Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Tuesday Tidbits


Happy Spooktacular Halloween to All.

It was very cold here overnight, but seems to have warmed up. I think this might be the first year ever I am almost hoping that we don't get any little trick or treaters. My light will be on for a little bit, and then I am going to shut everything off, have a lovely bath and climb into bed. 

Most of Mondays household tasks are completed, and a few of those meant for today as well. But I think after this post and a visit with a few of you I am going to have a lay down. 

The swelling and discolouration has not improved. Pain is so, so. Easily handled though so that is a good thing. 

I am on the second set of green stripes and I think that if I can manage it this knitted blanket will be completed very soon. I kind of wanted it done today, but that was not in the cards. Perhaps by Thursday or Friday. Looking forward to getting a few of my smaller goals and projects done before I start the other prayer shawl. 

Off to visit you all and then curl up on the couch for a bit.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Monday, October 30, 2023


We are home and I am curled up on my chair. I will probably be heading to bed early. Exhausted and in pain. Give me a root canal any time over this.

Eating is going to be a problem as my face is pretty swollen. Having broth was painful and scrambled eggs was almost beyond my capabilities. I promise to visit you all tomorrow as I am sure I will have a handle on how to handle this all.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Here, Relaxing, Making Sunday Supper


Well we made it to the city with ease. Roads were clear and easily navigated. 

That is until we reached the city itself. While there was not a great deal of snow....man the streets are icy. We will probably leave here a bit earlier than planned just so as to be able to take our time and not be slip, sliding all over.

Off to see how many of you I can visit before I get upset with my phone.

Everyone have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Saturday, Getting Ready to Leave

 While I have managed to complete a few goals/projects, most of the last half of the week has been spent digging out and getting ready to go to my Endodontist appointment. I had to wash a couple of things yesterday and now they are packed along with all that I can pack up until tomorrow morning. 

I finished the ornaments, which was the last item I needed to cross off my list. Funny thing is I am almost finished the knitted blanket as well. Now that surprises me.

Been doing some usually Monday cleaning so as not to have as much to do when we get home. A little more will be done before we leave tomorrow morning. Just a few little things so as if I am in any pain after having the roof of my mouth on one side sliced open I won't have to even think about doing lots of little tasks just the larger things like cleaning the bathroom and doing laundry. A bit worried about what I will be able to eat, but I will worry about that later.

I plan on gathering the supplies I need for the unfinished projects for next month and sit them by my chair tonight. I do have the embroidery there ready to start. Still have to order the yarn for the prayer shawl, but I plan on doing so when we get back home. I have never ordered yarn online before so this will be a new experience for me. If you have done so were you satisfied with what was sent? Any recommendations on type of yarn or place to order from?

We always take the makings of one main dish with us when we stay with Kris, and tomorrow will be no exception. I usually try to take something that leaves him a few leftover meals. This time I will probably take a beef roast (Sunday is always a roast meal in this house) and that will leave him sandwich meat and leftovers to warm up for another meal or two. It is also less expensive than going out for supper and we can visit longer. Kris will supply any veggies or salad fixings, he always does.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Friday, October 27, 2023

Frugal Friday


Frugal Friday's seem to come around quicker and quicker. Finding things that I have done this week in a frugal manner has been a bit of a chore. Hopefully I can find 5 frugal things that are not in my thrifty post.

1.  Hung three loads on the lines downstairs. 

2.  Used up the leftover bag of frozen roast pork. We managed two meals each from the stir fry, and there is enough left for Harvey to have for lunch tomorrow.

3.  There is enough of the chicken and noodles for me to have for lunch tomorrow. 

4.  Used up some of the items in the crisper making a salad, and used up a bottle of salad dressing to marinate it in.

5.  Paid all remaining end of the month bills online.

6.  Getting much better at making sure the lights are off in rooms not in use.

Pretty sure there are more, but that is all I can think of right now.

Next week will not be the most frugal of weeks as I will be undergoing surgery at the Endodontist 2 hours away. Thank heavens we no longer have to get a hotel room, Kris is more than happy to have us stay with him. I usually take something with us to make for supper and will do so again. Saves us loads of cash that way.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Thrifty Thursday


It looks as if we may have gotten all the snow that we are going to get at this point in time. That means if the sun comes out for any length of time over the next few days, what we have could melt away. 

