Sunday, March 31, 2024

Happy Easter


It has been a quiet day here today. Kris left for home this morning and because of this we had our Easter meal last night. Wish Kris could have stayed one more day, but he had lots of laundry to get done, and he had some other plans that needed done before he works again on Tuesday. Of course I sent Kris home with a care package. He took home one of the packages of summer sausage lunch meat, an Eggplant Parma, a container of Potato Soup, some leftover frozen ham, 6 homemade buns, a jar each of mint jelly and tomato jam. Wish it could have been more, but we will be going up again next month so who knows what I will be able to share with him. 

I did up our spending for the month and while some lines were over, many were under. So that enabled us to be under total budget for the month. I really hope to be even further under the month of April, and keeping my fingers crossed that I can get a better handle on groceries and the cost of replacing items in this house. Seems our front door knob is worn out, which is not a great thing really as replacements are quite expensive. 

As it is the end of the month I guess it is time to fill all in on what projects I have managed to complete or am still working on.

1.  Cross stitch. Working on this and will continue next month. I hope to have a picture soon to show all you how much this has progressed. Right now not a great deal as so many daysD this month were cloudy.

2.  Sandwich the quilt. Done

3.  Knit first lapghan. Done

4.  Start second lapghan. Actually completely finished this month as well.

5.  Organize and make pantry book. Done

6.  Do up freezer inventories. Upright freezer completed, but not the chest freezer as of yet. I decided I needed to clear some items out before making the inventory.

7.  Copy up to 14 recipes on cards that we enjoy. Done

8.  Cut out shorts. Done

9.  Cut out top. Done

10.  Organize freezers. The upright is done, but not the chest freezer. 

So not too bad, but I could have gotten a bit more done if only I was more on the ball at using items of veggies, fruits and baking that are stored in the chest freezer. 

I have next month's goals ready to go and will share them with you all in another post. I also need to take a few more photo's of the finished projects. I will share with you all on Tuesday.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Friday, March 29, 2024

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Thrifty and Frugal Thursday

 Thrifty and Frugal  

Another week has gone by since my last Thursday post, which I actually did on Friday. Guess I got my days confused.

Today has clouded up and is really quite cool with the wind. I guess the snow that has been predicted is on it's way. I just hope we don't get too bad a storm that it prevents Kris from getting home or Kurt and his students from getting to their plan from Calgary on time (supposed to be very icy there). I am keeping my phone close so that any messages that come through can be read quickly. I had to move the bird feeder from its mounting as the wind had started to blow it off.

We have had Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers at the suet out front for most of the winter. Harvey decided to make a bird house for them (well one set at any rate). Thrifty man is using up bits of wood from his workshop downstairs. He plans on hanging it out near the suet. He also plans on taking down one of the nests out there and cleaning it out. Having our feathered friends visit is a very simple pleasure. I will be getting ready for the return of the Hummers and other such birds as well.

Thrifty and frugal habits are helping keep bills down once again. Lights are off in rooms not in use, and since winter seems to be sticking around I have still been putting out the draft dodgers to keep the cold air from coming inside.

Shopping my fridge and freezers as well as the pantry to use items up. My grocery shopping has been held to just a few meat items that are on sale each time I go. Now that the upright meat freezer is organized and inventoried it will be so much easier to use things up.

I have been shopping my yarn stash and found enough yarn of the right type to knit two tank tops for the summer. I did purchase some cotton yarn to make another, but I am sure I can find enough of the type I need to make 4. I am very short on the tank top summer type shirts this year. 

Still hanging clothing on the lines downstairs, I can hardly wait until I can hang things outside, thus getting all the washing dry at the same time. 

I have started to figure out what it costs per our dinner meals. I would like to get it down to about $3 or $4 per meal and our daily meal costs down to less than $10 each day. 

I am making more of our sweets and desserts as well as bread products. I am going to try and make new and interesting types of bread. 

I mended a couple of seams and replaced some elastic in a pair of Harvey's pajamas. 

Worked on various projects around the house and have tried to figure out ways to get my life simpler. I am still thinking about the loom versus the heat press but am leaning more and more towards a loom.

