inexpensive book on my ereader, working on my rug, and watching a series on my computer attached to the television. That small mini computer was the best purchase I made that year, I have used it a great deal.

I have organized the bathroom cupboards, drawers and shelves. I have added a few things to a bag to be donated when I next use the car (when I go for my mammogram on Thursday).

I am back to only using the dishwasher every second day and handwashing pots, pans and casserole dishes once a day.

Lights are being turned off when not in a room.

I am sure there are more, but I just can't think of them right now.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Monday, January 3, 2022

Menu Monday


A new year and a new week. I hope everyone is recovering from their holiday celebrations and using up those leftovers or have frozen them for use later.

Pork chops, rice and leftover raw veggies with dip.

Leftover roast beef made into a beef and noodle casserole. Served with mixed veggies. I will freeze any leftovers for use later.

Soup and sandwiches. I will use up some turkey stock and make noodle soup. Served with tuna salad sandwiches.

Leftover Turkey made into an a la King dish. I will put peas into the mixture and serve it on toast.

Salmon Fillets, mashed potato patties, and a salad.

Leftover Turkey a la King once again served on toast.

Pork roast, roasted potatoes, and roasted carrots as well as the remaining salad.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.
God bless.

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Sunday Ramblings


The sun is shining today, the temperature has risen and I even got out and about for some fresh air. I did my shopping today, took down the small Christmas tree upstairs, and worked on my rug for a bit (taking a break now as my fingers are becoming all thumbs). 

I picked up a free rapid test box (contains 5 tests) at the grocery store. I would love to have another on hand, but I noticed the store seems to be running low on them. Hopefully the provincial government gets more and distributes them to the same drop off places. We are lucky here in Saskatchewan that they are free and fairly easy to get. I also picked up some more 3 ply masks. Chances are we will be wearing them for awhile. 

I have been thinking about some financial goals for this year and making a list of things that will probably need doing this year. We have a tree that is dying that needs to be removed, and our water heater is more than likely on its last legs (it has actually lasted longer than it was supposed to with our hard water). I would also like to get rid of our plastic fridge containers and move to glass ones. 

We did very well at staying under budget for the year, but things are rising and I know they will get worse. While I can't do a challenge only using the money I have managed to squirrel away over the past year, what I can do is try to only spend the bare minimum. I don't want to deplete the pantry and freezers too much because one never knows what could happen down the road. Storms, lockdowns (not that we have ever had a real lockdown), or just plain not wanting to go shopping. Even though I mostly bought sale items today my grocery bill was high. It does seem a bit less when I take into account that it is for two weeks, but I would like to get it lower if possible.

I will have a no buying of yarn and fabric until all I have in my stash is pretty much gone. I haven't been spending much on those hobbies, or on my cross stitch hobby so this should be easily done. Pretty sure except for a very few items I have enough for my Cricut as well. 

Clothing wise, I think other than a new pair of trainers for Hubby and I (and perhaps underwear and socks) we should be just fine for the year. 

My jars of change will help pay for our family reunion, and by using our credit card we will get money back on the mini vacation (if you can call being around extended family that calls you names for being vaccinated and wearing a mask a vacation).

I am still thinking of some personal goals and will probably report on those a bit later.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless. 

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year


Everyone have a wonderful year.

God bless.