So what thrifty things have I been up to this week. 

I made all our desserts this week and the items should last for awhile. This is something that as winter draws in I will certainly be doing more of.

Made up my menu for next month ensuring at least 2 meals a week are not containing any beef, pork or chicken. Hopefully this works well. Stretching our meat is one way of being thrifty. Also have a few menu plans that use very little meat.

Got the Christmas ornaments made that I hope to gift to the boys. Now I am thinking what to do next....

Decluttered the clothing in my closet and drawers. I have a few things to recycle into usable fabric for quilts and some jumpers that I will be able to cut down and refashion into pull on skirts. Why is it when I put on weight it seems to land on my chest? 

Hubby is going to take the rollers off the old computer chair and use them in a project he wants to get done next spring.

Finally found the white yarn and so do not have to buy any and I am using up some more of my stash. 

Fixed the hem on one of Harvey's robe sleeves. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Midweek And Snow Bound


I am having loads of fun trying to find pictures that are already posted on my blog. Seems Blogger decided to give me albums and I have to look through all three to find what I want. Luckily today it was only two!!!

Well the snow has finally and truly arrived, and has arrived with a vengeance. Not blizzard conditions as there isn't enough wind for that, but enough snow has fallen today to cover up to the top of my 6" boots, and it is still coming down. 

Harvey has shoveled once already and things are filling in again between the house and the car shelter. I think he will need to bring the big guns out (the snowblower) tomorrow.

I did my shopping over two days this week and ouch. Between rising prices and shrinkage of packages I just do not know how families or young people can make it.

Here is a picture of what I purchased at the Co-op store. Pretty much all was on sale.

This small amount of food cost me $248.49 and the only meat I got was some pork chops, a rather large package of sole fish fillets, tins of salmon and tins of tuna. Some microwave popcorn for Harvey as a snack and some snack items for me. It's a good thing I stock up on beef and chicken when they are on sale and have a good selection of meats in the freezer. Much of this will last us more than a month so there is that. However dairy, produce and fruit will need to be purchased in a couple of weeks.

The day before I this I went to Walmart to take advantage of a few sale items, and pick up a couple of items we seen unable to do without. Add in a gift for my brother, a crossword book for Harvey, and some glitter for projects down the road.

This is what I came home with. There are also some treats to hand out for Halloween as I will not be going shopping before then. The grand total for this was $271.39 not including taxes. Meat whie there is one canned ham which Harvey uses to make sandwiches. This is the place where the cost is the least. I also have 2 packages of Nicorette to help Harvey with his no smoking. 

In many ways we are very lucky. I am able to stretch things like rubber when I have to. Great at making soups from scratch, and am starting to use more lentils and beans in my recipes next month. I have appliances to cook with and a roof over my head that is heated and has lights. It keeps going through my head on a loop that we are blessed, while so many others are not. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Tuesday Tidbits


Sorry for missing yesterday, but I ran into an old friend. I went to her place for coffee (well tea) and ended up staying there for almost 3 hours. I really need to go and see her more often. Since her Hubby passed away she has more or less been alone. 

I will be sticking close to my menu plans this week. I have things that need using up, and by gosh and by golly they will be. 

We had a bit of snow this morning, but it has more or less melted now. However according to the weather pundits the worse weather will be starting to arrive tonight. Way more snow is now predicted and I really wonder how much we could end up receiving. 

I did do my shopping this morning. In and out of the store in about an hour. I didn't get everything on my list, but I am sure what I didn't get will not be missed. Things are slowly being used up in the pantry as well. I am hopeful that some of the empty spaces will be filled by sales over the next month. November is still pretty good for driving, but even then winter on the prairies of Canada is highly unpredictable. 

We have an appointment at the beginning of next month to get the winter tires on the SUV and give it an oil change. Pretty sure we should go out this weekend and pick up Ice Melt for the sidewalk as well. Best be prepared. Going to tell Harvey we need to pick up 2 or 3 containers. Canadian Tire usually has the best deal so that is where we will go. 

Tomorrow I will share pictures of my shopping stock up. Things aren't getting any less expensive for sure. Shrinkflation has hit frozen veggies now. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Sunday Ramblings


Busy praying for the world the last few days. I am very worried that this is going to escalate and even more Middle Eastern countries are going to join in the fighting. I just can't comprehend the evil that mankind can do to each other.