The one unfrugal thing I did this week was purchase a duvet and duvet cover. Harvey wanted something like we had when in a hotel, so I got that for him. He says it makes doing the bed in the morning so easy. Now Harvey likes it, me, well I am not so sure.

I was asked the name and author of the book on Simpler Living I am reading once again. It is entitled Simpler Living and is written by Jeff Davidson. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Midweek A Journey to a Simpler Life


First off some slightly bad news. Harvey was at the optometrist today to have his field of vision checked again (this happens twice a year) and it was discovered his glaucoma is getting worse in one eye. Not bad enough for an operation, but bad enough that the eye doctor is going to write a letter to his GP to ask him to change one of the blood pressure pills. One Harvey is on is known to cause glaucoma or make it worse. So now he has two separate eye drops to use every day and needs to go back in a month.

I finished another chapter in my Simpler Living book and will share a few things with you all.

1. Get those piles organized. Collect everything on your desk or table that needs your attention. Sort into four piles using the terms urgent, important, interesting and recycle. Rank those important items by putting the most important on top. Work on that item first.

2. Try and reduce the size and volume of your paperwork. If only one page of a report is actually needed, just keep that one.

3. Use holding bins which can even be a shoebox to stem the accumulation on your desk.

4. Separate belongings according to season. 

5. Store frequently used items in multiple locations in your house. I have glass cleaner beside the computer, and in my bedroom as well as the bathroom, along with the cloth to clean my glasses.

6. Try and keep some space in your file drawers, desk drawers, drawers, closets and shelves (this includes the pantry.... I have trouble with this one).

7. Do not allow items to enter your home that are frivolous or will complicate your life. I throw junk mail into the recycle basket immediately.

The second chapter was entitled "Create Clearings in Your Life."

The third chapter is entitled "Anticipating Complexity". We do live in a very complex world.

My back has been pretty good today. I have been doing gentle stretches, and have cut back on my D3. I was taking 1450 IU a day and now I am only taking 450 every second day. I am hoping the lower dose works for me. I also have osteoporosis which could be part of the problem so I am walking more, even if it is just around the house.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Tuesday Tidbits


I was asked if I had a diagnosis on my back pain as of yet, and the answer is no. My doctor figures it is arthritis as it seems to be worse when there is a weather change. He has me undergoing a few tests over the next while. Today, with the sunshine and no snow or rain, I have very little pain. I am also learning that I just might have to slow down a tad and rest between tasks and move a bit more. 

While cooler today, the sun was shining and I managed to fill in a bit more of my cross stitch. Picture when I get a bit more done. While I won't get even close to being done by the end of the month good progress is being made on it.

I finished knitting the second lapghan and did cast on for one of my knitted tank tops. I even got the upright freezer inventoried and organized. This was a good day. 

Changed the menu for this week as I did not have enough chicken to make what I had planned. Instead I pulled some cabbage rolls out and warmed them up. There is enough for another meal, which we will have on Thursday. Tomorrow will be a ham casserole, the extra will be frozen for a meal later on. 

It has been a very quiet day. Hopefully more to share with you all tomorrow.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Monday, March 25, 2024

Menu Monday


My back is still giving me a bit of grief. I just have to move a bit more often, which makes getting things done a bit difficult.

I actually changed the menu already (well moved things around a bit). 


Instead of the chicken legs and backs (we had those on Sunday), we will be having the Ham Pasties. Served with the last of the salad.


Pulling out a bag of frozen leftover chicken and making Chicken a la King. That will be served over toast along with peas.


The last bag of leftover ham will be made into a Scalloped potato and Ham casserole. Serving this will sliced raw cucumber and dip.


Finishing what is left of the casserole from yesterday, and served with green beans.


Eggplant Parma.


Potato Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches (unless Kris plans on heading home tomorrow then I will make the Sunday meal today).


Roast ham, mashed potatoes, tossed salad, mixed veggies and some kind of dessert (probably a pie of some sort). I have pickles that need using up as well so will get those cleared out of the fridge. If I have made this on Saturday, because Kris wants to leave today, Harvey and I will have Saturday's meal.

