Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Midweek A Journey to a Simpler Life


First off some slightly bad news. Harvey was at the optometrist today to have his field of vision checked again (this happens twice a year) and it was discovered his glaucoma is getting worse in one eye. Not bad enough for an operation, but bad enough that the eye doctor is going to write a letter to his GP to ask him to change one of the blood pressure pills. One Harvey is on is known to cause glaucoma or make it worse. So now he has two separate eye drops to use every day and needs to go back in a month.

I finished another chapter in my Simpler Living book and will share a few things with you all.

1. Get those piles organized. Collect everything on your desk or table that needs your attention. Sort into four piles using the terms urgent, important, interesting and recycle. Rank those important items by putting the most important on top. Work on that item first.

2. Try and reduce the size and volume of your paperwork. If only one page of a report is actually needed, just keep that one.

3. Use holding bins which can even be a shoebox to stem the accumulation on your desk.

4. Separate belongings according to season. 

5. Store frequently used items in multiple locations in your house. I have glass cleaner beside the computer, and in my bedroom as well as the bathroom, along with the cloth to clean my glasses.

6. Try and keep some space in your file drawers, desk drawers, drawers, closets and shelves (this includes the pantry.... I have trouble with this one).

7. Do not allow items to enter your home that are frivolous or will complicate your life. I throw junk mail into the recycle basket immediately.

The second chapter was entitled "Create Clearings in Your Life."

The third chapter is entitled "Anticipating Complexity". We do live in a very complex world.

My back has been pretty good today. I have been doing gentle stretches, and have cut back on my D3. I was taking 1450 IU a day and now I am only taking 450 every second day. I am hoping the lower dose works for me. I also have osteoporosis which could be part of the problem so I am walking more, even if it is just around the house.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless. 


  1. I am sorry to read that about Harvey Jackie but its good that it was picked up by the optometrist & they can get onto it hopefully. Glad to read your back is a little better. Take care xx

  2. Good advice! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your back concerns sound very similar to mine. I have had back problems for 30 years. It was diagnosed as spinal stenosis and after many years of injections etc I had surgery a few months ago. I had four fusions done- L2 down to S1.I am walking over a mile a day without pain. I am a few months short of 85. I also live in Saskatchewan

  4. Healing hands, that's what you need. Hope the stretches help.

  5. Not such good news for Harvey but if changing his tablets will stop his eye problem, a good result.. I've gone paperless for a lot of things these days so much easier.

  6. What is the title and who is the author of your book, please?

  7. Oh, dear - I do hope the change in meds helps a lot.
    I'm glad your back feels more comfortable at the moment.

  8. Sorry to hear about Harvey's glaucoma worsening. The book your are reading sounds good. Keep up the good work to simplify your life.

  9. I have gone to receiving most mail via email or ebills. It sure reduces the paper clutter. I file what I do receive in a filing box every couple of months and recycle old things once a year.
    I have a system in my email for filing important info too. Anything that needs dealing with immediately stays in my inbox. Info that I'll need in the future is sorted into separately named folders. Like the paper, I do go through the folders about once a year to get rid of old items.
    Glad to hear your back is feeling some better. I do hope the eye drops help Harvey with the glaucoma.

  10. Hope the change in medication helps with your husband's eye problem.
    Glad you are having a good back day.
    It is amazing how many small things can really disrupt life if we let them. Your list is great.

  11. I'm so sorry to hear Harvey's glaucoma is getting worse. Glad your back is doing better though. I love the organizing tips. I also keep certain things like furniture polish in multiple places here. It just makes things easier, and who doesn't like that?

  12. Hopefully a change in blood pressure meds will arrest the glaucoma development. And so glad that your back is doing better.
    I read one of the 'A Slob Comes Clean' books and like something she advocates - setting a 'container size' for whatever you're storing and then don't allow more unless something is removed to allow space for the new item. It's really helpful.