In order not to be in a constant state of angst, I have been keeping busy working on those projects for this month, and cleaning my home. I have almost finished the Christmas ornaments. Since I pull my laptop into my sewing/craft room in order to use the Cricut, I run my battery down pretty quickly. I have six more ornaments to put names on and then they will be done. I hope to get those done tomorrow between other tasks. I am also knitting away on that blanket. I may get most done this month.

We will be getting our first snow of the year this week. It will probably hit us pretty hard by Tuesday night. I will be heading out shopping early on that day so as to perhaps not be out when the crazy people are driving in the first heavy snowfall of the year. To make matters worse, we are of course getting a bit of rain before the snow, that means ice under about 5 inches of the white stuff if the predictions are true. 

I am not at all ready for this abrupt change in weather. I was actually hoping for at least another week or two of decent temperatures in order to get all that I need as far as pantry items and hobby things. Guess I will keep my fingers crossed that the weather does not get too bad. 

I went for coffee to my friends today and she told me her Hubby wanted her to tell/ask me not to come around for about a week after he has his operation. That was something I had already planned as her Hubby gets pretty darn grouchy at times, and after an operation he is even worse. Doesn't want to let "D" out of his sight as I have seen in previous operations he has had. Yet she has asked me to take her to Regina for an eye appointment almost right after I have a major dental procedure with her Hubby's permission (he will be unable to take her). I told her it all depends on how this dental procedure goes. 

Mass was okay and ended right on time. So nice to have a priest that does not go on and on. Hopefully this keeps right on happening. Still feeling some bitterness over the way I was treated and I am working on overcoming that. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Saturday Roundup


This week will be my roundup of the projects that I have gotten done during the past 7 days. Some of course are still being worked on, but I am hopeful of getting them completed by the end of next week. One will probably be carried over into next month, but I am going to try my hardest to get it done as much as possible.

First off here is the dress I made. Still on the hanger, but it is now ironed and in my closet. I think I might have made it out of a touch too heavy knit fabric. Next time there will be changes in fabric and cut. 

I do love the large pockets, and the drape of the front. Find it a bit narrow in the back though so that would be one area I would change next time. 

I finished the phrase in this baby quilt square. It is ironed now and put with the other squares. Now, just to find the proper fabric to finish it off. I will need to decide if I want to cut large squares to go in between or perhaps just do some slashing.

Christmas ornaments 1/3 completed hopefully I will cut the vinyl tomorrow and add the first half to each. Names on one side and then wings for Krista and something Christmassy on the others. The white ones will be for Krista. 

And lastly the knitted blanket for Kurt's friend. This is the one project that will probably go into next month. But that is okay as it should actually be almost completed. 

Off to visit with you all and then get supper started.... Thinking not what I have on the menu, but perhaps a package of Cabbage Bread. Really getting lazy here.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Friday, October 20, 2023

Frugal Friday


Once again the week has whizzed by, that seems to be the normal around here lately. It is almost like I am a teenager again and always felt that summer seemed to be here and gone in a matter of days. The rest of the year dragged by at times though.

So what are the new frugal happenings around the homestead this week.

1.  No shopping this week, though Harvey did have to get new blood pressure pills to take in concert with his other prescription. They do seem to be working and that is awesome. 

2.  Making a large effort to not have to cook more than 5 times a week. I have been making larger amounts and warming them up for another meal later in the week. 

3.  When I use the oven I make sure it is full.

4.  Doing our own yard work (though I don't know how much longer we will be able to). 

5.  Hanging as much as possible on the lines in the basement. Sometimes as much as the entire day's laundry.

6.  Making sure lights are off in rooms not in use (something we had once again become lax on doing).

7.  Only using the dishwasher every second day, and only doing a small amount of handwashing dishes each evening. I use as little water as I possibly can when handwashing and rinsing.

8.  Added some free downloaded reading material onto my ereader.

9.  Bookmarked a couple of magazine sites on the computer.

10. Decluttering as usual, thus freeing up living space.

So those are what I could think of this week that are either new or I haven't done for awhile. 