Off to get supper on the table. I will do my best to visit all of you at some point tonight.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Sunday Ramblings


We managed to get to Palm Sunday Mass, but man my back was causing me grief. Ended up leaving right after Communion which is something I really dislike doing. By this time however it was starting to hurt to even walk. 

Got home, had some toast as I wasn't hungry really and rested my back for a bit. I can only sit or stand for a certain length of time and so in between I walk or move a bit. This is not fun in the least. 

Needless to say, I need to figure out some way to work with the pain and not against it. I will be trying a heating pad tonight to see if that works to reduce the pain. 

I did get some knitting done when I could sit, and when I needed to move I dusted the entire living room. I also managed to get some of my lists of tasks done for this up coming month, the to do lists for next week as well, and started to work on the shopping list.

We are heading into the most important part of the Catholic calendar and I am wondering how much I can take part in this year. Keeping my fingers crossed for at least Holy Thursday, and Good Friday. I know I won't be able to take part in Easter Vigil, but perhaps Easter Sunday. We will just have to play it by ear I guess.

The only thing I enjoy about getting older and having to slow down is that it makes me appreciate simple and frugal living. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Saturday Roundup


Nothing really completed as far as projects go this week. Hopefully during the next week much more will be able to be posted about. I do plan on working on my new goals/projects for next month at some point tonight as well as my extra cleaning list with the added spring cleaning items. 

So what will my post be tonight??? I was asked a week or so ago to post my Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe and so that is what I will do.

Peanut Butter Cookies

1 cup butter or margarine
1 cup brown sugar, packed
1 cup white sugar
2 eggs
1 cup smooth peanut butter
3 cups flour
2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1 to 2 cups chocolate chips (I used the Reese's Pieces I saved from the Halloween candy left over)

Cream butter and both sugars together. Beat in eggs one at a time. Mix in peanut butter. Stir in flour, soda and salt. Add the chocolate chips or in my case (and Hubby says the Reese's Pieces were an awesome change). Make dough into small balls. F Place on ungreased baking sheets allowing room for expansion. Press balls with a fork. Dip fork into flour to prevent batter sticking (I did not have to do this). Bake at 375F (190C) for 12-15 minutes. This makes just over 6 dozen for the size of ball I roll.


Everybody have a wonderful evening.
God bless. 

Friday, March 22, 2024

Thrifty and Frugal Thursdays

 Thrifty and Frugal  

We are home now from out trip for my appointment and our visit with Kris. So nice to be able to sleep in our own bed. Got back early enough to do some needed work around the house and get everything put away or in the hamper to be washed. 

While the last couple of days have not really been overly frugal, everything I did purchase was on sale, and I did save lots of cash. 

On the way home we stopped at the Warehouse store in the city just an hour away from us. Mostly just to pick up my tinfoil containers and lids, (my goodness the price has really gone up on those) and decided to take a walk around the store. Years ago we used to purchase large rolls of summer sausage, chicken breasts, turkey breasts and roasted beef (sometime bologna). We would bring them home and cut them up and package them into sandwich meat sized freezer bags. It has been a very long time since we have done so, but picked up a large 5 pound summer sausage roll to see how it could save us some money. The roll cost $19.00 but we got 12 packages of 12 slices each, and a small package of 5 which is in the fridge. 

Now to purchase the same 12 slice packages in the store would cost well over $7.00, and that is on sale. So the 12 packages would have cost us $84.00. The roll cost $19.00 so I saved close to $70.00 when you take into account the package of 5 in the fridge. 

Harvey has now decided it might possibly be worth our while to make a trip there every couple of months to pick up a few things for this purpose and perhaps get some other meats as well.

Before we left I did the usual frugal/thrifty things like hanging clothing on the lines downstairs, opening the drapes on sunny days so the sun would heat the house during the day, using small appliances whenever possible to cook our meals, shopping sales, taking walks on those nice days for free exercise, reading free or inexpensive books that I had downloaded onto my ereader (used gift cards to pay for those that had a cost) and turning off lights in the evenings.

I also saved some twist ties, and washed out some plastic bags to reuse.

We took two meals up to Kris's, after all he is saving us about $250.00 in hotel bills when I need to go and see my specialist. Having to supply some of the meals is no problem and saves him some money as well. I should say that he does supply the electricity to reheat or cook the meals. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Tuesday Tidbits

 Our trip to the city went very well. Sky was clear and even though we fought the wind part of the way, our gas milage wasn't  too bad.

We went to Fabricland and Harvey pulled the cart for me, with a great deal of eye rolling. Which of course cut my shopping pleasure a bit.

Now we are relaxing, Harvey is watching curling, and Kris is playing with his phone.

Off to start our supper, since I supplied it.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Monday, March 18, 2024

Menu Monday


A new week has arrived, bring with it surprise weather and me keeping my fingers crossed that Kris will be able to make it home for Easter and then back to his own home. The snow is supposed to start Wednesday night here and continue all the way up to Easter with a day's break from it. At least the amount of snow we are supposed to get is dropping each day. 


Leftover Lazy Perogy Casserole. 


I am taking a container of Chili up to Kris's. He is going to supply the bread for toast. Probably taking some veggies with us as well so they do not spoil. We can have them with whatever he wants to make on the next day.


Kris will surprise us, or perhas we can go out for supper. We shall see how we feel.


Home and I have pulled some Cabbage Bread to warm up for supper this night.


Fish fillets, rice and a salad.


Pulling out a package of frozen pork and warming it up. Probably have the leftover rice and salad with it.


I am going to pull the last remaining Ham Pasties out of the fridge freezer and make some peas to go with this meal.

Slowly making headway on the using up the bits and bobs, as well as meals from the fridge freezer. The next week before Easter I will be trying to use up even more from this area of my house. It will also be a clean out some areas of the fridge and the crispers as well. 

Still doing research and finding out loads of interesting stuff on supplements. I may have fallen down a rabbit hole on this research.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Midmonth Goal Roundup


Time to update everyone on what I have accomplished so far this month.

1. Counted cross stitch angel. Plan on getting as much done as possible. Working on this.

2.  Sandwich the baby quilt.  Done

3.  Finish the first lapghan.  Done

4.  Start the next lapghan.  Started and almost halfway completed

5.  Make pantry book.  Done

6.  Make freezer books (I want to get two books done, one for the meat freezer and one for the chest freezer).

7.  Copy at least 14 recipes of the ones we have tried onto index cards. Add them to the recipe album.  Done

8.  Cut out a top.  Done

9.  Cut out a pair of shorts.  Done

I hope to get the one freezer book started tomorrow, perhaps even finished. The chest freezer may take just a bit longer to create. This is the only inventory I am leary of trying to do. So much in there. I am beginning to think I should use some items up before even attempting the inventory.

Off to check in with all of you, and do some more research on the Vitamin D problem. I think when I said "flush it out" I should have used a different term. Everything I have been reading says to cut back on calcium enriched foods or supplements, and drink lots of fluids. Mainly because an excess of Vitamin D can cause calcification in the blood and various organs. That can be flushed out. However since I have osteoporosis I am loath to cut all calcium. I need to read more on Vitamin K because some of my research states this is another method of controlling the amount of Vitamin D in one's body. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Friday, March 15, 2024

Towards A Simpler Life


The quest to make your life simpler can seem daunting and out of reach, yet the book I am reading once again is giving me ways that will help me reach my goal. Perhaps not by the end of this year, but sooner than I thought.

This is what I have gleaned from my reading so far.

1. Make sure any changes you make come naturally and easily. That way one is more likely to continue with them. Don't attempt any major changes.

2. Realize we live in complex times, and keep this simple reality in mind.

3. When, not if, you encounter a problem, the solution might be right there in the problem itself.

4. Simple tasks, like making your bed each morning shouldn't be overlooked.

5. You must pursue happiness in every corner of your life. That way you will be more productive, focused and directed.

6. You need to be willing to let go of the idea of social status and financial success. Focus instead on the most comfortable, rewarding or enjoyable.