Hope all of you have had a frugal week as well.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


Thursday, October 19, 2023

Thrifty Thursday


It has been another quiet day here on the old homestead. We worked outside and most things are now ready for any hint of winter. We still need to clear the eavestroughs of the fallen leaves, and cut down some branches, but that can wait until tomorrow. Being out in the fresh air made me very tired, but doing the work ourselves saved us a bundle. I would say that by the time the yard is ready we'll have saved ourselves enough to make up what our home insurance will cost this year. That seems to have risen well over $200. We haven't made a claim for probably 30 years so have no idea why it is so high. 

Thrifty happenings here were doing some mending, darning a couple of pairs of socks, and of course the usual decluttering that has been happening for awhile. 

I am going to include finishing projects here as having they laying around unfinished is not at all thrifty. Finished projects such as the one I managed to complete this week cost a bit of cash and not finishing them is a waste. Some will even come in handy as gifts down the road a bit.

No heat or air conditioning most days, though the furnace does come on at night. We have it about 2 degrees lower than usual so I am wondering what our natural gas and electrical bills will show. During the day the sun warms much of the house, sometimes even a bit too warm, and my thermal drapes keep the cold out at night. 

I am unhappy with myself as we had a bit of waste this month. Things just got pushed to the back of the fridge and by the time I realized that needed to be tossed. I will look into some small containers so that I can freeze things if they are not going to be used up right away.

There have been three times this week (well since Sunday) that I have cooked once and eaten twice. Nice to only have to heat something up in the microwave. Saves on electricity for sure.

Watched a few movies in the evening on the free streaming services I now have on the mini computer attached to my TV. Free is not only thrifty but frugal as well. 

Off to visit with you all for a bit and then get supper on the table.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Wednesday, October 18, 2023



Wow, here it is the middle of the week already!!! The yard has not been touched as the weather is kind of blah (cold, windy and it rained last night). The weather is supposed to be better later in the week so we will be busy then for sure. 

So instead of working on the yard, and as Harvey had a doctor's appointment today, it was best that I just stayed in and worked on a project that has been laying around for a pretty long length of time. It is now done, and once I find the correct material I will do up this baby quilt. Then it was back to knitting and I should finish the last section of light green, perhaps even get the lightest blue section almost finished as well. 

Harvey has been having trouble keeping his blood pressure down, so the doctor gave him another pill to take in concert with his other blood pressure pills (those were doubled about a year ago). He was also told to try and exercise a bit more as loosing some weight would help with the blood pressure problem. That could be difficult with his enlarged heart for the first while. I will be changing our diet as well a bit. After all, this rather round old lady could afford to lose weight as well. We shall see how this goes. Menus will be changed next month, probably see a lot less meat for sure.

I was asked if the cruise was everything we had hoped.... Yes it was and perhaps a bit more. We enjoyed it so much we will be planning another to happen sometime in the middle of next year. Our passports are done in 2025 and right now both of us feel that perhaps this will be our last big trip where one is needed. We shall see, as we could take a trip to the Caribbean at some point to get away from winter.

Speaking of winter, I checked the Weather Channel and snow is predicted early next week. Too soon in my opinion, but living on the Canadian prairies, winter can arrive at any time during October. We did have a blizzard one Halloween when Kris was about 3. Time to start getting things ready for sure even if the amount of snow predicted is not great. 

Off to make supper and get things together for my next project tomorrow. This one will take about 4 days, but still will be completed before the end of the month (fingers crossed) and I may even have a picture to share on Saturday of the start. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Tuesday Tidbits


Woke up to a fiery red sky this morning. Absolutely beautiful, but that old saying kept running through my head. Red sky at night, sailor's delight, red sky at morning, sailor's take warning. Mind you we are not on the sea right now so other than some rain earlier there was nothing to worry about.

Headed out to the new pharmacy in town and got our Covid boosters this morning. So far no real pain in the arm at all just a tiny bit when I move it a certain way. Harvey says his really doesn't hurt much either. 

We are supposed to have nice weather for the rest of this week, so the two of us will be working in the yard. Branches need to be cut down, leaves racked, eavestrough cleared out. Still have plants to dump, and furniture to cover. Harvey wanted a day off with no work, so we took today off just in case the shots caused major problems. 