7. Start with easy wins in your efforts. Once you reap those rewards you will want to keep going.

So that is the first chapter done. The second chapter starts with some easy to do wins so you can focus your mind on a simple life.

I did Google the amount of Vitamin D one should be taking at my age and with osteoporosis. It is pretty confusing as the Mayo Clinic says one thing and other sites say something else. So right now my plan is to back off to the bare minimum and see how my back reacts (bone pain is one of the symptoms of too much D, and also a loss of appetite). I will still take my calcium and the bare minimum of the D. I will also be drinking lots of fluids to wash out what I can of the excess. I am giving it a month and then if there is little or no improvement will be making an appointment.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless. 

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Thrifty and Frugal Thursdays

 Thrifty and Frugal 

It's been a cloudy day again, the sun is just starting to peek out from between the clouds. Of course too late for me to work on my stitching. 

It has been a nice thrifty and frugal week here on the old Phillips homestead.

I made bread crumbs from some of the bits and bobs of old dried bread pieces I had.

From the remains of the last dry, stale loaf (this happens way to much with homemade bread) I made garlic flavoured croutons.

Free exercise this week while the sun shone as I had a couple of longer walks.

Our gas bill was lower this month as was our electric bill and the phone bill (phone bill was because I got a $50.00 credit for doing our internet contract online). 

The bills will all be paid tomorrow online saving stamps or the gas I would use running around.

I baked a new loaf of bread.

Used the leftover rice to make rice pudding.

Rummaged through the fridge freezer and replanned meals for the upcoming weeks to use things up in there.

I have been reading free books on my ereader. Some have been very good, the one I am reading now is a bit confusing.

Did a bit of decluttering as well. 

I am also reading a few pages every day in my Simpler Living book which I will share with all of you tomorrow. I am really glad I pulled it out to read once again. It has reopened my eyes as to what is really important.

Still on the use up the craft stash mentality. So far I have used up quite a bit of yarn, and my fabric stash is slowly going down as well. 

I did a bit of research on why I could be having so much lower back pain, and discovered I could be taking a bit too much Vitamin D, so I am going to cut back on that and see what happens. Then my next doctor appointment I am going to discuss with him what exactly are the amounts I should be taking. It has been more or less a guessing game on my part.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024



After all the snow we got on the weekend, the sun and rising temperatures have more or less made it disappear. In saying that however, the forecast for tonight and tomorrow is snow. And then a couple of days next week the same thing is supposed to happen. Pretty sure the snow is coming tonight as the sun has disappeared and the sky is very dark. 

I did get out for a walk which seems to have helped my back a bit. There is still a bit of pain, but nothing I can't handle.

Today I went through the fridge freezer and changed a few menus for the remaining days this month, just to use up a few more bits and bobs that have been in there for awhile. I think I will be doing so even into next month a little bit. Things are getting used up even if it is just going to be used in sandwiches. In fact I pulled out a bag that only has two slices of roast beef and Harvey can have those as his sandwich meat. There is also a bag of small cooked chicken pieces that I will make chicken salad out of when we get back from Kris's. 

Went for a walk yesterday and today, man am I out of shape. I will be glad when I can get out every day and enjoy the fresh air.

It was grocery list day today, so I pulled up the online flyers and started writing things down. I will even be able to get a few things to restock the pantry. Pretty much all is reasonably priced and I am refusing to purchase sandwich meat as that is not on sale. Our No Frills store had nothing on sale that we needed or wanted. The Co-op has a really great sale on ground meat at a price I probably haven't seen in many a month. I hope to stock up on that for sure. Summer BBQ season is coming and I see lots of burgers in our future, or Taco Salad.

Fuel prices have risen and I am so glad that we never really go any place other than our own city (well this month we go to the city for my cancer checkup and to visit Kris). My last purchase of gas was the end of January and here we are in the middle of March. Shopping only every second week is really saving us the cost of fuel. Makes having to fill more often when we go on a trip kind of shocking.

Slowly but surely finding ways to cut our bills bit by bit. This is actually fun and keeps me on my toes. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Tuesday Tidbits


After a night of tossing and turning due to back pain, I have been taking it a bit easier today. I did get all the tasks done, but made sure I had plenty of rest between each. Since I can't sit for long, I made sure to do some walking around the house as well. My thoughts are another weather change is coming up (looked a bit ago and we are forecast to get some rain). 

Sky was dark and overcast today, so no embroidery was done. Having to get up and down often, kind of makes that difficult. I did manage to get some rows of knitting done, and a bit of extra cleaning (where I did not have to bend over). Dang back pain!!!

A list of items has been made and will be added to as things we will need to stock up on when I can find them on sale. Now if I can just get Harvey to mark off when he takes something out of the pantry to snack on I will be extremely happy. Right now I am going through and removing things for him. Bad Jackie, he is never going to learn if I keep doing this.

I was going to make the leftover pork into hash for supper tonight, but I found some frozen stir fry veggies that need to be used so I will be making that instead. There is always enough left over for a second meal. 

Bread crumbs were made from the bits and bobs of leftover bread, and I even cubed up the last bit of the loaf that was getting a bit dry and made croutons. Pulled the leftover rice out of the fridge and made rice pudding for our desserts the next little while. 

I am getting much better at using things up that are taking up room in my fridge. Still have to amalgamate a few things into one jar, but there has been some forward movement on that as well. 

Hmmm, wonder if one can amalgamate jars of peanut butter as for some reason two jars of smooth are open. Guess I could make peanut butter cookies to use up one of the jars.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless. 

Monday, March 11, 2024

Menu Monday


Time for another weekly menu, and this week I am doing a clean out the fridge and fridge freezer week of cooking. As is usual, things seem to build up in those hidden corners and I have become pretty darn lax at getting them gone. 


A bag of frozen leftover roast beef made into Beef Stroganoff. I will fry up the leftover potatoes from last night, and set out the leftover cucumber slices and grape tomatoes.


I will be using up a bag of leftover pork roast from the freezer. I think Pork Hash will be the menu item. Served with peas as the second veggie.


Leftover stroganoff served over noodles. Probably mixed veggies as the side.


Leftover pork hash, this time with corn as the veggie and perhaps some green beans.


Perogies and sour cream.


Pulling out the other container of leftover Chicken Casserole (will be adding some more tomatoes to it).


Beef roast, roasted potatoes, gravy and roasted carrots. I will have done the weekly shop so salad will also be on the menu.

I should make a pumpkin pie and perhaps another pumpkin cake which I will slice and freeze.

I will probably make a few changes to next weeks menu those days we are home in order to clear some more room, in the dreaded drawers. Perhaps I should actually continue the clear out the fridge freezer for as long as I can. I will need to see what is left after this week and do a bit of planning.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Sunday Ramblings


Mass today, and boy by the time the service ended I could hardly concentrate as my back was killing me. We are nearing the end of our Lenten journey and this Sunday we are given a bit of a break from the usual Lenten practices. To celebrate we went out for breakfast after Mass. Now I am almost too full to even think about partaking of the evening meal, which will be ready in about 30 minutes. So much food!!!! The price was very reasonable however, breakfasts always are the least expensive meal out even after a tip. 

I managed to do a bit more cross stitch, but set that aside to get some recipes copied out that we want to keep. Got quite a few of those completed and I think I may work on those once again tomorrow and perhaps finish that goal off for the month. Tonight it will be knitting and perhaps adding the next skein into the mix.

The sun is shining, the snow melting and mud once again appearing. I have a feeling all the snow will be gone in a few days, just in time for the next snowfall to hit next week and the week after. It is March on the prairies and this is not unusual, just not enjoyed as we are all waiting for spring.

This coming week will be a use up the items in the fridge freezer and some pantry and fridge items. Way too much in both to leave for much longer. I really should have done a pantry, fridge and fridge freezer clear out much before this week. After watching YouTube videos of others doing so for a month, I should be able to manage at least a week and next year will do some planning ahead when I make up menus for the month.