Yes, after 5 days of careful sewing I have finished the dress!! I need to give it a good pressing and then I can take a picture. Hoping to have the sets of Christmas ornaments done as well by Friday. This would mean I am actually doing very well on this months projects with perhaps no carry over into next month. What a joy, as Christmas baking will be starting and a few other projects will be started (and hopefully finished). I will also be making the second dress next month as well. Hopefully this one is a bit simpler.

Discovered a fairly bad leak on the toilet yesterday so Harvey started fixing it. He tried one thing, which didn't work and so this morning on the way back from our boosters, a Canadian Tire stop was made. He picked up the only other piece that could be causing the problem and that seems to be working. We don't need to pay for water being wasted. 

Still thinking about trying the shopping every three weeks. It could be done and I could still get points for scanning if I do other things on the third week... Like get gas, pick up prescriptions, that kind of thing. Or perhaps have our monthly brunch on the week I am not purchasing anything???? I haven't purchased fuel for the car since the 14th of September and we still have at least half a tank. I could probably go for another two or even three weeks at least. 

I am trying to stay away from the news as it hurts my soul so much. How can people be so cruel to each other? I just can't any longer. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Monday, October 16, 2023

Menu Monday


Today is Kris's birthday, so I gave him a call to wish him a very happy day, and then handed the phone to his Dad to do the same. Seems he is working late trying to get some system up and running. 

Maebeme, I asked him about the boiler/water heater combo and he says while the shower comes in hot right away, it seems to take a bit of time before his bathroom sink and kitchen sink have hot water. Nothing that can't be handled though. 

On to my weekly menu... Now that things are pretty much back to normal, my menus are pretty much back to normal, no quicky meals unless they are leftovers.


Leftover small pork sausage casserole. We like this with bread and butter.


Leftover Turkey Tetrazzini. Pretty much a one dish meal, though I may use up the last of the lettuce and make a tossed salad.


Pork chops, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots. I believe I might make gravy to go on the potatoes.


Spaghetti and meatballs I think, though this could change to meatballs in a brown sauce over rice (mainly because I have some leftover rice to use up). Peas and carrots as the side.


Soup and sandwiches. I will probably use one of my frozen condensed homemade bases and make tuna melts to go with.


Leftover meatballs, probably on noodles with peas and carrots on the side.


Pork roast, roasted potatoes, and roasted carrots. 

Lunches will be whatever is leftover and sandwiches. I am the only one that eats anything for breakfast and usually alternate yogurt, toast, muffins and cereal. 

I think I will do some baking next week to add to the muffins and something to keep our sweet tooth under control.

Next week there will be a bit of a clean out of the fridge freezer. In fact I hope to get quite a bit out of there and ready for some batch cooking containers starting in November. Dental appointments and what could be a very sore mouth means I need to have lots just ready to go.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Sunday Ramblings


We had sunshine when I got up this morning, and it lasted for most of the day. Pretty cloudy now though and the temperature is slowly dropping. 

Today I gathered the pots that Harvey had emptied yesterday and piled them in an area where they will not interfere with snow removal. I pulled all the solar lights up and got them downstairs. I still have a few lights that need to be removed from the deck and will do that probably a bit later tonight. Then it will just be putting all the plant stands away and covering the outdoor furniture, BBQ, firepit moved into one of the sheds, and covering the smoker. We will then have the outside as ready for winter as we can possibly be. Of course there is still inside things to get done.

I actually said "No" to something I was asked to do for the parish this week. I am pretty darn proud of myself. Sticking to my guns and not backing down. If I wasn't good enough to still be on the Bible Study Team, I am not good enough to do other things.... That didn't come out quite right, but I am sure you all know what I mean. 

We attended Mass today in person instead of online. Been awhile, but other than going back into the past is some areas (like the bell ringing at the Eucharist) things never really change too much. Still the same people in charge as well which is not the best thing for the parish right now. Things are kind of stagnating and I don't really see much growth, but that could just be my hurt coming through.

Up to the sleeves on my dress, I quit at the point of pinning them in as I was getting a bit frustrated with the whole project. The neckline does not seem to lay properly so that will need to be fixed, and the back seems pretty narrow in comparison to the front. I think if I make this again there will be a few necessary changes to the pattern. Still I like the colour and style so I will definitely wear it and probably make the dress with changes again.