Now, I am having lots of trouble with my toilet brush. Great gobs of the bristles are coming out leaving large gaps and so I have been searching for something my Mom used to clean her toilets in the hotels they owned.  She had a small string mop type brush. The only ones I have seen for sale are called basting mops.... I wonder if one could use those? When you have to replace your toilet brush almost every month it seems a bit over the top. I want something like the old days, something that would last at least a year or longer. The other type of brush I have been looking at is silicone. Has anyone used this type of toilet brush? If you have does it last?

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Saturday Roundup


Nothing really completed this week, just the working on the pantry items and getting an inventory made of all that we have, and all that we are short on. I am hoping that this helps Thus (well me really) with the using up and shopping at home first. I really need to be more aware of what needs to be used.

This week I will try and get the two freezers in the basement tidied and an inventory of each made. This will enable me to use items up before frost damage and before spring arrives and the garden planning begins. I really need to know what needs using up before we start stocking things once again. Pretty sure there will be more items than I figure on. 

I have been knitting and working on the counted cross stitch. Not getting as much done on either as I would like. Next cloudy day I will be copying some of the recipes we have tried that were absolutely wonderful. I also have some new recipes that I will need to try out over the next little while. 

While I am trying to make my life simpler, I don't want to do anything too quickly or get rid of items that would actually be useful in a simpler life. I actually think that attaining a simple life is not quite as "simple" as it is made out to be.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Friday, March 8, 2024

Simpler Living


As most of you know I am on a quest to make our lives a bit simpler. Not that anything in this day and age can really be considered simple. 

Our world is getting more and more complex and what we need to do is work through the complexity. Firstly we need to acknowledge this and view this as a challenge. Then we need to look for the answer to that challenge. Instead of saying What can I do?, ask ourselves instead What will I do?

One thing I have learned is not to go to extremes. Take your wardrobe for instant. If you are still working, don't whittle things down to 2 pairs of pants, 1 blouse, 1 dress, a couple of skirts, and a few t-shirts. That will never work. In my quest to simplify as things get badly worn or no longer fit, I remove them from my wardrobe and donate them, or if they are in really rough shape, cut into rags, or material that can be used in another project. 

This just goes to show that pairing ones wardrobe, household items or even credit cards below a sensible level is not simplicity but could be an emergency waiting to happen later on. 

Leaving things undone (like not making your bed, or doing the dishes) is not simplicity. In fact I feel they take away from living a simple life. In fact doing these types of things could even lead someone into becoming a hermit. After all since you won't be entertaining any longer why take baths as often, why not eat out of the pots that you cook in rather than keep using your plates.....

Having a simpler life does not mean doing without, it is just a different life. It is not one of doing without, it is doing with just a bit less.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Thrifty and Frugal Thursday

 Thrifty and Frugal 

Once again even though we had snow most of the weekend, and again yesterday, the week has speed past. In just two weeks we will be in the city for my cancer check up. The year has gone by quickly, but not quickly enough for that particular session. Then in about 4 weeks I have to go back up and get the results. 

So what frugal and thrifty things have been happening on the Phillips homestead.

Harvey used items in his workroom to build a table to do his puzzles on. Well this table goes on top of the other table he ordered but with the edging he put on he is able to do the puzzles much easier.

Since the weather was so crappy we did not drive any where for a number of days. The only driving was to the vehicle dealership to get the oil changed and the estimate on the repair. They gave us a free cleaning as well. Free is good.

Went out for coffee with a friend at their home a couple of times. Free coffee is always welcome to me.

I repaired a seam on a nightgown.

I cleaned some cupboards and made an inventory of what I have and now know what I need to purchase when the items are on sale.

Saved the elastics from the asparagus. They are so nice and wide.

Fixed the waistband on a pair of Harvey's boxers.We

Worked on using up all leftovers for our lunches. 

Hung clothes on the lines downstairs.

Turning off lights in rooms not in use and making sure the lights are off on those sunny days.

Went for a walk on a couple of the days when the weather was conducive to that. Free exercise.

No spending other than the oil change.

Shoveling the snow for more exercise.

Wearing an apron when cooking or doing messy tasks around the house. 

Reusing plastic ziplock bags whenever possible.

So that's about all I can remember right now. Hopefully the new frugal habits stick.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Wednesday, March 6, 2024



Here we are at the first midweek of another month. I have a feeling that even though we are becoming snowed in a bit this is another month that will whiz right by.

We got snow late last night that kept right on falling for most of the day. Harvey and I shoveled again today. Not as much as the first big snowfall, but about 4". One more cold day and then the temperature starts to rise once again. We will be over the freezing mark during the day for the rest of the week and hopefully beyond. 

It was overcast for most of the day so no cross stitching took place. Still there were a few projects I could work on that not much light was needed. Of course one of those projects was knitting (which will continue this evening) and I worked on cleaning and inventorying the pantry in the kitchen. No before picture, but here's a picture of the finished kitchen pantry.

While I can't see every item, thanks to the clean up I know where everything is and thanks to the inventory I know how much we have of each item. This also helped me see what I need to look for when things are on sale to restock some items that have gotten low.

I don't know why the first photo is so blurry. Must have moved the camera slightly.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Tuesday Tidbits


We took the vehicle into to get an oil change, and get an estimate on what it would cost to fix our plug in. The plug in is going to be pretty darn costly, but since winter is slowly loosening its grasp here on the prairies we can wait awhile to get that done. It also gives me a bit of time to save for that as well as new tires for Harvey's truck and the replacement of a sensor on the same truck. Could be an expensive year for vehicles this year. We could easily pay for those, but I kind of like making a game of the whole thing.

We are supposed to get more snow starting tonight and into tomorrow. Then we have a warmer number of days to look forward to. I am hoping that winter's icy grip is loosening. So looking forward to planting and starting seeds. 

I changed the menu for tonight to one we were going to have later this month. We picked up the vehicle so late that the time to make a casserole was really cut down. We will still have the casserole on Thursday, and I will freeze half to have later on the day we were going to have this meal.

So, what have I been doing all day? I walked to my friends for coffee, stopped in and talked to another friend for a bit on the way home, knit, did the household tasks, and planned what extra things I will do tomorrow. My life has no big swings from highs to lows and that is how I like it. Life is not always exciting and that is what makes those times of travel, meeting with friends and the company of loved ones just so special.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


Monday, March 4, 2024

Menu Monday


A new week. One in which we will continue our digging out from the snow. Probably a bit more will be done tomorrow after we take the SUV in for an oil change.

Even though it is cold outside, the sun is at least shining. That meant I got to do a bit of stitching before my eyes went crazy. I think I just might have placed another 50 or so stitches in the cross stitch I had set aside. 

Most household tasks are completed. I do need to clean the bedrooms. They just need a quick dusting.

So here are the menus for this week.


Chili over pasta with some sour cream and grated cheese on top.


A casserole out of the leftover chicken. Served with the remains of the salad I made on Sunday.


Soup and sandwiches. It has been awhile since we had egg salad sandwiches and I have lots of eggs.


Leftovers from Tuesday, plus I will use up the last of the asparagus.


Lentil Curry on rice and a salad.


I have a package of Mexican Rice and beans that I will make up. I am planning on adding some sausage to it as well.


Roast pork, roasted potatoes and roasted carrots.

Later this week I will make some pudding for two nights desserts as we still have some of the pumpkin cake left and that needs using up.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Sunday Ramblings


Not much rambling happening here today. The snow must have started in the middle of the night, and now though only lightly falling at this time looks to be continuing for a bit yet. Pretty sure we now have more snow than we had the rest of the winter.

So I was inside for the day, looking out and hoping people were not silly enough to be traveling in this (but of course there were). Harvey moved his truck off the street and a cute bush bunny went running away from underneath it. Now the truck is in the driveway and so is the bunny. He/she came back looking for the truck on the road and once he/she found it in the driveway, it scurried back under it. 

Being stuck in the house I worked on projects and have some things to show you next Saturday (pretty sure there will be a few more). I actually finished one of the projects for this month. 

Pretty sure tomorrow will be much the same as today. I really don't want to walk through at least knee high snow, so staying in could be my best bet. That means perhaps completing another goal for this month and getting a bit of extra cleaning done as well.

Life is good, even if we are more or less housebound for a few days.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.