I need to find out how Kris is liking the no hot water heater thing. I will let you know Maebeme how that is going. Not sure if it is "on demand" but it kind of looks that way.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Saturday Roundup


Sorry to have been missing in action for so long. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family. I actually finished all the blankets for the family I have kind of adopted. Kurt took them home with him to hand over. Forgot to get a picture of them though.

After Kurt and Kris left I got busy trying to catch up on a few tasks I had set aside before they came. I have almost finished the extra cleaning tasks for the month (things I do once a month), and have been working on other projects. Promise pictures will be forthcoming. 

We have also been waiting to hear how Kris did with his new installation of a brand new boiler/water heater combo. The company got it done in less than two days and now will be coming back a bit later to remove the old water heater. Man does that free up space as his new boiler hangs on the wall, and once the old water heater is removed he will have additional space in his laundry area. Could even have a drying rack for winter use. 

I still have pumpkins and a few tomatoes to process. I made tomato jam with one batch a bit ago, and it turns out we love it. I am hoping to get enough ripe tomatoes to make another batch. 

I have also been watching and listening to the news about Israel and Gaza. So heartbreaking on both sides. Too many civilians killed and injured because of a group of terrorists. My heart bleeds for those who have lost loved ones on both sides. 

I am going to try and visit all of you tonight, wish me luck.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Midweek, Hurry, Hurry


Here it is Wednesday already and I am going to have to get my get up and go back very quickly. I sent a text to each of the sons to make sure they were coming for Thanksgiving (not that they have ever missed this holiday) and they will definitely be here at some point on Friday. Our meal will be on Sunday as both head back to their respective homes on Monday. 

This means that some of the things that were not completed while I was feeling a bit rough need to be caught up and done. So far things are going pretty well. Today I dumped two plants, tidied their rooms, processed the tomatoes and got my regular tasks done as well. 

Tomorrow I will bake pies (though those pumpkin turnovers could pass for pie), get my mending done, and if I am very lucky bake some cookies as well. If the cookies are not done tomorrow I will for sure get them done on Friday.

Friday should see me caught up with uncompleted tasks and I will get out and sweep off the deck, as well as hang cushions up to dry. I am hopeful that we can all sit beside the firepit for a bit on Saturday night. Probably the last time as temperatures are dropping fast. 

Saturday will be a day of rest (well for the most part) and knitting will continue. Hopefully by the evening I will just have to work in the long tails of yarn on four finished blankets.

Being ready just to visit with them will be wonderful.

Off to visit all of you and get a salad made to go with our supper tonight (and more than likely tomorrow night).

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Tuesday Tidbits


I am feeling much better this morning. I really think part of our being ill feeling yesterday (and the day before), is that our bodies as we age, are becoming barometers for weather changes.

All the aches and pains should have told me the nicer weather was not going to last. Today, or rather at some point last night, the sky opened and we are getting loads of rain!!! So no more headache, no more aching fingers, and less ache in the hips and back. The only thing that can't be attributed to the weather was the upset tummy. 

I did manage to hobble around the house and get a few of Monday's tasks completed, but most of the time I was curled up in the chair, covered by a blanket and knitting away. Really not a bad way to spend the day once in awhile. 

Thank heavens for ready made meals in the freezer as I hobbled down at one point and pulled some meatballs out for our meal. Today I will try and get back on track with our menu. 

The neighbour that moved into Irene's place just a little over a year ago is moving out and renting the house to someone else. It seems they have the chance to live on the acreage that her hubby/significant other parents own as they wish to move to town. So we will be saying good-bye to them and hello to another of what used to be one of my students years ago. Not sure about this one as she has some very strange siblings and an extremely strange mother. Hopefully all have improved with age.

Supper tonight will be a salmon casserole to get us back on track. It also will not hurt our tummies if there is any sensitivity. 

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Sunday Ramblings


It has been a strangely quiet day here on the old homestead. Harvey woke up feeling not very well and now all I want to do is get supper started, eaten, cleaned up (well hopefully), a hot bath and head to bed. 

I am tired, headachy, sinus' plugged, and queasy. Not really conducive to getting anything done. I did manage to get all that needed to be done this morning before whatever this is hit. The rest of the day has been spent knitting, curled up in my chair and trying to figure out if I would like a mug of ginger tea or not.....

Off to prepare a mug of that tea, and get the supper in the oven. I will try and visit if I start to feel better. If not I will see you tomorrow after hopefully sleeping this off.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.